The differences between pipe bending machine automatic and semi-automatic pipe bending machine

The pipe bending machine can divided into automatic pipe bending machine(cnc pipe bending machine)and semi-automatic pipe bending machine(pipe bending machine nc), they are totally different. This passage will introduce their differences in detail.

1.The differences of structural

The executive parts of pipe bending machine nc is driven by the hydraulic cylinder, and the bending process is completed by the forward and backward of the oil cylinder. The pipe bending machine cnc is a kind of CNC processing equipment. The executive part of this machine is driven by a servo motor to complete all kinds of actions. The machine has the advantage of high processing accuracy and can process various complex pipes.

2.The differences of the bending process

The pipe bending machine hydraulic(nc)to realize bend with multi-angle and multi-scale tubes by cooperated with other tools. It is very complex.

The cnc pipe bending machine realizes the positioning between the space corner and each corner through the servo motor. This machine not only significantly improves the efficiency, but also has great changes in the accuracy of the pipe and the beauty of the product.

3.The differences in degree of automation

The semi-automatic pipe bender mainly bends the product with low requirements or with few single bends. The cnc pipe bending machine has automatic feeding pipe bender and manual feeding pipe bender. Manual feeding means that the operator needs to pick up and cut the material when the machine processes product. And automatic feeding saves a lot of manpower. The automatic feeding pipe bender will be the best choice for China in the next few years, because it can greatly reduce labor costs.

4.Different working efficiency

The differences in work efficiency of these two machines are depending on the demand for products to be processed. For example,semi-automatic pipe bender has highly efficient for products with few bends. This effect is basically no difference from the automatic pipe benders. The advantages of automatic pipe bender will be obvious when processing complex products or the products with many bends. The automatic pipe benders don’t need to do positioning like semi-automatic pipe bender. All processing requirements can be completed in one clamping.

5.Price difference

There is a big gap in the price of pipe bending machine due to the lager difference between structure and system.

The system of an automatic pipe bender may be several times as much as a semi-automatic pipe bender. Let’s compare with specific models, take the 38 pipe bender as an example. The 38cnc pipe bender is widely used to produce mototaxi frame, motorcycle handle tube and wheelbarrow handle tube etc. Manufacturers can choose the suitable pipe benders according to their own output and product characteristics. The 38nc semi-automatic pipe bending machine price is about 4000 dollars, but the 38cnc-3b fully automatic pipe bending machine price is about 22000 dollars.

6.The advantages of automatic pipe bending machine

1) The automatic pipe bending machine has full-automatic servo. The machine has high positioning accuracy and it’s easy to operate and repair. The bending angle of the machine is also very accurate. The machine can find out where the fault is when repairing. This can help to repair the machine quickly.

2) The way of the pipe bending machine automatic is more efficient. Basically, all the steps can be done by the machine itself. The machine can realize one-time forming of multiple bends and one person controls multiple devices. It saves a lot of costs.

3) Operators can work after a simple training. The operation of the automatic pipe bender is very easy. It is controlled by computer screen, which can realize human-machine operation screen. It saves a lot of time.

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