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maximum bending capacity: 65mm    cnc pipe bender price: US$17400.00

cnc pipe bender for sale
cnc mandrel pipe bender

Parameter of cnc pipe bender 

cnc tube bender dies
maximum diameter65x2mm(carbon steel pipe)
maximum diameter65x2mm(carbon steel pipe),50x2mm(stainless pipe)
maximum feeding distance2200mm
maximum bending radius300mm
maximum  bending angle190o
maximum bending speed40o/s
maximum rotation speed180o/s
maximum feeding speed900m/s
bending accuracy of cnc hydraulic pipe bender±1o
rotationa ccuracy±0.1o
feeding ccuracy±0.1o

 Characteristic of cnc pipe bender for sale

cnc pipe bender machine

1、This cnc pipe bender machine has color touch screen for operator to input bending data and  view work progress.

2、The bending data can be saved in the system of the cnc pipe bender.

3、There are 16 speeds can be choosen for each axis, feeding, rotation, and bending, according to production needs.

4、Can make 32 bends to the same tube as maximum, the memory capacity can store 330 sets bending data and can increase storage space.

5、Display language of the screen of the cnc pipe bender for sale can be customized according to customer needs.

6、This cnc pipe bender can be cnc mandrel pipe bender when it is necessary the use of mandrel.

7、The cnc pipe benders for sale has the function of auto counting of numbers of tubes bent.

servo motors of cnc tube bender machine
servo motors of cnc tube bender machine
1、The feeding axis will do automatic detection to avoid collision with the cnc pipe bender for sale.
2、The cnc pipe benders for sale has stable work performace and the bending accuracy is up to ±0.1°.
mandrel cylinder of cnc pipe bender for sale
mandrel cylinder of cnc pipe bender for sale
The cnc pipe bender for sale can be a cnc mandrel pipe bender and the use of mandrel when bending tube with big diameter and thin wall can effectively avoid the deformation of tubes.
throttle valve of hydraulic system
throttle valve of hydraulic system
The throttle valve can control the flow of hydraulic oil of the main cyclinder and control the clamping speed.
cnc tube bender dies
cnc tube bender dies
The cnc tube bender dies include bend die, clamp die, pressure die, mandrel and wiper die. Can be customized according to the tubes.

Packing list of cnc pipe bender

1cnc pipe bender for sale 1 unit
2Electronic control operation cabinet 1 unit
3System of mandrel1 set
4Anti-crease device1 set
5cnc tube bender dies1 set
6Manderl 1 unit
7Toolbox 1 unit
8Allen key9 units
9Open end wrench1 unit
10Grease gun1 unit
11Grease gun nozzle2 units
12Inspection record1 sheet
13Product certification1 sheet
14Packing List1 sheet
15Operation Manual1 book
best cnc pipe bender

Shipping and After Sales

We have rich experience in container loading and we have our own freight forwarding company to work with for a better transportation service and lower cost. Our high quality pre-sales and after-sales can provide our customers information and service that they need to help them to choose the best cnc pipe bender for them.

Transportation of cnc exhaust pipe bender
cnc exhaust pipe bender for sale
used cnc pipe bender

Application of cnc pipe bender

The cnc pipe bender is a fully automatic pipe bender for pipes.  This is a cnc hydraulic pipe bender with servo motors to control feedinga and rotation of pipes, and the bending process is controlled by hydrulic system. The cnc pipe bender machine  has high working efficiency and the quality of the product of this cnc pipe bender machine is high. This cnc pipe bender  has features like all bending process automatic, low noise in process and high accuracy.

This cnc tube bender machine has the capacity to bend pipes with diameter of 65mm, can be a cnc exhaust pipe bender, and also can be usted in production of chassis of vehicules, chassis of motorcycles,  fitness equipment and steel pipe furniture etc.

