bending machine china


Maximum bending capacity: 18*1.5MM

cnc tube bending machine price:16500dollars

bending machine china
cnc tube bender price

Characteristic of bending machine china

Mandrel cylinder of cnc tubing bender
★ Mandrel cylinder of cnc bending machine
The mandrel cylinder controls the mandrel to prevent tube deformation.
CNC tubing bender dies
★ bending machine dies
The CNC tubing bender dies are produced according to the measurement and material of the tubes.
Servo motors for automatic feeding and automatic rotation
Servo motors for automatic feeding and automatic rotation.
The bending angle and feeding are driven by servo motors, it can bend quickly and accurately.
Auxiliary push cylinder of cnc tubing bender
★ Auxiliary push cylinder of bending machine china
It can automatically clamp, automatically assist push, and automatically bend the pipe.

Parameter of cnc tubing bender

bending machine china
Max. diameter (iron tube) mmΦ25×1.6
Max. feeding distance mm2000
Max. bending angle190°
Max. bending radius mm100
Max. bending speed200
maximum rotation speed200
maximum feeding speed1000
bending accuracy±0.1°
rotationa ccuracy±0.1°
feeding ccuracy±0.1mm
dimension of cnc bending machine3200×780×1200mm
weight bending machine china1000KG

Packing list of bending machine china

1DW25CNC×3A-1S bending machine china1unit
3Mandrel bolt1unit
4bending machine dies1set
5Cooling system1set

Shipping and After Sales

We are the source factory for the production of pipe bending machines and with rich industry experience, we provide market and customer with good quality cnc bending machine.

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second hand cnc bending machine
cnc pipe bending machine Taiwan

cnc bending machine uses

cnc bending machine is an cnc processing equipment for metal . This bending machine  is controlled by three-axis servo drive. Servo motor pipe bending replaces oil cylinder pipe bending, and the servo motor controls the pipe bending, feeding, pipe turning, mold moving, and mold changing actions. it can achieve high-precision, high-efficiency automatic pipe bending processing. bending machine china can store multiple sets of processing programs and switch them flexibly, this function facilitates the processing of a wide variety of products and greatly improves production efficiency. Moreover,  cnc bending machine china also has the function of automatically detecting errors and failures. When any abnormal action or any danger exists, the machine will stop immediately and send out an abnormal alarm to help the operator troubleshoot. Fully automatic CNC pipe bending machine is suitable for the situation that requires high processing precision of pipe fittings, and can be used in the production of automobile oil pipes, air conditioning pipes, motorcycles, bicycles and other frames.

This bending machine can bend pipe fittings with a maximum diameter of 25MM. so it can be widely used in the processing of small pipe fittings such as auto parts, sports and fitness equipment, air-conditioning pipes, and household industries.

cnc bending machine uses
cnc bending machine tools

Questions and Answers

CNC means computer numerical control. A cnc bending machine is used in conjunction with a computer to provide good control of the mechanical components and hydraulic systems. The machine guarantees constant bending and precise dimensions.

The cnc pipe bending machine control system is mainly composed of human-machine interface (HMI), programmable logic controller (PLC), three sets of servo motors, oil cylinders and air cylinders, etc. The function of servo motors is to realize the rotation angle control of two axes (bending axis and rotating axis) and the feeding control of one axis (feeding axis). In the system of the cnc tube bending machine the Y axis represents feeding axis, B axis represents rotating axis and the C axis represents bending axis. All bending data and mold data are input by computer, it has the characteristics of high precision and fast response.

Some axes of the traditional hydraulic pipe bending machine, such as the pipe bending shaft, hydraulic control, valve drive, and operating accuracy  etc., are easily affected by the hydraulic system, for example, the quality and the temperature of the hydraulic oil will affect the accuracy of the pipe bending machine. All bending actions of the cnc pipe bending machine are driven by servo motors, the influence of the hydraulic system on the accuracy of the machine tool is completely eliminated, and the bending accuracy is greatly improved.

bending machine china

When using the cnc bending machine, we should pay attention to its daily maintenance, this can improve the performance of the operation and prolong the service life of the equipment. Here we provide a maintenance list for customers reference.

cnc bending machine products
bending machine china
Check itemMaintenance itemtime
Clamp basegap sizeAdjust and add lubricating oil6 months
sliderabrasionCheck its damage, cleanliness, lubricating oil6 months
clamping moduleClamping forceWhether the clamping is tight and the pressure is appropriate6 months
main drivegear, rackwear condition6 months
Auxiliary push cylindermechanical partsWhether there is serious wear and tear6 months
anti wrinkle devicetrapezoidal grooveDisassemble and clean, check for severe wear, and add lubricating oil6 months
Decoder holderbearingIf necessary, add lubricating oil(bearing oil FB22), replace the bearing,6 months
Hydraulic systemPipeline, solenoid valve, hydraulic oil tankWhether there is damage, or leakage, and whether the operation is normal Clean the hydraulic tank6 months
Mandrael deviceCross connection, trapezoidal groove of guide rod, adjustment screwCheck the degree of wear, adjust the degree of locking and add lubricating oil6 months
switchEmergency stop switch, pipe withdrawal protection switchCheck  the switch is working properly3 months
touch screenCleanliness and wearWipe off the water, dust and other dirt on the screen and check whether the screen is touched by sharp objects3 months
Main bearingUpper and lower screw bearingsCheck the locking degree, add lubricating oil (bearing oil FB22),replace the bearing if necessary6 months
cnc bending machine maintenance checklist

CNC processing  refers to a process method for processing parts on CNC machine tools, and CNC pipe bending machines are also a method of CNC processing. Compared with traditional machine tool processing, the process regulations of CNC machine tool processing are generally consistent, but there are some obvious changes. CNC machine tool processing is a mechanical processing method that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batches, complex shapes, and high precision and to achieve high-efficiency and automated processing.

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