CNC Pipe Bending Machine

Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine 50CNC-2B

maximum bending capacity : 50*2mm

CNC pipe bending machine with servo motors has high precision and it is fully automatic pipe bending machine. The same CNC pipe bending machine can bend round pipes, square pipes and rectangular pipes with different bending dies.

cnc pipe bending machine
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1. It’s automatic pipe bending machine, the feeding of pipes and rotation of pipes are automatic and driven by seervo motors. The operator does not need to reposition

2. The maximum bending capacity of the cnc pipe bending machine  50CNC-2B is 50mm*2mm.  And can bend all pipes samller, including square pipes and round pipes.

3. The  cnc pipe bending machine  is controlled by computer. Can record datas of shapes of pipes so that the operator can use the datas after bending other pipes.  


Horse Power20HP
Max.Bending Capacity(mm)50
Max.Pbending Thickenss(mm)2
Max.Bending Radius(mm)220
Max.Bending Angle(degree)190°
Bending Speed(°/sec)120
cnc pipe bending


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CNC tube bending machine is widely used in many industries, such as, 3 wheel tricycle, motorcycle,car, fitness equipment and furniture. 

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The answer is yes. As a professional pipe bending cnc machine manufacturer, Yansumi Machinery manufactures several models of cnc pipe bending machines. The standard for distinguishing cnc pipe bending machines is not that the cnc steel pipe bending machine is a cnc square pipe bending machine or o cnc round pipe bending machine. Its maximum bending capacity is the standard that is used to distinguish the cnc pipe bending machines. The cnc copper pipe bending machine can bend all kinds of pipes within its maximum bending capacity. You may be curious about how to use the same cnc copper pipe bending machine to bend round pipes, square pipes and even rectangular pipes. Well, it’s very simple, the only thing you need to do is changing bending components of the cnc copper pipe bending machine.

cnc copper pipe bending machine for square pipes
cnc pipe bending machine for sale for round pipes

The CNC pipe bending machine 50CNC-2B is a automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine. The cnc pipe bending machine  can complete automatically the whole cnc pipe bending process even if the pipe shape is complex. This is because the automatic pipe bending machine is driven by servo motors and hydraulic system. The servo motors control the feeding accuracy and pipe rotation accuracy. And under the control of the hydraulic system the components for bending coordinate to complete high-quality cnc pipe bending.

Servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. The servo motor can control the speed and position very accurately. The function of locating of the servo motor is realized by pulses. When the servo motor receives a pulse, it will rotate the angle corresponding to one pulse to realize displacement. The servo motor itself has the function of sending pulses. The servo motor will send a corresponding pulse after each rotation, which echoes with the pulse received by the servo motor. In this way, the rotation of the servo motor can be accurately controlled, so as to achieve accurate positioning, which can reach 0. 001mm. In the use of the cnc pipe bending machine the operator of the automatic machine for pipe bending enters the parameter of pipe shape and the system will send the pulse to servo motors according to the parameters entered. For example, the system sends a pulse to the servo motor that controls the feeding, the servo motor rotates the corresponding angle and the actuators will send the pipe to correct location for the next bend. The automatic feeding of the cnc pipe bending machine is completed.

Therefor, the cnc pipe bending machine with servo motors can complete the cnc pipe bending work automatically and accurately after entering the parameter of pipe shape.