Methods to reduce tube bending machine wear and rust removal

After using the tube bending machine hydraulic for a long time, it is inevitable to have wear and rust. Anyone who has operated the tube bending machine knows that it will be subject to wear during use. In order to reduce wear, the following methods can be used:

tube bending machine hydraulic

1、Keep the equipment clean and free of debris when using the stainless steel tube bending machine. Otherwise, it will affect the operation of the equipment

2、Workers operating the tube bending machine with mandrel must undergo strict training and practical experience before being allowed to operate it. Familiarity with the operation process and performance of the machine enables them to promptly resolve any anomalies, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the tube bending machine hydraulic and reducing wear and tear on its components.

3、It is necessary to regularly clean the iron filings behind the guide rail, and ensure that the dust cover in front and behind the guide rail is intact. Additionally, for the exit rail of the fully automatic pipe bending machine, new grease should be added every week.

4、For machine parts that are prone to wear and tear, they should be promptly replaced when the wear becomes severe to avoid affecting work efficiency. At the same time, lubricating oil should be added in a timely manner to components that require lubrication to ensure good lubrication performance. During lubrication, brighteners with extreme pressure action and lubricating oil can be used to generate a boundary film on the friction surface to improve lubrication effectiveness.

Introduction to rust removal methods for tube bending machine
When the pipe bending machine has been in use for a long time, it will not only wear out, but also be prone to rust. Therefore, in daily use, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the pipe bending machine to avoid rust as much as possible. However, if the pipe bending machine has already rusted due to lack of timely maintenance, the following methods should be used for rust removal:

tube bending machine with mandrel

1、Shot blasting rust removal

The shot blasting rust removal method utilizes a high-power motor to drive the spraying blades to rotate at high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the rust, oxide and other pollutants can be removed, and the rust removal effect is also very good.

2、Surface polishing

Polishing the surface of the machine with tools such as wire brushes can remove rust or loose oxide scales. This rust removal method is relatively weaker in effect. If the rust cannot be removed, you can try more advanced rust removal methods.

3、Acid pickling for rust removal

Acid pickling for rust removal is a chemical cleaning method that can remove scale, rust, and old coatings. However, this rust removal method is not environmentally friendly and can cause harm to the environment.

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