The application cases of the cnc tube bender

With the development of the science and technology, the types of cnc tube bender are increasingly diversified, and the performance of bender is also improved greatly.

The development of the cnc tube bender software is particularly rapidly. For example, the programmable controller, microcomputer and single chip etc. The application of the advanced AC servo system, new hydraulic components and hydraulic technology improves the function of the traditional pipe bender greatly. In the future, the cnc tube bender will replace the traditional pipe bender as main equipment of modern pipe bending. The cnc tube and pipe bender is applicable to the following fields:

cnc tube bender

1.The bending of internal-combustion engine, airplane engine, automobile exhaust pipe and motorcycle handle tube etc.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, a lot of suppliers of the auto parts are coming. In particularly, the demand for bend pipe processing on the automobile exhaust pipe and radiator pipe is very popular. The cnc tube benders are getting more and more important in the automobile pipe bending industry.

For example, when bending the pipe fittings on the exhaust pipe, a pipe need to be bent several times. It is need to be processed in batches if we use the semi-automatic pipe bender. With the development of the automation and numerical control technology of cnc tube benders, the full-automatic pipe bender with three-axis drive can realize one-time bending. This machine is not only improved the accuracy and quality of bends, but also save the labor costs. It has become the main choice of the automobile exhaust pipe manufacturer.

cnc tube and pipe bender

2. The bending of furniture industry

The Electric cnc tube bender and hydraulic pipe bender is totally different when bending the seat frame.

Especially chair frame for office. If use the tube bending machine hydraulic, we need to measure the bend length, feeding size and convert angle many times. It’s very complex. It is basically impossible if you want to form the pipe at one time. When using this machine, two person need to operate one equipment at the sometime. This will not only waste of labors, but also have certain error in the bending angle. And it can result in the asymmetry of the seat angle on both sides or the size of the two ends is not correct or cannot be docked.

The cnc pipe bender machine is widely used to produce the furniture, tables and chairs. And with the wide application of modern steel furniture, the cnc pipe bender gradually replaced the hydraulic tube bending machine and the nc tube bending machine that was very common before. For the processing of the seats and other pipes, the CNC pipe bender can realize one-time forming, and the complexity of bending process is reduced greatly. When using the machine, a program can be written once to realize the bending of multiple angles and bends. This can not only realize the consistency of bending, but also ensure the quality of production process.

small cnc tube bender

3.The bending of air-conditioning, gas equipment and other pipes

The piper bender is being used widely in air-conditioning, gas equipment and other fine pipes, and the higher requirements are put forward to the machine. The accuracy of pipe bender is also receiving more and more attention. According to the customer requirements, we produce the cnc pipe bending machine 5 axis. This is a new machine that suitable for the pipes with small space, complex bending and high precision.

4.The bending requirement of motorcycle manufacturer and bicycle manufacturer

The backrest demand of the motorcycle is increasing year by year, and the technological requirements are also getting higher and higher. According to the product characteristic requirements and production environment factors of manufacturer, the cnc pipe bending machine we produce can meet the process requirements and quality requirements by only one process, without secondary rectification. In addition to completing the current production process, the machine can also reduce the labor costs. The pipe needs to be reshaped before it can be put into the inspection tool to meet the requirements in the past. The new machine we produce has more advantages than the pipe bender on the market in terms of production rhythm.

5.The bending of household appliances

The pipe bender is an imperative machine in household appliance industry. The pipe diameter of household appliances is not large, so the cnc tubing bender 25CNC and the 38CNC is mainly used.

6.The bending of construction industry

In the construction of road traffic, we will lay some pipelines for conveying and transporting water under the road when paving the road. It is very important and it can affect the construction of the whole project in the future. And the pipe is used for ventilation during warehouse construction. So, we can know that the large pipe bending machine is important in the construction field.

large pipe bending machine

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