Punch press machine

In 1550, German silversmith Max Schwab invented a punch press machine. And the punch press machine played an important role during the industrial revolution. Manufacturers used punch press machine to make bicycle parts and found it cheap and efficient, so that used punch press machine to do more production as possible. At the beginning of the 20th century, Henry Ford used punch press machine to produce parts for his automobiles. Nowadays, punch press machines are used in the production for many industries: automotive manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, military and defense, and electronics etc.

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The punch press machine is popular with manufacturers for its ability to produce uniform parts in high volumes while keeping costs low. The punch press machine performs a wide range of metalworking processes such as: bending, blanking, embossing, flanging, forming, deep drawing and punching etc. The punch press machine can produce 2D and 3D parts. Punch press machines can be used for stamping of many metals such as zinc, nickel, steel, brass, aluminium, copper, titanium and many alloys etc.

The list of products a manufacturer can make with a punch press machine is almost endless. Some of these products include: deep drawn stamping parts like, pots and pans, metal bracket, spring clip, metal clip, roofs, doors, hoods, side panels, trunk lid and fenders; lasers, instruments, radio system components, medical stamping parts, helicopter parts, vehicle engine parts, weapon parts, navigation systems, landing gear and tricycle chassis arts etc. Punch press machines also used to make jewelry, household items and plumbing accessories.

punch press machine products

The operation of a mechanical punch press is very simple:

1.Put the piece of metal on the die on the work table of the mechanical punch press.

2.Step on the foot pedal, the slider of the punch press moves down, the upper die hits the lower die.

3.Use pliers, hooks, tweezers, clamps and other special tools to take out the produced workpieces and check whether they are qualified.