The operating procedures of cnc pipe bending machine

The pipe bender is widely used all walks of life. If the operators do not strictly follow the safety operation regulations, the safety accidents may occur during the operation of the CNC pipe bender. To avoid the safety accident, we remind customers to do the following point when using the machine:

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1、Before operation:

1)The cnc pipe bending machine uses copper flexible wire not less than 4mm2 as ground wire. And the machine must be well grounded. The machine is not allowed to be connected to the supply voltage that exceeding the specified range. And it is also cannot be plugged or unplugged with power. And testing the control circuit with a megger may also damage the device.

       2)Do not pull the wire or cable when plugging connectors. This can easily lead to welding pulling off.

       3)Do not hit the switch and encoder with hard objects.

       4)Do not strike the display unit with sharp objects.

       5)Do not use the electrical box in the environment with dust and corrosive gas. And the electrical box must be placed in a ventilated place.

       6)Do not install or connect the input and output terminals of PC without permission.

       7)Re-confirm the motor rotation when changing the power supply of the machine tools.

       8)Keep the machine tool clean. In particular, the worker should note that there should be no any sundries in the clamping block, slide block and other sliding grooves of the machine tool.

       9)Add lubricating oil to the chain and other sliding parts regularly.

       10)Cut off the power supply when cleaning and repairing the machine.

       11)Preparation before startup: Check whether the oil level of the oil tank reaches the oil level line; fill each lubricating point with oil, turn on the machine and confirm the motor rotation, check whether the oil pump has abnormal sound, and check whether the hydraulic system has oil leakage after startup (The angle encoder is in the state of no refueling).

       12)Pressure adjustment: Adjust the pressure with the electromagnetic overflow valve, and ensure the system pressure can reach the required working pressure. This pressure is generally not higher than 12.5Mpa.

13)Adjustment of the cnc tube bender dies: When installing the mold, the center line of the mold and clamping die shall be consistent. And the clamping die can be adjusted by the bolts. The center line of the booster block and the mold should be consistent, and the booster block can be adjusted. The center line of the mandrel and the mold should also be consistent, and loosen the bolts on the mandrel head frame. Finally, adjust the center point and fix the screw bolt.

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2、 The following requirements should be carefully observe during operation.

       1)The human body shall not enter the rotation range when the cnc pipe bending machine is running.

       2)All personnel are forbidden to entering the range swept by the rotating arm and pipe when pipe bending machine cnc is running.

       3)The hydraulic system of the machine tool must use ordinary hydraulic oil. Under normal conditions, change the oil once a year and clean the oil filter at the same time.

       4)The adjuster should press the button by himself to adjust when adjusting the machine tool (matrix). Do not one person to adjust on the machine tool and other person to operate on the control cabinet.

       5)Remove the mandrel rod when adjusting the machine tool or driving empty.

       6)The hydraulic system pressure of the cnc pipe bending machine hydraulic do not greater than 14Mpa.

       7)When manually adjusting the speed of side cylinder, the rotary arm should rotate to the speed≥ 900 in advance. The adjusted speed should be synchronized with the linear speed of the edge of the bending die in rotation. Do not push sideways to increase speed, and it is forbidden to push the speed manually to be faster than the linear speed of rotating die edge.

       8)Check the tightness of the chain after the machine has been used for a period of time. Keep the tightness of the upper and lower chains consistent.

9)When the machine is in mandrel bending mold of the automatic operation, the operator need to keep that the mandrel head is in the pipe before the return of the bending arm; or to ensure that the mandrel will not block the return of the bending arm. If not, the mandrel head or the mandrel rod may be bent or broken.

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3、Cut off the power supply, clean and lubricate the machine when work completed.

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