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steel concrete shuttering construction specifications

teel concrete shuttering

Steel concrete shuttering plays a vital role in construction projects as it serves as a temporary structure that supports the pouring of concrete. It directly impacts the quality and safety of the building. This article provides a detailed overview of the construction guidelines for steel concrete shuttering, including preparation, installation, dismantling, and maintenance. It aims to help readers learn the correct construction methods and operational techniques. By doing so, it contributes to improving the quality of construction, ensuring the structural integrity of buildings, and meeting construction standards.

● steel concrete shuttering construction preparation

1. The construction company needs to plan and prepare adequately for the steel shuttering material. This includes determining the required type, specifications, and quantity of steel concrete shuttering and procuring promptly. When selecting steel concrete shuttering, factors such as the building structure's requirements, construction environment, and expected loads should be considered to ensure its quality and suitability.

2. The construction company needs to assess the safety risks at the steel concrete shuttering construction site and implement appropriate safety measures to protect workers. This involves installing protective railings, setting up safety nets, and providing necessary personal protective equipment.

3. During the actual installation process, construction workers need to follow the construction plan and scheme to install steel concrete shuttering in an orderly manner. This involves correctly placing and installing it to ensure its stability and load-bearing capacity. Construction workers should also carefully inspect each installation point to ensure that the position, height, and levelness of the steel concrete shuttering meet the design requirements.

4. To guarantee safety on the construction site, it is important to have enough staff who are properly trained. They should receive training on various safety aspects, such as installing and removing steel concrete shuttering, working at heights safely, and handling emergencies.

5. Construction Site Layout and Signage: Create a well-designed construction site layout plan to ensure clear pathways and avoid obstructions caused by material storage. Install clear signage, such as safety warning signs and no-entry signs, to guide individuals and alert them to potential hazards.

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● steel shuttering for concreteInstallation

1. When installing steel shuttering for concrete, follow the design specifications to align and number the components. Lift the prepared steel shuttering for concrete into place and secure it using through-flat tie rods and steel clamps for shuttering, while adjusting its verticality and joint size.
2. The compaction of the bottom for steel prop for shuttering is often overlooked at construction sites. During concrete pouring and compaction, the soil underneath may become softened due to water immersion, causing settlement in the supporting structure. This can result in defects like bending, deformation, and cracks in the already poured beams and slabs. Therefore, it is crucial not only to ensure proper compaction of the bottom for steel prop for shuttering beforehand but also to conduct regular inspections to promptly identify and eliminate any potential hazards.

3. Sometimes, steel shuttering for concrete fails because it is not strong enough, causing the formwork to break apart. The design of steel shuttering for concrete should take into account the thickness and height of the different parts. When designing, make sure that the spacing between flat tie rods is within the allowed range given by the design and regulations.

4. In construction projects, it is often seen that there are large gaps and unrepaired holes in steel shuttering for concrete. These gaps should not be larger than 4mm, and any existing holes on old steel shuttering for concrete should be fixed promptly. Also, formworks with uneven and deformed surfaces should not be used. To prevent root damage and grout leakage, a thin layer (about 5mm) of mortar should be applied as a sealant at the bottom of steel shuttering for the retaining wall.

Note: During the removal of steel shuttering for concrete, it is important to pay attention to the temperature as concrete tends to crack when exposed to rapid cooling. Therefore, when dismantling, it is necessary to closely monitor the temperature. For example, steel shuttering in Jalandhar, steel shuttering in Karachi, steel shuttering in Ludhiana, and other regions may have different temperatures, resulting in varying dismantling times. Construction practices also differ between summer and winter. The specific circumstances should be considered to determine the appropriate time for dismantling.

5. During the construction process of steel shuttering boards, the placement and positioning of embedment and holes are of utmost importance and should be given due attention. Occasionally, there may be instances of missed or misplaced embedments, or even their incorrect orientation, which can adversely affect the installation work of the structure. To ensure quality, quality inspectors should follow the prescribed procedures for acceptance, inspect and verify the quality and specifications of embedments, and ensure their accurate placement.

