Mandrel tube bender for sale

Model 100NC- DW

mandrel tube bender price: 12500 dollars

The relevant description about mandrel tube bender:

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The characteristics about mandrel tube bender for sale:

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1. To change mandrel tube bender dies,the same mandrel tube bender can be used as square tube mandrel bender and circular mandrel tube bender. One tube mandrel bender can produce many kinds of product
mandrel rectangular tube bender
2 .The heavy duty mandrel tube bender has stable structure. The machine use high rigidity of materials can finish high intensity work.
tube bender with mandrel
3.The oil circuit system of tube bender with mandrel  has good oil circuit layout , it is completely sealed to block dust, and the machine can run stably and long-term.

The parameter of mandrel tube bender for sale:

best mandrel tube bender
Mandrel capacity100x6mm
Maximum bending radiusR500
Minimum bending radiusR≥1.5D
Maximum bending angle190°
Mandrel standard length3000mm
 hydraulic mandrel tube bender measurement492*170*175CM
hydraulic mandrel tube bender weight6500kg

The structure of hydraulic mandrel tube bender

mandrel rectangular tube bender

The transportation and after-sale service of heavy duty mandrel tube bender

Yansumi Machinery can produce mandrel bender vs tube bender of different models to satisfied different production demand for customer:cnc mandrel tube bender,square tube mandrel bender,  small tube mandrel bender(38NC) and heavy duty mandrel tube bender130NC  etc.

Yansumi Machinery has professional freight company to provide professional, fast and safety freight service for customer. In addition to producing and selling mandrel tube bender, we can provide customized service of mandrel tube bender dies, and also sell accessories of mandrel tube bender.  we can provide professional solutions of mandrel tube bender for customer to made production become fast and efficient.

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What is the purpose of mandrel in tube bending?

In the case of individual bending, the tube with outer diameter D and wall thickness S is bending under the force of outer frame. The outer wall tube is thinned by the work of pulling, but the inner tube wall is thickened by the work of pressure σ.(See Figure 1a). The cross section of tube bend is change into a shape of oval through the resultant force F1 and F2. (See Figure 1b). The inner wall tube may be wrinkled due to loss of stability (See Figure1c). To avoid these situations, we should take some corresponding measures. For example, mandrel bender is one of the most commonly used and effective methods.

Figure 1: the force and change when tube bending. (a) 

       The force when the tube disorderly change. (b)

       The cross section change when tube bending.(c)The inner tube wall wrinkle when tube bending.

Sometimes  the relative bending radius R/D is small or relative wall thickness S/D is small during production. Under such conditions, in order to produce high-quality tube ,we will insect a suitable mandrel to avoid flattening and wrinkling at arc when bending. This process is called mandrel bend.(See Figure2)

Examples of mandrel tube bender 100NC-DW applications

The bendable maximum diameter of mandrel tube bender 100NC-DW is 100mm and thickness is 7mm . This mandrel tube bender is used to produce tricycle frame  in China and Peru.The tricycle frame use rectangular steel tube with 40mmx80mm, within the capacity of the mandrel tube bender for sale.

Tricycle frame

As shown in the figure above, a mandrel rectangular tube bender need to be bend each 3 times , the operator need to input the angle of bend 3 times in screen, and put the material into mandrel tubing tube bender,step on  the foot switch. The mandrel tubing tube bender will finish work automatically. After each work, the operator needs to take out the material, and put it in the proper position for the second bending. The hydraulic mandrel tube bender 100NC-DW use hydraulic system provides power,  it has highly accuracy, and the operate process is very easy. When input the work dates, the operators just need to pay attention to putting the correct angle in turns and corresponding position.

In addition to producing tricycle frame, the mandrel tube bender 100NC-DW also can produce other product such as truck exhaust pipe, fitness equipment and boiler tube etc.

mandrel tube bender operation screen

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