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Compact mini excavator

compact mini excavator

This is a compact mini excavator, and the weight is 900kg. its equipment bucket with a capacity of 0.025m3 and a maximum digging radius is 2.55m. This 1 ton mini excavator adopts a 7.6kw diesel engine, it has excellent power and performance. The compact size and design make them easily enter narrow application scenarios such as gardens and greenhouses. In addition, the compact mini excavator for sale also can be used in digging and indoor demolition. Our compact mini excavator for sale has the advantage of flexibility and versatility and provides a good operation experience for users.

1 ton mini excavator
compact mini excavator for sale
small mini excavator

● 1 ton mini excavator features

  • Mini excavator engine

    Mini excavator engine
    The mini excavator engine has large torque, strong power, energy saving, and fuel saving.

  • Adjusted dozer blade

    Adjusted dozer blade
    The dozer blade can be adjusted up and down to meet different working scenarios. This design makes the backfill tasks easier.

  • Mini excavator arm

    Mini excavator arm
    Mini excavator arm adopts the advanced thickened steel plate seamless welding technology and ensures the stability of the arm, improving the overall aesthetics.

  • Tracks for mini excavator

    Tracks for mini excavator
    Tracks for mini excavator adopts the telescopic design to achieve the construction in the narrow place.

  • Bucket mini excavator

    Bucket mini excavator
    Bucket mini excavator adopts the high-strength steel and through meticulous manufacturing processes to improve its strength and durability.

  • Mini excavator seat

    Mini excavator seat
    Mini excavator seat adopts the ergonomic design and equips the control buttons and armrests. It also utilizes professional shock-absorbing technology to reduce shocks during work.

● Mini excavator specs

1T mini excavator specifications
Weight 900kg Power 7.6KW/10HP
Bucket capacity 0.025m3 Wheelbase 420mm
Work device form Backhoe Track ground length 1200mm
Maximum digging radius 2550mm Platform ground clearance 380mm
Maximum digging depth 1600mm Track width 180mm
Maximum digging height 2490mm Gyration radius 1190mm
Maximum unloading height 1750mm Mini excavator size 2170*940*2200mm

● Mini excavator attachments

The mini case excavator of YANSUMI MACHINERY can replace different mini excavator attachments to achieve the one machine for multiple purposes, such as mini excavator grass cutter,bucket excavator mini,mini excavator claw,mini excavator grabber,mini excavator ripper,mini excavator rake,hydraulic breaker hammer for mini excavator. It has the functions of excavating, crushing, drilling, bulldozing, and grabbing materials, and the equipment utilization is greatly improved. The mini-excavator cabin and air conditioner can be optionally installed to get a comfortable operation experience.

attachments for mini excavator

● Compact mini excavator applications

The compact mini excavator can be used in construction sites, mining sites, forest sites, and farmland sites. It has the function of excavating, crushing, drilling, and bulldozing. The sizes of the 1 ton mini excavator for sale are small, so, it can efficiently finish the work in narrow scenarios. In addition, the mini excavator 1 ton for sale has special functions, for example, it can adjust the height, width, length, and weight of the body according to different scenarios. No matter in the narrow lanes or open plains, it can efficiently finish the construction.

The working effectiveness of mini-excavator is high and can replace lots of human labor. One machine is equivalent to the work efficiency of 8 workers. On the other hand, the mini excavator cost is low, and the return on investment is high. So, in small construction projects, the micro mini excavator has strong competitiveness and is widely favored by small and medium-sized earthmoving construction contractors.

mini excavator for farm use

YANSUMI MACHINERY is one of the best mini excavator manufacturers in China, we directly sell various models of compact mini excavator. Including 1 tonne mini excavator,1.5 tonne mini excavator,2 tonne mini excavator,2.5 ton mini excavator,3 ton mini excavator,3.5 ton mini excavator,4 ton mini excavator,5 ton mini excavator,6 ton mini excavator. These compact mini excavator can be used in mid and small projects, the mini excavator prices is 4000 USD to 20000 USD. So, welcome to contact us to get the best mini excavator prices.

● Knowledge

How to operate a mini excavator?
The mini excavator usage is relatively simple to use, but the skilled operation needs certain skills and experience. The beginners need more time to train. When operating a mini excavator, it is essential to strictly follow the relevant regulations and operating procedures to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If you are a beginner, you'd better operate under the guidance of users with rich operation experience. The following are general operating ways:

operate mini excavator

Left hand joystick
1. Push forward: mini excavator small boom out
2. Push backward: mini excavator small boom in
3. Push right: the body of crawler mini excavator turn right
4. Push left: the body of crawler mini excavator turn left

Right hand joystick
1. Push left: the bucket in (scooping)
2. Push right: the bucket out (dumping)
3. Push forward: mini excavator big boom down
4. Push backward: mini excavator big boom up


The two travel joysticks are head in the seat and contact with the below, so, we can push and pull by hands and also can pedal with our feet.

operate mini excavator

Left travel joystick
1. Push forward: Left track forward
2. Push backward: Left track backward

Right travel joystick
1. Push forward: Right track forward
2. Push backward: Right track backward

We can control the all travel actions of the mini household excavator with two travel joysticks. For example:
1. Forward: Two travel joysticks push forward at the same time.
2. Backward: Two travel joysticks push backward at the same time.
3. Turn left: The right travel joystick pushes forward and the left travel joystick pushes backward or stays still.
4. Turn right: The left travel joystick pushes forward and the right travel joystick pushes backward or stays still.

● How many hours is a mini excavator good for?

The lifespan of small mini excavator is generally around 7,000 to 10,000 hours. However this time range is only a high probability value, and the specific life span will be affected by the following factors.
1. The usage frequency is an important reason, if the usage frequency is high, the lifespan of small mini excavator will reduce.
2. The quality of care and maintenance will also affect the lifespan. If the maintenance quality is good, the life of use will be longer.
3. Use the mini compact excavator in harsh environments, such as areas with high temperature, high humidity, desert, or seaside, the life of use will be reduced.

So, the lifespan of compact mini excavator for sale was affected by many reasons, we can improve the lifespan of mini compact excavator by the following actions.

1. Mini excavator telescopic boom and bucket
The main function of the mini excavator machine is digging, but sometimes, it also can do other work. It can be used in drilling, piling, land reclamation, etc. After the high-intensity work, the connecting pin and bushing of the bucket cylinder may become loose or even fall off. So, we should check these key parts in time, in addition, we also need to check the connected parts of the booms and body.

2. Hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe
The chrome-plated surface of the hydraulic cylinder is easily scratched or dented, and in severe cases, oil may even leak after long usage. So, we should check whether the cylinder wall is damaged in time. If some sundries enter the oil pipe, it may damage the hydraulic motor for mini excavator.

3. Tracks and chassis
No matter in the muddy land or mountainous terrain, the mini backhoe excavator can travel freely in various terrains, so, the tracks and chassis are prone to wear and tear. The lifespan of the mini excavator rubber tracks is about 2000 hours, but in harsh environments, this may be reduced to 1500 hours. So, we can choose the mini excavator steel tracks to improve the lifespan of the tracks.