How to operate the cnc pipe bender correctly to achieve the good bending quality

The pipe bender is widely used to make automobile parts, ship parts, fitness equipment and furniture etc. With 16 years experience YANSUMI MAQUINARIA can not only provide the professional cnc pipe benders for sale, but also provide some points you should pay attention to when using the machine. This can improve your bending quality.

small cnc pipe bender

1.Take appropriate bending radius

The bending radius of pipe determines the resistance of pipe during bending. Generally speaking, a pipe with large radius and small bending radius is easy to internal wrinkling and slipping when bending. It is hard to ensure the bending quality. So the best radius(R) of the bending die is 2-3 times the pipe diameter.

2.Take the appropriate bending forming speed of the cnc pipe bender machine

The bending forming speed has great relationship with bending quality when using the pipe bender. For example, if the speed is too fast, it will cause the flattening of the bending part, and the roundness of the pipe cannot meet the requirements, which will cause the pipe to crack and break; if the speed is too slow, it will cause the wrinkling of the pipe and the slipping of the pressing block. When bending pipes with large pipe diameter, if the speed is too slow, it will easily cause the sinking of the bending part.

According to the experimental result, the best pipe bending rate is 20% to 40% of the maximum bending rate of the machine.

3.Select the mandrel that fits the cnc hydraulic pipe bender and determine the direction of the mandrel.

During bending process, the main function of the mandrel is to support the inside of pipe bending radius to prevent its deformation. There are many kinds of mandrel, such as cylindrical mandrel, universal single, double, three and four ball head mandrel and directional single-head, multi-head mandrel etc. In other aspects, the direction of the mandrel also can affect the bending and forming of pipe. Theoretically, the tangent of the mandrel should be flush with the tangent of the bending die. But many experiments have proved that the best position should be 1-2mm ahead of the tangent of bending die, this position can produce the best quality pipes. If the scope is too large, the so-called “goose head” phenomenon will appear on the outer wall of the bending part.

If you want to know more skills about how to use pipe bender, you can read our blog “Common defects and solutions of pipe bender”. We also provide other instructions such as safe operation of pipe bender. This can let you know more about the pipe bender while purchasing the cnc pipe bender for sale.

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