Products of small cnc pipe bender

Questions and Answers

The cnc pipe bender is a kind of equipment that is controlled by PLC to do bend work to steel pipes and  stainless steel pipes. The servo motors of the cnc tube benders for sale can control the mechanical parts of the cnc tube benders for sale  to realize automatic feeding of pipe, automatic rotation of pipe and the bending work is realized by the hydraulic system. This cnc tube and pipe bender can guarantee the bending quality and acurray of the pipes. At the same time, it improves the working efficiency and saves labor cost and material cost. It’s very helpful and useful in pipe bending work.

cnc hydraulic pipe bender

The following is the working principle of cnc pipe bender: the bending die of the cnc hydraulic tube bender is fixed on the main shaft of the cnc pipe bender and moves with the main shaft during the bending process. The pipe is clinging to the bending die because of the pressure of clamp die and pressure die. The rotation angle of the bending die is the bending angle of the pipe. With the cnc pipe bender can realize 3D multi bend with the same radius, the feeding axis works in straight line, the rotation axis rotates the tube in space and the bending system does the bend to the pipes.  The pipe will be sent to the next bending position automatically after one bend. The bending radius is related to the bending die.  

Before work

1、The cnc hydraulic pipe bender must be well grounded, the wire of the cnc hydraulic pipe bender should be copper and not be less than 4mm. It is not allowed to connect to voltages exceeding the specified range,and the control circuit cannot be tested with a megohmmeter.  The cnc mandrel pipe bender must be shutdown if want to insert or remove plugin.
2、Proximity switches and encoders cannot be hit with hard objects.
3、The electrical box of the cnc tube bender machine must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is forbidden to work in dust and corrosive gases.
4、Do not install or change the PLC input and output terminals without professionals.

5、Must reconfirm the direction of the motor if change motor for the cnc tube and pipe bender.

6、The cnc tube bender machine should be kept clean, and make sure that there is no foreign objects in the sliding grooves such as clamping blocks and sliders.

7、Do regular lubrication to the chain and other sliding parts.
8、The power of the cnc tube benders must be disconnected during cleaning and maintenance.
9、Before starting the cnc hydraulic tube bender it is necessary to check the following: if the hydraulic oil level in the cylinder up to the oil level line; if the lubrication points are well lubricated; the direccion of the motor.

In operation

1、When the cnc pipe bender is working, be careful not to enter the rotation range of the swivel arm and pipes.
2、The hydraulic system of the cnc pipe bender machine uses ordinary hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced once a year under normal circumstances, and need to clean the oil filter at the same time.
3、When adjusting the cnc tube bender dies  all the work should be operated by the same operator. It is forbbid that one operator adjust on the cnc pipe bender for sale while another operator operates on the control screen.
4、The hydraulic system pressure of the cnc hydraulic pipe bender  shall not exceed 14Mpa.
5、The mandrel should be removed when adjusting the cnc mandrel pipe bender.

6、After using the cnc pipe benders for sale for a period of time, check the tightness of the chain and keep the tightness of the upper and lower chains consistent.

After work

Cut off the power supply of the cnc pipe bender machine and do cleaning and lubrication to the cnc pipe bender machine after work.

1. client feedback

You can look for customer reviews, customer’s use effect can truly reflect the effect of the cnc tube bender for sale.

2. One-stop pre-sales and after-sales service

(1、You need to consider no only the quality of the cnc mandrel pipe bender but also the specialization of salesperson of pre-sales and technical staff for after-sales service. You can ask the pre-sales personnel parameters of the cnc tube benders.

(2、If the cnc pipe bender manufacturer has professional logistics company to work with. Because if the customer does not have a logistics company to work with, it will be more convenient and time saving if the cnc pipe bender manufacturer can contact with professional logistics company to do the transportation of the cnc pipe bender.

3. Quality of the cnc pipe bender for sale

(1、The cnc pipe bender is a fully automatic equipment equipped with intelligent control system and can help customer save material cost and manpower.

(2、Good quality material of the cnc pipe bender machine can guarantee long-term use of the cnc pipe bender machine.

4.cnc pipe bender price

The cnc tube bender price is very different in the market, and material of the cnc tube bender machine, technology, function, model, etc. can affect the cnc tube bender cost, another very important but easily overlooked factor can help you to do the decision between the cnc tube bender manufacturers in China, the after sales service. When you buy cnc tube bender you also buy the service of the cnc tube bender manufacturers. A good cnc pipe bender supplier can help his customer to master the essentials of using the cnc pipe bender and can give professional advice on the purchase of supporting equipment.

5. Company Size

From the size of the company the cnc tube bender manufacturers can find out their personnel strength and production capacity. There are two ways to assess the size of company of cnc tube bender manufacturers.

(1、The best way is visiting the company in person, in this way, you can see the real situation of the company.

(2、If you do not have time to visit the cnc pipe bender company you can search the internet for information of the company.

cnc tube bender manufacturers
cnc pipe benders for sale

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