CNC Pipe Bending Machine for Sale


Maximum bending capacity: 18*1.5MM

cnc machine price: 16000 dollars

cnc pipe bending machine for sale
cnc mandrel pipe bender
cnc small tube bending machine
cnc tube bending machine Europe

Advantages of cnc bending machine

cnc small tube bending machine
Numerical control panel
Chinese/English /Other languages switching; Automatic bending, automatic feeding, and automatic corner
cnc small tube bending machine
mandrel cylinder
Mandrel cylinder controls the workpiece and prevents deformation during bending
cnc bending machine
cnc bending machine dies
It can be Customized according to different materials, won’t wrinkle and deformation during bending
cnc pipe bending machine design
Servo feeding and corners
Strong and powerful, can bend pipes at multiple angles
advantages of cnc bending machine
Auxiliary push cylinder
Automatic clamping, automatic auxiliary pushing, automatic pipe bending, high production efficiency

Parameter of cnc bending machine

cnc tube bending machine for sale
Max. diameter18×1.5mm
Max. feeding distance1500mm
Max.  bending angle maximum bending radius190o 80mm
Max. bending speed200o/s
Max. rotation speed200o/s
Max. feeding speed1000m/s
bending accuracy±0.1o
rotationa ccuracy±0.1o
feeding ccuracy±0.1o
Bending servo motor power2kw
Rotary tube servo motor power250w
Feeding servo motor power750w

Shipping and After Sales

cnc bending machine companies

We are the source factory for the production of pipe bending machine and with rich industry experience, we provide market and customer with good quality cnc bending machine.

We have a large number of customers, and our goods are sent to many overseas countries, so we have rich experience in container loading, this not only ensures the timeliness of product loading, but also improves the utilization rate of containers and better protects products from damages.

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We have a standardized pre-sales and after-sales marketing service network to provide high-quality and fast professional services for customers. We have a professional technical team, and complete range of products and spare parts to bring you a comfortable shopping experience, solve your technical problems to ensure that you have no worries before and after sales.

cnc bending machine uses

A fully automatic cnc bending machine is an automatic metal pipe fitting processing equipment. cnc bending machine adopts servo feeding, servo corner, and servo bending,  the guide rail is equipped with helical gear for transmission. It is very convenient and efficient when pushing the pipe forward to bend the pipe. The fully automatic CNC pipe bender has a compact structure, and many parts use imported parts. The automatic cnc bending machine is driven by hydraulic pressure and has a PLC control panel and a motor servo system. It is controlled by a microcomputer and can store 1000 programs. Each program can set up 28 stations. It is easy to operate. It is good equipment for pipe bending.

This cnc bending machine can bend the maximum diameter of 18MM pipe, it is often used in the processing of small pipe fittings such as auto parts, sports and fitness equipment, air-conditioning pipes, and household industries.

cnc bending machine uses
cnc pipe bending machine working

Questions and Answers

When choosing a pipe bending machine, you should first analyze your requirements. Mainly consider the following factors

1.Operating speed: If you need high-speed pipe bending operation, manual pipe bending machines are obviously not suitable, at this time, the electric or pneumatic pipe bending machine will be good choice. While in the case of low speed or heavy bending, a hydraulic bending machine can better meet your requirements.

2.Production capacity: The batch size of production should be considered when choosing a pipe bending machine. For large batch bending, mandrel bending or CNC bending is good choice.

cnc bending machine

3.Cost and demand: If you have high requirements for bending speed and precision, can choose an cnc bending machine. If the requirements are not high, you can choose a manual pipe bender with a lower price.

4. Pipe material that needs to be bent: cnc bending machine must be compatible with the material to be bent. Different materials should use the corresponding pipe bending machine. You need to consider factors such as pipe material, pipe thickness, pipe diameter, etc.

Enter the pipe bending machine programming page, enter the size name of the bending radius, and then click OK. Before entering all bend coordinate values, enter the bend size of the mold. Then according to the product drawing, increase the coordinates and points in turn. Check the bend radius on the bender to see if it is correct. Finally, preview whether the product drawings on the industrial computer version are the same as the product drawings. If they are the same, we can operate the automatic pipe bending machine for production.

cnc pipe bending machine programming

cnc pipe bending machine 5 axis

Axis is the number of servo motors. For example, CNC pipe bending machine 2 axis(2A) means the bending machine has 2 servo motors, they are: servo feeding, servo corner. Same speaking, CNC pipe bending machine 3 axis(3A) means this bending machine has 3 servo motors, they are servo feeding, servo corner; servo bending.  So CNC pipe bending machine 5 axis (5A) refers to the machine has 5 servo motors, and they are servo feeding, servo cornering, servo bending, servo layer changing, servo mold moving, and servo film changing.

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