cnc bending machine in india


maximum bending capacity:75mm   

cnc bending machine price in india:25000   dollars

cnc bending machine price in india
cnc mandrel pipe bender

Characteristic of cnc bending machine in india

servo motors of cnc tube bender machine
★ Servo motor of cnc tube bending machine india
1. The feeding shaft and turning shaft are driven by servo motors, to make the feeding accuracy high, which is ±0.1MM, and can make the rotating workpiece have a long life, stronger force, higher rotation accuracy and better stability.
2. The servo motor has the function of returning to zero at the same time, only need to press the button instead of return to zero for each axis separately, which is time-saving and accurate.
3. The feeding shaft will automatically detect before it moving to avoid collision with the machine.
4. Equipped with slow positioning function, the bending angle is stable, and the repetition accuracy reaches ±0.1°.
mandrel cylinder of cnc pipe bender for sale
mandrel cylinder of cnc bending machine in india
Tmandrel cylinder of cnc bending machine in india
it can effectively prevent deformation of the pipe during bending
throttle valve of hydraulic system
throttle valve of hydraulic system
It can control the flow of the main cylinder and adjust the clamping speed of the cylinder
cnc tube bender dies
cnc bending machine in india dies
The cnc tube bender dies include bend die, clamp die, pressure die, mandrel and wiper die.  The dies can customize according to different bending conditions.

Parameter of cnc tube bending machine india

hindustan cnc bending machine price
Max. diameter75x3mm(carbon steel pipe)
Max. feeding distance2850mm
Max. bending radius350mm
Max. bending angle190o
Max. bending speed40o/s
Max. rotation speed160o/s
Max.  feeding speed900m/s
bending accuracy of cnc hydraulic pipe bender±1o
rotationa ccuracy±0.1o
feeding ccuracy±0.1o

Packing list of cnc tube bending machine india

1cnc pipe bender for sale 1 unit
2Electronic control operation cabinet 1 unit
3System of mandrel1 set
4Anti-crease device1 set
5cnc tube bender dies1 set
6Manderl 1 unit
7Toolbox 1 unit
8Allen key9 units
9Open end wrench1 unit
10Grease gun1 unit
11Grease gun nozzle2 units
12Inspection record1 sheet
13Product certification1 sheet
14Packing List1 sheet
15Operation Manual1 book

Shipping and After Sales

cnc bending machine manufacturers in india
used cnc bending machine for sale in india

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cnc bending machine companies

Application of cnc tube bending machine india

Fully automatic CNC pipe bending is a pipe processing equipment. It adopts servo feeding, servo corner, and servo bending. The guide rail is equipped with helical gear and rack transmission, and the pipe is pushed forward for bending. It has high working efficiency, good quality of finished products, and one-time bending and forming, which saves time and labor. The fully automatic CNC pipe bending machine has a high degree of automation, strong control function, high processing precision, low noise, and good energy-saving effect. It can effectively solve the problems in the high-speed rotary processing of pipe fittings such as high energy consumption, machine tool vibration, short tool life, low production operation rate, poor quality of pipe end faces, etc. So our cnc bending machine sell very well. even some producers in other countries (such as cnc pipe bending machine manufacturers in india,etc) import from us. Our cnc tube bending machine can bend pipe fittings with a maximum diameter of 75mm, so it can use in processing pipe fittings with relatively large diameters such as automobile frames, motorcycles, sports and fitness equipment, steel pipe furniture, plumbing, and sanitary ware, etc.

cnc tube bending machine india


cnc bending machine price in india
Client in india

Before I bought the CNC pipe bending machine from this Chinese factory for my chair production business, I have compared many local cnc pipe bending machine manufacturers in india, such as cnc pipe bending machine manufacturers in pune, cnc pipe bending machine suppliers in Chennai, cnc pipe bending machine dealers in india etc. I found the prices of these India local manufacturers are higher than China, So I bought a pipe bender from China. This Chinese machine has multiple functions and fast bending speed. My production efficiency has increased by 5 times, the product qualification rate also improved. I am very satisfied for this machine.

cnc pipe bending machine in coimbatore
Client in coimbatore

I buy a CNC pipe bender machine to process motorcycle bumpers. I found most cnc pipe bending machine in coimbatore are imported from china. Therefore, I buy it from China manufacturers. the price is very cheap. The machine is relatively advanced and has various functions. And the after-sales and guidance of the manufacturer are also very professional, and they are patient in answering my questions. I’m going to buy another one

Questions and Answers

The cnc bending machine working principle: the pipe bending die is fixed on the main shaft and rotates with the main shaft, and the pipe is wound around the circumference of the pipe bending die. The rotation angle of the pipe bending die is the bending angle. the same pipe can realize three dimensions bending with the same radius. There are mainly three major actions: straight line feeding, space corner and pipe bending. After completing a bending angle, the pipe fittings will be automatically sent to the next bending position and connected to a space corner, and then make the next bend to obtain a space bending pipe with the same bending radius. The pipe bending die determines the bending radius of the pipe.

cnc bending machine in india
cnc bending machine working principle

If you want to achieve clean, precise bends with a CNC pipe bender, these five main components play an important role:

1. The bending die is a circular part that determines the bending radius.

2. The clamping die is a fixture that helps to bending die, it  clamps the pipe when the bending die rotates.

3.The wiper die is a perishable part that prevents wrinkles in the curved inner area.

4.The interlocking mandrel is a perishable part that works with the wiper die to prevent wrinkles in the bends.

5.The pressure die is an important component, it applies the necessary pressure to the tube for accurately bend.

All these components work together to achieve the desired bend.

cnc bending machine Alibaba
cnc bending machine parts

1. When using the automatic pipe bender, please refer to the instruction manual.

2. Never remove the quick coupler when it is under load.

3. The machine uses oil as the medium, so the oil and the machine must be cleaned and maintained to avoid clogging or oil leakage

cnc bending machine working
cnc tube bending machine india

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