Pipe bending machine for sale

Pipe bending machine equipment 38NC-DW

Diameter of bendable tube:38*2MM

Pipe bending machine cost:4000 dollars

pipe bending machine for sale
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pipe bending machine cost
pipe bending machine equipment

The characteristic of pipe bending machine for sale

The powerful pipe bending machine for sale using high quality motor. This motor  can improve the service life of the machine.
It is very easy to operate the pipe bending machine.
The buttons in the display screen  is very convenient to operate. Working with the pipe bending machine can improve work efficiency greatly .
The stability of pipe bending machine for sale is superior. It is made of hard and rugged materials . The machine can engaged in high-intensity work for a long time .

Pipe bending machine specification

pipe bending machine malaysia
Bending tube diameter×wall thickness38×2mm
Bending radiusAccording to pipe diameter
Standard mandrel pulling length1600mm
Number of bends allowed for pipe fittings16
Number of parts that can be stored16×16
Motor power of oil pressure4Kw
Hydraulic system controlSolenoid valve
Bending radius≤R175mm
Bending angles≤190°
control systemNC Control
system pressure12Mpa
Tank volume110L
Machine weight750KG
Overall dimension2600*600*1100mm

The after-sale service  and transportation of  pipe bending machine

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Application of the pipe bending machine 

The semi automatic pipe bending machine is also a hydraulic machine tool. It can finish work by means of oil pressure. This product belongs to single-head hydraulic pipe bender.The program settings is more convenient because this machine is equipped with multi-group pace and multi-angle setting. It can be used to produce many products that needs to be mass production or standardized production , such as escape-pipe, seat, bumper and all other iron pipe furniture.

The operation process of pipe bending machine

The operation mode of pipe bending machine hydraulic type is based on NC system ,it can choose manual operation mode, semi-automatic operation mode or full-automatic operation mode. The machine bending angle input and bending setting  all need to  be operated by means of the control panel of steel pipe bending machine for sale.  There are some simple steps to enter bending data through the control panel:

The operation modes of the machine :

1. Startup screen: Turn on the power and enter the startup screen;

2. Press any button and enter the working screen.

pipe bending machine sri lanka

3. Click “parameters”  button, the first page is parameter setting screen, click “workpiece production” to set total production. The machine will stop automatically if the current output reaches the preset output.

b) Processing  quantity: Number of parts have been processed

c)Set angle :Angles need to complete now

d) Actual angle: Angles have been completed just now

e) Number of angles: Total number of bends

 f) Status window of machine: Display the action being performed and prompt information.

g) Working mode: Display the current working mode

3. Click “parameters”  button, the first page is parameter setting screen, click “workpiece production” to set total production. The machine will stop automatically if the current output reaches the preset output.

Click “setting time” to set bending time

Click “function selection”, enter the function setting page.

Click “setting angle”, input angles need to work in turns.

How to extending the service life of the tube bender?

All people who have operated the tube bender can know about that the machine will be worn after long time of use. But we can use the following methods to reduce wear:

 1. The operators must keep the machine clean. If there are any sundries on the machine can affect the operation of the machine.

 2. In order to guarantee working and extending the service life of the machine, before operate the tube bender, the workers must undergo strict training and practice. Only the operators be familiar with the operation process and performance of the machine can solve some emergencies when bending.

 3.In order to protect the dust cover, operators should usually clean iron filings behind the guide rail. For the full-automatic tube bender,operators should add new smoothing agent to exit track every week.

4. The operators should replacement parts with severe wear in times to improve work efficiency. To add lubricants to machine parts, it can guaranteed lubrication performance of the machine.

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