6. During the construction process, it is important to check for any chemical reactions between the equipment sleeves embedded in the concrete and the concrete itself or the reinforcing bars. If such reactions exist, protective measures like coating or covering with protective films should be taken. Additionally, when tying the reinforcement bars, it is essential to use rust-resistant steel wire and ensure that the wire ends do not penetrate into the protective layer of the concrete. This prevents contact with air, which could lead to rusting.

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● steel shuttering plates removal specifications

1. After the completion of construction, in the demolition phase, it is crucial to tightly control the setting time of the concrete to ensure that no chipping or peeling issues occur on the walls after removal. Therefore, it is necessary to wait until the concrete strength reaches the design strength standard before proceeding with the dismantling of steel shuttering plates. When the steel shuttering components span is not greater than 4m, they can be removed once the concrete strength meets 50% of the design strength standard. However, when the steel shuttering components span is larger than 4m, they can only be removed after the concrete strength satisfies 75% of the design strength standard. By strictly adhering to these requirements, the safety of removing steel shuttering plates and the quality of the walls can be ensured.

2. To prevent the premature removal of mild steel shuttering plates, it is crucial to calculate the demolition time accurately, thus avoiding any instability in the formwork system that could lead to a collapse accident. Before dismantling, it is essential to ensure that the concrete has attained sufficient strength to bear the loads from above. It is strictly prohibited to carry out the dismantling operation if the structural concrete hasn't reached the specified strength. In particular, for cantilevering steel shuttering components, the load-bearing steel prop for shuttering and mild steel shuttering plate should only be removed after applying anti-overturning loads. Generally, steel prop for shuttering can be dismantled after 21 days. By following these measures, construction safety can be ensured, and the quality of the structure can be maintained.

For the dismantling construction of steel shuttering for concrete walls, the following steps should be followed:

1). Loosen the nuts on the flat tie rods, remove the flat tie rod, tap the steel shuttering pins, and loosen the steel column shuttering clamp.
Simpler Translation:
2). Loosen the supporting structure of steel shuttering for concrete walls to separate the steel shuttering plates from the wall, and release the steel column shuttering clamp and flat tie rod connecting the steel column shuttering.
3) Adjust the push-pull prop and shoring props of steel shuttering plates to detach them from the concrete surface, and proceed with cleaning, dusting off, and applying form release agent for the next use

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● Maintenance of steel shuttering plates

★ Regular inspection and repairs
1. Check the surface of steel shuttering plates for any damage, deformation, or rusting issues.
2. Inspect the connectors and steel shuttering components for firmness, and repair any loose or damaged parts.
3. Verify the steel shuttering plate sizes, levelness, and verticality, and make adjustments where necessary.

★ Preventing damage and corrosion
1. Avoid placing heavy objects directly on steel shuttering plates to prevent deformation or cracking of the steel shuttering plate sizes.
2. Protect steel shuttering plates from prolonged exposure to damp or corrosive environments by implementing waterproofing and rust prevention measures.
3. Pay attention to keeping the construction site clean to prevent steel shuttering plates from coming into contact with sharp or corrosive substances.

★ Storage and Preservation
1. Store in a dry and well-ventilated area, away from moisture and corrosive substances.
2. Make sure to stack mild steel shuttering plates properly and implement safety measures such as anti-skid and anti-toppling to prevent accidents.
3. For large mild steel shuttering plates, use special supports or racks to keep them stable and secure.
4. Regularly check the stored mild steel shuttering plates to ensure their integrity and quality.

In this article, we have extensively discussed theguidelines and requirements for steel concrete shuttering construction. Our aim is to provide readers with a thorough understanding and assistance. Additionally, we have included steel shuttering video showcasing the correct construction procedures to improve efficiency and project quality. If you are interested in the steel shuttering business, please contact us via WhatsApp. We are committed to serving you wholeheartedly.

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