Mechanical punching machine

Punching Capacity: 10 ton

Mechanical punching machine price: 650 dollars

mechanical punching machine 10T
Mechanical punching machine video


It is a 10-ton mechanical punching press machine for the production of small parts.

Fast production, the slider can go up and down 140 times per minute.

The structure of the mechanical punching machine is simple, the  operation is easy.

Specification of Mechanical punching machine

Nominal Force(ton)10
Nominal Stroke(mm)50
SPM (Times/min)140
Die Height Adjustment(mm)30
Between Slide Center and Frame(mm)120
Blanking hole diameter(mm)120
Main Motor Power380v triphasic  1.1kw
Outline Dimension(mm)900*700*1500
Net Weight(kgs)300


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Mechanical punching machine


The mechanical punching machine can be used in many industries: automobiles, kitchenware, electrical appliances, motorcycles, tricycles, furniture, machinery and electronic components, etc.

Mechanical punching machine


  The mechanical punching machine is the machine that most used in the sheet metal stamping processing. According to the slider drive mechanism, the mechanical punching machine can be divided into different types.

  The mechanical punching machine that uses the crankshaft mechanism is called the crankshaft mechanical punching machine. Most mechanical punching machine use this mechanism.

crankshaft mechanical punching machine

  The reason for using the crankshaft mechanism the most is that it is easy to manufacture, the position of the lower end of the stroke of the slider can be correctly determined, and the slider activity curve is basically suitable for all kinds of  processing.

  Crankless mechanical punching machine is also called eccentric gear mechanical punching machine.  Instead of crankshaft, the crankless mechanical punching machine is equipped with eccentric gear. The crankless mechanical punching machine structure is superior to the crankshaft structure in terms of shaft rigidity and lubrication, but the crankshaft mechanical punching machine price  is better.

  Knuckle mechanical punching machine has the feathers that the speed of the slider  becomes extremely slow (compared to crankshaft mechanical punching machine) near bottom dead center. It is suitable for compression processing. Therefore, this type of mechanical punching machine is often used as a mechanical punching machine for cold forging.

  Friction mechanical punching machine is most suitable for forging operation, and can also be used for bending, forming, stretching, etc..  Because of its low price, it has been widely used.  It is gradually being eliminated because of its disadvantages such as low precision, slow production speed and high operator requirement.

  In addition to the mechanical punching machines mentioned above, there are also screw mechanical punching machine, rack mechanical punching machine,  link mechanical punching machine and cam mechanical punching machine.


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