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CNC tube bender for sale 38CNC-2B, Maximum bending capacity : diameter 38mm & thickness 2mm

What factors affect CNC tube bender price?

Cnc tube benders are very useful and irreplaceable in many industries, especially when the shape of the tube is complex. In the market there are different types of cnc tube bender. You need to choose one of them for your factory. When you want to buy cnc tube bender you have many factors to consider and one of the factors is the cnc tube bender price. You may want to know what factors affect cnc tube bender price.

The cnc tube bender machine has servo motors that control the actions of other executive components to complete the complex tube bend tasks. The automatic feeding and automatic rotation of a cnc tube bender machine are commanded by servo motors while the tube bend can be controlled by servo motor or by hydraulic system. If the tube bend is controlled by hydraulic system this cnc tube bender machine is so called cnc hydraulic tube bender. The cnc hydraulic tube bender is cheaper than a all servo motors cnc tube bender machine. For example, the 38CNC-2B is a cnc hydraulic tube bender, and the 38CNC-3B is a all servo motors cnc tube bender machine, the 38CNC-2B is cheaper than 38CNC-3B.

In addition to the number of servo motors, the bending capacity of the cnc tube bender also affects cnc tube bender cost. The small diameter cnc tube bender is cheaper. The cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B can bend all tubes whose diameter is less than 38mm, and thickness is less than 2mm. And the cnc tubing bender 50CNC-3B has the maximum bending capacity of 50*2mm.  So the small cnc tube bender 38CNC-3B is cheaper than 50CNC-3B. 

The cnc tube bender is a cnc square tube bender or a cnc round tube bender will not affect the cnc tube bender price, this is related to the shape of the cnc tube bender dies. 

Therefore, it is not difficult to draw conclusions that the number of servo motors and the bending capacity of the cnc pipe bender are related to the cnc tube bender price.

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  • 1. Automatic feeding and antomatic rotation of tubes are controlled by servo motors, which is quick and accurate. The bending process is automatic after entering the parameters ot the tubes.
  • 2. The cnc tubing bender for sale can store multiple sets of processing datas and switch flexibly, which facilitates the processing of a wide variety of products and greatly improves production efficiency.
  • 3. Maximum bending capacity of the mandrel tube bender for sale 38CNC-2B is 38*2mm. This cnc mandrel tube bender for sale can bend both square tube and round pipe within the maximum bending capacity.


Horse Power14HP
Max.Bending Capacity(mm)38
Max.Pbending Thickenss(mm)2
Max.Bending Radius(mm)200
Max.Bending Angle(degree)190°
Bending Speed(°/sec)110
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Why the cnc mandrel tube bender is needed?

In the process of bending , the outer wall of the tube becomes thinner due to stress while the inner wall of the tube becomes thicker. At the same time, the forces exerted on the inner and outer walls of the tubes makes the cross section of the tube deform and become an approximate ellipse. The inner tube wall may be unstable and wrinkled under the action of pressure. In order to get the ideal tube, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent these defects. It is one of the most commonly used and effective methods to put mandrel into tube during bending the tube. 

cnc tube bender die

1.bend die 2.head of mandrel 3.anti wrinkle die 5.rod of mandrel 6.clamp die 7. pressure die

Types of mandrels for cnc mandrel tube bender

During the bending process, the mandrel supports the inner wall of the tube to prevent its deformation. There are several types of cnc mandrel bender for sale in the market. Generally, mandrel can be divided into two categories:

cnc tube bender mandrel
a,b,c are hard mandrel      d,e,f are soft mandrel

When use cnc mandrel tube bender?

For tube with different relative bending radius or relative wall thickness and different processing requirements, mandrel of different shape shall be selected. For when to use a cnc tube bender without mandrel, when to use a cnc mandrel tube bender and what kind of mandrel to choose when a cnc mandrel tube bender is used. It is necessary to analyze the relative bending radius R/D, relative wall thickness S/D, and bending angle A of the bent tube. R stands for bend radius, D is the diameter of the tube and S stands for tube thickness. We can refer to the table below to make a choice of the mandrel.

 cnc mandrel tube bender