Mandrel tube bending machine

Model 75NC- DW

mandrel tube bending machine price: 8000 dollars

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Characteristic ofmandrel tube bending machines for sale

1.Cylinder of hydraulic mandrel tube bender to provide power for the machine so that the machine can bend 80mm tube fittings.
The tubes produced by the hydraulic mandrel tube bender has high accuracy. And the production of the machine is very fast.
2 .The foot switch of mandrel tube bender for sale has the function to firing the machine, stop the machine and returns the machine to operation .
3 .AS a manufacturer of mandrel tube benders ,Yansumi Machinery can customized mandrel tube bender dies according to the customer needs. The mandrel of mandrel tube bending machine can support the inside of tubes to avoid the tube be out of shape when bending.
4 .The electric motor of mandrel rectangular tube bending machine DW- 75NC can work at 20 hp. It can provide power to machine so that the machine can finish work perfectly.

Parameter of mandrel tube bending machines for sale

mandrel tube bending machines for sale
Maximum bending capacity80x4mm
Maximum bending radiusR500
Minimum bending radiusR≥1.5D
Maximum bending angle190°
Mandrel standard length2300mm
Tank capacity150L
mandrel rectangular tube bending machine measurement375*165*130CM
 hydraulic mandrel tube benderweight3800kg


mandrel tube bender

The After-sales and transportation of mandrel tube bending machine

  Yansumi Machinery is a professional company to produce and sell mandrel tube benders. The mandrel tube benders we produce have been recognized by many Chinese  manufacturers, and this machine also export to Vietnam, Peru, Bolivia, India, Australia and other countries.

  The CNC mandrel tube bending machine we produce  is equipped with industrial computer and servomotor, it can ensure the tubes have high accuracy, and also can  improve the speed of production .

We have excellent freight company to provide efficient, safe and cheap freight service for customer.

In addition to selling mandrel tube bender, we also provide consulting services, technical service and custom service of mandrel tube bender.

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Instructions for installing mandrel of hydraulic mandrel tube bender

The mandrel is very important relative to the bending point when producing. If the relative bending point of the mandrel beyond a certain distance, the orality will decrease.

But if the  distance is too long ,the mandrel will reduce the thickness of tube wall.

So, after bending the sample, operator needs to determine the exact position of the mandrel, this can ensure the quality of tubes.

The mandrel should put into the piercing rod in  clockwise manners, and then use screws to fix it .Operators should  attention that the mandrel must in the same direction as the bending tubes.

The mandrel die of hydraulic mandrel tube bender  can change very fast to save many times and improve work efficiency.

There are some practical operation points: 1.Put mandrel into rod before bending to avoid  industrial scrap.  2. Strictly comply with the operation specifications of mandrel tube bender to avoid accidents.   3.

 Clean up scrap iron and other fragment in time when bending to protect tube appearance.  4. Apply lubricating oil to the mandrel in time to avoid wearing ,  increase the service life of mandrel.  5.Pay attention to the direction of mandrel when bending to avoid breaking it.

What is a mandrel bender?

Mandrel bender vs tube bender

Mandrel bender is one of the tube bender. The function of mandrel is to support the inside of the tube when bending to avoid tube be out of shape. If a tube bender with mandrel, that is the mandrel bender. One tube bender can not only be a tube bender but also a mandrel bender.

Types of mandrel benders

There are many forms of mandrel .For example, cylindrical mandrel, universal single-head mandrel, universal double-end mandrel, universal three-head mandrel and universal four-head mandrel, directional single-end mandrel and directional multi-head mandrel etc. For the tubes that has different relative bending radius or relative wall thickness and different processing requirements ,operators should choose different mandrels.

When selecting rigid mandrel, the cylindrical mandrel is more common use than claw mandrel . Because of the cylindrical mandrel has simple shape and its easy to made. When selecting flexible mandrel , the ball joint mandrel is very popular. It can adopt to various deformations , because it can bend to multiple directions, and each ball joint connected with spherical .So, we often use ball joint mandrel when bending thin-walled tubes or the tubes has small relative radius. We should think about using different number of ball joints according to different relative bending radius , different relative tube wall thickness and different bending angle . The product is not good if the ball joints is too less ; it is difficult to produce tubes and its uneasy to insert mandrel when the ball joints is too many .

types of mandrel

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