CNC Tube Bender

model  75CNC-2A-1S

maximum bending capacity: 75mm cnc tube bender machine price: US$25000.00

cnc tube bender
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cnc mandrel tube bender

1. Automatic feeding and automatic rotation of tubes of this cnc mandrel tube bender are controlled by servo motors, which is quick and accurate. The bending process is automatic after entering the parameters of the tubes.

2. The cnc tube bender for sale can store multiple sets of processing datas and switch flexibly, which facilitates the processing of a wide variety of products and greatly improves production efficiency.

3. Maximum bending capacity of this cnc mandrel tube bender for sale is 75*4mm, it can be cnc square tube bender and cnc round tube bender by changing cnc tube bender dies.

servo motos
4, The feeding servo motor and rotation servo motor of the cnc mandrel tube bender for sale ensure the accuracy of the tube, the accuracy can be ±0.1.
Auxiliary push rod
5, The auxiliary push rod can give the tube thrust during the bending process so that can ensure the quality of the workpiece.
clamping structure
6. The clamping structure of the cnc tube benders uses floating swivel arm, it’s stable and durable. Tubes bent by our cnc tube bender for sale are smooth and not deformed without wrinkles.
 cnc tube bender dies
7. Customized cnc tube bender dies
We can produce cnc tube bender dies according to clients’ production requirements.


maximum diameter75x4mm
maximum feeding distance2800mm
maximum bending radius400mm
maximum  bending angle190o
bending accuracy of cnc hydraulic pipe bender±0.1o
rotationa ccuracy±0.1o
feeding ccuracy±0.1o
cnc hydraulic tube bender
Structure of automatic cnc tube bender for sale

The thrust is transmitted to the bending gear through the connecting rack of the oil cylinder of the cnc hydraulic tube bender and the bending die moves with the bending gear so that the cnc hydraulic tube bender can do bend to the tube.

tube bending die
tube bending die
cnc tube bender for sale

● Shipping

We are the factory of cnc tube benders and have a warehouse to ensure the excellent product quality. Due to our cnc tube bender machine of stable performanance and high quality service, our tube benders have been sold to many countries all over the word, such as Mexico, Peru, Cote d’ivoire, Malaysia, India, South Africa, etc.. so we also have rich experience in loading to ensure time of product loading. We have our own freight forwarding team, which not only guarantees the time of transportation, but also strives for the most favorable freight, so that you can receive the cnc tube bender without worry. We have a standardized pre-sales and after-sales marketing service network to provide high-quality and fast professional services for our customers. We have a professional technical team, as well as a complete range of cnc tube benders and spare parts, to bring you a comfortable shopping experience, solve technical problems for you, and ensure that you have no worries before and after sales.

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● Applications

The automatic cnc hydraulic tube bender can fulfill the bending work in any angles accurately. Its hydraulic system, control system, driving system, servo system and display system have high quality and are very reliable. The exact control by the touch screen can achieve bend of any angle. It’s accurate and efficient. The operator can choose fully automatic mode, semi automatic mode and manual mode according to the work requirement.

The maximum bending capacity is 75mm and this cnc tube bender can be used in production of big tubes like railway rail, motorcycle chassis and fitness equipment etc.

Application of cnc tube and pipe bender


CNC tube bending is a high accuracy, high efficiency and easy operation method of dealing with bending work of tubes. The CNC tube bending is realized by servo motors. The servo motor is a motor that absolutely obeys the command of the control signal. When the control signal is issued, the rotor of servo motor rotates immediately; when the control signal disappears, the rotor of the servo motor can stop immediately. The control signal is pulse. When the servo motor recieves pulse, the rotor of the servo motor rotates a corresponding angle and the servo motor itself has the function of sending out pulses. Every time the servo motor rotates an angle, it will send out a corresponding number of pulses. In this way, it echoes the pulses received by the servo motor and the rotation of the motor can be precisely controlled.

The equipment to complete this bending task is called cnc tube bender.  There are two types of cnc tube bender: cnc tube bender all controlled by servo motors and  cnc hydraulic tube bender. Both of this two types of cnc tube bender  can complete bending work automatically: automatic feeding, automatic rotation of tubes and automatic bending. Although there are differences of bending angle accuracy between these two types of cnc tube bender, both of these CNC tube benders can make complex bends to a very high degree of precision that hand formed parts simply can’t match.

Why the cnc mandrel tube bender is needed?

In the process of bending , the outer wall of the tube becomes thinner due to stress while the inner wall of the tube becomes thicker. At the same time, the forces exerted on the inner and outer walls of the tubes makes the cross section of the tube deform and become an approximate ellipse. The inner tube wall may be unstable and wrinkled under the action of pressure. In order to get the ideal tube, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent these defects. It is one of the most commonly used and effective methods to put mandrel into tube during bending the tube. 

cnc tube bender die

1.bend die 2.head of mandrel 3.anti wrinkle die 5.rod of mandrel 6.clamp die 7. pressure die

Types of mandrels for cnc mandrel tube bender

During the bending process, the mandrel supports the inner wall of the tube to prevent its deformation. There are several types of cnc mandrel bender for sale in the market. Generally, mandrel can be divided into two categories:

cnc tube bender mandrel
a,b,c are hard mandrel      d,e,f are soft mandrel

When use cnc mandrel tube bender?

For tube with different relative bending radius or relative wall thickness and different processing requirements, mandrel of different shape shall be selected. For when to use a cnc tube bender without mandrel, when to use a cnc mandrel tube bender and what kind of mandrel to choose when a cnc mandrel tube bender is used. It is necessary to analyze the relative bending radius R/D, relative wall thickness S/D, and bending angle A of the bent tube. R stands for bend radius, D is the diameter of the tube and S stands for tube thickness. We can refer to the table below to make a choice of the mandrel.

 cnc mandrel tube bender

The number of axis represents number of servo motors of the cnc tube and pipe bender. Generally speaking, a two axis cnc tube bender is a cnc hydraulic tube bender. The feeding and rotation is respectively driven by servo motors. A 3 axis cnc tube bender has its feeding, rotation and bending driven by servo motors.

1.The cnc tubing bender 38CNC-2B is a cnc hydraulic tube bender and the bending system is driven by hydraulic system while the cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B is a all servo motors driven 3 axis cnc tubing bender.

2.Obviously, the bending accuracy of the cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B is higher. After working for a period of time, the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system will change, which will affect the bending accuracy. However, the servo bend can maintain a high level of accuracy from beginning to end. Therefore, it is recommended to use cnc tubing bender 38CNC-3B if you have high requirements for bending accuracy.

3.The cnc tube bender price is different. The 38CNC-3B cnc tube bender cost is higher than the 38CNC-2B cnc tube bender cost. The cnc tube and pipe bender 38CNC-3B can always maintain the same high precision and can be used for the production of more products.

The main factor that affects the bending speed is the size of the tube, the larger the tube, the slower the bending speed. While the bendign quality can be affected by bending method, tube material and the wall thickness etc.

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