Punch press machine

Punch press machine capacity: 25T

Punch press machine price: 2500 dollars

punch press machine
Punch press machine video


The punch press machines can offer pressure of 25 tons to deform the material.

Fast speed of the slider,  production with the punch press machines can save material.

The punch press machines can be used in production of different products and all types of metal shapes within the capacity of punch press machines.  


Nominal Force(ton)25
Nominal Stroke(mm)70
SPM (Times/min)70
Die Height Adjustment(mm)50
Between Slide Center and Frame(mm)180
Blanking hole diameter(mm)160
Main Motor Power380v triphasic  2.2kw
Outline Dimension(mm)1200*850*2000
Net Weight(kgs)1020


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The mechanical punching machine can be used in many industries: automobiles, kitchenware, electrical appliances, motorcycles, tricycles, furniture, machinery and electronic components, etc.

Punch press machine product


operation buttons of mechanical punch press machine

1.Connect the the punch press machine with electricity and turn the red button in the direction indicated by the arrows. The indicator lights up.

2.Press the two green operation buttons with  two hands to start the punch press machine .

3.Put the work piece on the lower die and step on the foot switch.

4.Remove the finished piece with pliers or other tools. Do not use hands to place the workpiece or remove the workpiece directly. Only can process one piece of workpiece one time.

5.Press the red button to turn off the punch press machine for sale and cut off the power supply of the punch press machine for sale after the work is finished.

6.Clean the punch press machine.

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  In order to reduce and avoid all kinds of injury accidents, it is necessary to choose appropriate punch press machine guarding devices to protect the physical safety of workers.

Safety light grid. Set the light emitter and the light receiver in the dangerous area of the mechanical punch press machine. The light signal is emitted by the emitter, and the receiver directly receives the light signal to form a protective light curtain. The light receiver monitors the on-off state of the light curtain, and processes the on-off signal of the light curtain through the internal circuit, and outputs it directly. When the operator’s hand enters the dangerous area by mistake, the light curtain is blocked, and the signal is connected to the PCL or the alarm through the transmission line to stop the mechanical punch press machine.

punch press machine guarding

Safety protection door of punch press machines.  The purpose of the safety protection door to prevent the surrounding operators from being injured by the splashing of the  punch press machine die or other parts under the pressure. The safety door of the punch press machines is a good physical protection device to isolate the hazard source and protect the safety of the punch press machines operators.


Our company has a professional mechanical punch press technical team, which can provide you with mechanical punch press and suitable solutions for your products, provide inspection and maintenance plans, and provide spare parts and accessories for the machine.