Yansumi Machinery—Pipe Bending CNC Machine Manufacturer

Yansumi Machinery is the brand of industrial metal forming machines of Chongqing Popular Motor Machinery Electronic Co.,Ltd. With more than 15 years of production experiences, YANSUMI Machinery has been one of best cnc tube bending machine manufacturers in China. Our cnc tube bending machine, metal punching machine, and roller bending machine are wildly used in many insustries, such as mobile industry, shipbuilding industry, boiler industry, fitness equipment industry, bicycles industry, three wheel motorcycle industry, furniture industry, and door and window manufacturing industry.

Our advantage product is cnc tube bending machine, including cnc hydraulic tube bening machine, 3 axis cnc tube bender, 4 axis tube bender and 5 axis tube bender. Our cnc tube bending machines can bend tubes from 16 mm to 170 mm and can meet production requirements of different products. Products of cnc tube bending machine have high accuracy and can be used in all kinds of production. The cnc tube bender can be used together with other automatic machines to achieve high-speed automatic production.

 cnc tube bender manufacturer
cnc tubing bender

As one of best cnc tube bending machine manufacturers in China, we have strong design and development capabilities, and have high-precision production and testing equipment. Based on years of production experience and constant innovation, we can design and manufacture the above-mentioned equipment with special specifications according to the needs of users. With advanced technology and cost-effective prices, the company’s products have been well received at home and abroad. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and after-sales service team.

Why choose cnc tube bending machine with YANSUMI?

  1. Customers can make one-stop shopping for tube forming machines with YANSUMI.
  2. We are complete tube forming solution provider. And we can do special design and production to meet the special production needs of customers.
  3. Our experienced after-sales service team offers service in the whole process of using the machinery and can provide multilingual services to remove language barriers for better service.