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Similarities and differences between cnc tube bender 38CNC-2B and 38CNC-3B

As a professional cnc tube benders manufacturer in China, Yansumi Machinery provides clients with different models of cnc tube bender for sale to meet clients’ production requirements. Cnc tube bender has been introduced by more and more manufacturers because of its high accuracy and fast production capacity.

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What is cnc tube bender?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tube bender is a tube bender with manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software commands the actions of executive components. The cnc tube bender is automated machine that with the help of CNC can perform complex tube bending tasks. CNC tube bender can manufacture complex bends with high accuracy and the production speed is so fast that manual tube bender cannot compared with.

Similarities between cnc tube bender 38CNC-2B and 38CNC-3B

1.Both of these two cnc tuber benders are computer numerical control. The automatic feeding system is controlled by servo motor. The operator no needs to move the tube for the next bend after one bend is finished. And the accuracy of automatic feeding reaches 0.1mm.

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2.The rotation of the tube of the cnc tube bender machine is commanded by servo motor, and this is the same for both of the cnc tube benders. The three-dimensional space angle of 0.1--360o can be set arbitrarily, and the accuracy can reach 0.1o. With this function, even if the bends are not on the same plane, you can get a perfect bending work.

3.Both of these two cnc tube benders have cnc tube bender dies to complete the tube bending task. Cnc tube bender dies include bend die, pressure die, clamp die, wiper die and mandrel.Can be cnc square tube bender and cnc round tube bender which is related to the shape of the cnc tube bender dies.

4.The clamping system, mandrel system, and pressure die system are driven by hydraulic system.

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5.The same maximum bending capacity. The maximum bending diameter and thickness of tubes are respectively 38mm and 2mm. Both of these cnc tube benders can bend tubes whose diameter is less than 38mm, and the tubes can be square, rectangular or round.

6.The operator only needs to input the tube form parameter data in the operation interface of the cnc tube bender and confirm the bending procedure. The rest of the bending actions are automatically completed by the computer.

Differences between cnc tube bender 38CNC-2B and 38CNC-3B

1.The cnc tubing bender 38CNC-2B is a cnc hydraulic tube bender and the bending system is driven by hydraulic system while the cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B is a all servo motors driven 3 axis cnc tubing bender.

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2.Obviously, the bending accuracy of the cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B is higher. After working for a period of time, the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system will change, which will affect the bending accuracy. However, the servo bend can maintain a high level of accuracy from beginning to end. Therefore, it is recommended to use cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B if you have high requirements for bending accuracy.

3.The cnc tube bender price is different. The 38CNC-3B cnc tube bender cost is higher than the 38CNC-2B cnc tube bender cost. The cnc tube and pipe bender 38CNC-3B can always maintain the same high precision and can be used for the production of more products.

The above are the similarities and differences between cnc tube bender 38CNC-2B and 38CNC-3B. Click the button of WhatsApp if you want to know about our cnc tube bender for sale.

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