Mechanical Punch Press Machine

Punching Capacity: 80 ton

Punch Press Machine price: 7500 dollars

Mechanical punch press machine
mecanical punch press machine video


Nominal working pressure of the punch press machines is 80 tons and can be used to deform variety of matals.

The material of the body of the punch press machine has high strength can withstand hard work.

 Different industries can use this mechanical punch press machine to produce workpieces for the final products.

Specification of Mechanical punch PRESS machine

Nominal Force(ton)80
Nominal Stroke(mm)120
SPM (Times/min)45
Die Height Adjustment(mm)45
Between Slide Center and Frame(mm)270
Blanking hole diameter(mm)180
Main Motor Power380v triphasic  5.5kw
Outline Dimension(mm)1600*1200*2650
Net Weight(kgs)3700


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mechanical punch press machine


The mechanical punching machine is wildlly used in many industries: automobiles, kitchenware, electrical appliances, motorcycles, tricycles, furniture, machinery and electronic components, etc.



The mechanical punch press machine is widely used in factories to produce different products, why it is so popular? it has the following advantages:

1.The structure of the mechanical punch press machine  is very simple: motor, flywheel,  connection rod, gears, slider, dies, control buttons. And with the simple structure, the punch press machines for sale can achieve the effect that other machining methods cannot achieve.

2. The operation of the mechanical punch press machine is very simple: the operator puts the work piece on the lower die with tool, steps on the foot switch and takes out the workpiece from the lower die.

3. The same machine can be used to produce with different materials, such as, aluminum, brass and stainless steel etc. And can produce innumerable shapes.

4. The speed of the slider moves up and down is very fast, which can increase production capacity. Let‘s take a punch press machine of 10 tons as an example, the slider can go up and down 140 times in one minute.

5. Compared with traditional metal machining, the mechanical punch press machine production has advantages such as saving material and energy.

Products of mechanical punch press machine

The punch press machine cost is very low compared to the economic benefits it can achieve, thus the mechanical punch press machine is very popular in factories.

When we want to buy a punch press machine we need to know the pressure required to punch the workpiece. But, how can we know the pressure? We can solve this problem by calculation. To do the calculation, we need some parameters: perimeter of the work piece after stamping (mm), material thickness (mm), shear strength of material (mpa) and safety coefficient. And we use the following letters and symbols to represent the parameters in the formula, we can get the following formula:


K ——  safety coefficient, usually, k=1.3

l  —— perimeter of the work piece after stamping (mm)

t —— material thickness (mm)

T ——  shear strength of material (mpa)

Divide the calculated result by 9800N/T to get the punching force,  then multiply the value of this force by 2 to get the punching force required for punching this workpiece. Shear strength of common materials can be found in the Materials Manual.

MaterialShear strength of material( kn/mm2 )
low-carbon steel0.3447
stainless steel0.5171

Notice: 1kn/mm2 =1000mpa

E.g  If you want to drill in a 3mm thick low carbon steel plate and the perimeter of the work piece is 20mm, the pressure needed is as follows:



107550÷9800=10.97T So, to drill this plate we need a punch press machine of 25T.


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