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Mini Excavator

mini excavator

The mini excavator is an earthmoving machinery that can use a bucket to dig soil, coal, sand, and rocks and load them into transport vehicles or unload them to stockyards. It is used for earthwork operations, such as excavation, trenching, backfilling, etc.

The excavator mini has a compact size and versatility, making it the tool of choice for a range of projects from urban construction sites to backyard renovations. They can easily enter the small space and finish the construction of the digging, dumping, grading, and loading.

In architecture and landscaping, the mini excavator has become an essential tool for professionals and amateurs alike. YANSUMI MACHINERY provides various mini excavator for sale and mini excavator price is very good. Let us explore the main features, and benefits of the mini excavator and how YANSUMI MACHINERY can help you get the suitable mini excavator.

● Mini excavator for sale

YANSUMI MACHINERY provides various models of diesel small mini excavator from 1 ton to 6 tons. There is always a machine that can meet various working conditions. No matter finish the tasks of digging, dumping, grading, and loading in small places, we can provide you with the most suitable mini excavator.

● Electric mini excavator

The electric mini excavator adopts an electric motor to drive and it can continuously work for 4-6 hours. The mini electric excavator has the advantages of high power, low noise, zero emissions, and simple maintenance. It is suited for indoors, city, or environmentally demanding workplaces. Due to the increasing focus on environmental protection and sustainability, mini excavator electric gets more and more popular.

● Mini excavator attachments

YANSUMI MACHINERY provides the mini excavator with good expandability, it can replace different mini excavator attachments to achieve different functions. The following are some common attachments, they can achieve various functions for the excavator mini.

  • Mini excavator rake

    1. Mini excavator rake
    The mini excavator rake is used for stubble eradication, weed control, and land reclamation prior to plowing.

  • Mini excavator thumb

    2. Mini excavator thumb
    The mini excavator thumb is used for clamping and moving different materials, such as wood, stone, and metal pipes.

  • Mini excavator log grapple

    3. Mini excavator log grapple
    The mini excavator log grapple is used for clamping and stacking wood.

  • Mini excavator bucket

    4. Mini excavator bucket
    The mini excavator bucket is used for excavating, loading, and moving soil, stone, gravel construction debris, etc.

  • Mini excavator rake

    5. Mini excavator breaker
    The mini excavator breaker is used for breaking and demolishing a variety of hard materials, such as rocks, concrete structures, pavements, etc.

  • Mini excavator thumb

    6. Mini excavator ripper
    The mini excavator ripper is used for loosening, plowing, and leveling soil.

  • Mini excavator log grapple

    7. Mini excavator auger attachment
    The mini excavator auger attachment is used for drilling in foundation engineering and underground utility construction, such as drilling sampling, hole pretreatment, and cast-in-place piles.

● Compact mini excavator structures

Common compact mini excavator for sale structures include power devices, working devices, slewing mechanisms, control mechanisms, transmission mechanisms, traveling mechanisms, auxiliary facilities, etc.

1. Transmission mechanism
The transmission mechanism of the mini home excavator is through the hydraulic pump converts engine power into hydraulic energy and passes energy to the hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder to complete all kinds of work, such as excavation, trenching, backfilling, etc.

2. Traveling mechanisms
The traveling mechanisms consist of the mini excavator tracks, walking motor, reducer, driving wheel, guide wheel, supporting sprocket, supporting wheel, and tensioning buffer device to support the weight of the tiny mini excavator. The power of the driving wheel was converted to traction to achieve the movement of the backhoe mini excavator.

The frame assembly of the mini crawler excavator adopts an X shape structure and overall welding, it has a high load-carrying capacity. The frame assembly consists of the left longitudinal beam, right longitudinal beam, and main frame.

The central swivel joint is a hydraulic part to connects the rotary platform and chassis oil circuit, it can ensure the driving motor can normally used after the rotary platform rotates at any angle.

3. Working device
The working device is the most important part of the mini micro excavator and adopts the backhoe working device. The backhoe working device consists of the boom, stick, bucket, rocker, connecting rod, boom cylinder, stick cylinder, and bucket cylinder. It not only can dig pits, tranche, and loading but also can carry out simple leveling work. The mini excavator sales can excavate grade 1-4 levels of soil, using a hydraulic hammer or blasting method for grade 5 levels of soil.

● Excavator mini applications

The mini excavator consists of the power device, working device, slewing mechanism, control mechanism, transmission mechanism, and traveling mechanism. It has the advantages of easy transport, low energy consumption, high flexibility, and strong adaptability and it is suited for construction in construction sites with small space. The micro mini excavator has the features of the powerful and highly effective and able to complete projects that cannot be completed by manpower. This product has the advantages of a beautiful appearance, high configuration, superior performance, low fuel consumption, and wide operating range. It is suited for the loose land for vegetable greenhouses, landscaping for municipal projects, digging holes for tree planting in orchards and nurseries, crushing concrete pavements, and mixing sand and gravel. As for different applications, the china mini excavator can choose different mini excavator attachments to construction. The excavator mini reduces the costs of labor and time and improves the working effectiveness.

compact mini excavator for sale
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As a professional mini excavator manufacturers, we continuously conduct research and development, keeping up with the latest technology trends in the industry and applying them to our products. Our production team has a rich experience and knowledge to produce high-quality products, we continuously perform performance optimization and cost control to meet customers' different needs for mini excavator usage, so, our mini excavator cost is low.

Our design team has rich experience and knowledge to design and produce the mini excavator equipment. We carefully select raw materials, utilize precision manufacturing techniques, and ensure product quality through multiple tests. We strictly control every step to deliver the cheapest mini excavator and products of excellent quality.

Our products are rich and diverse, including various types of mini excavator specs, attachments for mini excavator, and mini excavator spare parts. So, our products can meet the different needs of the general use to special use. In addition, we also provide designs and produce customized services according to the different requirements.

We have the perfect mini excavator service system to offer various services to help customers. Our sales team will contact the customers and understand their needs to provide a professional solution plan. We also provide the install, adjustment, and training services to help our customers use our products. After delivery, we provide regular maintenance and technical support to make the machine work stable.

If you are planning to buy a mini excavator, YANSUMI MACHINERY provides mini excavator price may be more affordable than you expect, so please contact us to get the factory direct selling price.