How to prevent pipe bending defects of cnc tube bending machine

As a cnc tube bending machine manufacturer, YANSUMI MAQUINARIA can provide you with technical suggestions for bending pipes — an effective method to avoid excessive thinning of the outer wall of the arc when using cnc tube bending machine.

The technological characteristics of bending small radius pipes determine the thinning of the outer wall, which is inevitable. In order to avoid excessive thinning, the commonly used and effective method is to use a pipe bender with a booster device at the side or a pusher device at the rear. This method can reduce part of the resistance to improve the pressure distribution on the cross section, and move the neutral layer out to reduce the thinning of the outer wall.

cnc square tube bending machine

For the pipes with serious collapse outside the arc

When using a pipe bender without mandrel, the compression die should be designed as a structure with reverse deformation groove; when using mandrel bender, the worker should select the suitable mandrel and install it correctly. And ensure that the pipe groove axis of each component is on the same horizontal plane when installing the die.

For wrinkling inside the arc

Take measures according to the wrinkled part. If the front tangent point is wrinkled, adjust the mandrel position to support the pipe reasonably when bending. If the rear tangent point is wrinkled, the anti-wrinkle block should be installed correctly, and the pressing die should be adjusted to the appropriate position.

If the inner side of the arc is full of wrinkles, it means that the diameter of the mandrel is too small, making the clearance between the mandrel and the pipe wall too large; Or it means that the pressing die is too small, making the pipe too close to the bending die and the anti-wrinkle block during bending. So the mandrel should be changed and the pressing die should be adjusted appropriately.

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