Punch press machine 63 tons

Punch press machine capacity: 63T

Punch press machine price: 5200 dollars

punch press machine
Punch press machine video


Punching capacity of the punch press machine for sale is 63 tons.

Step on the foot switch the slider goes down and the upper die hits the lower die, one piece of work is done.

The same punch press machine for sale can be used do production of different material, alLoy, iron and stainless steel etc.

Specification of Mechanical punching machine

Nominal Force(ton)63
Nominal Stroke(mm)100
SPM (Times/min)50
Die Height Adjustment(mm)50
Between Slide Center and Frame(mm)240
Blanking hole diameter(mm)180
Main Motor Power380v triphasic  4kw
Outline Dimension(mm)1550*1100*2450
Net Weight(kgs)2700


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Punch press machines loading container


The mechanical punching machine can be used in many industries: automobiles, kitchenware, electrical appliances, motorcycles, tricycles, furniture, machinery and electronic components, etc.



Due to the characteristics of high speed and high pressure of the punch press machines, the use of punch press machines for punching and forming must comply with certain safety regulations.  The punch press machine operator must be trained and familiar with operating procedures.

1. Use the safety protection and control device of the punch press machines correctly and do not disassemble it.

2. Before starting up the punch press machine check whether the main fastening screws are loose, whether the dies are cracked, whether the operating mechanism, automatic stop device, clutch and brake works well, whether the lubrication system is blocked or lacks lubrication oil.

3. When installing the dies to the punch press machine, the slider must be lowered to the bottom dead center, the shut height must be correct, and the eccentric load must be avoided as much as possible; The dies must be fastened firmly and checked by pressure test.

4.  It is strictly forbidden to use hands to put the work piece on the lower die. Small work pieces must be placed and taken with special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism).

5.  If it is found that the punch press machine is running abnormally or there is abnormal sound (such as batter sound), the feeding should be stopped immediately and check the punch press machine to eliminate the problem.

6.  After starting the mechanical punch press machine, the operator should stand up properly, keep hands and head at a certain distance from the mechanical punch press machine. And always pay attention to the movement of the slider. The operator of the mechanical punch press machine must not be distracted in the operation of the mechanical punch press machine.

Use tool to place and take work piece

  The cause of self-vibration of the punch press machine is mainly due to the loss of force during the transmission of force from the punch press machine. As we already know, the working principle of the mechanical punch press machine is to convert the circular motion of the motor into the linear motion of the slider: the flywheel is driven by the motor, the flywheel drives the large gear through the shaft and the pinion, the large gear makes the crankshaft work through the clutch, and the crankshaft drives the connecting rod to make the slider go up and down. There is loss of force in the transmission process, and this part of the force acts on the mechanical punch press machine body causing the vibration of the mechanical punch press machine. To reduce this vibration, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the mechanical punch press machine, regularly lubricate and clean the mechanical punch press machine.


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