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Electric mini excavator

electric Electric mini excavator

This is a 1.5 ton electric mini excavator and adopts a battery as power. The working device form is a backhoe. The weight of the electric mini excavator is 1450kg and equips a 6kw lithium battery. It can work continuously for 8-10 hours after a full charge and the specific usage times are different based on different working types and usage environments. Our mini electric excavator not only has the standard charging mode but also has a fast charging mode, it can fast charge in the rest to improve the work time. The electric mini excavator price is also good, it is suited for engineering projects and civil use, and It only consumes one kilowatt hour of electricity per hour. Therefore this is a nergy-saving mini backhoe excavator.

mini excavator electric
electric mini excavator for sale
battery powered mini excavator

● Mini excavator electric parameters

Weight 1450kg Wheelbase 820mm
Bucket capacity 0.035m³ Track ground length 1300mm
Work device form Backhoe Minimum ground clearance 400mm
Power Lithium battery Track width 180mm
Battery voltage 72V Width 1100mm
Battery capacity 200Ah Length 2400mm
Battery weight 100kg Height 2300mm
Working hours 8-10H Maximum digging radius 2400mm
Whether to support fast charging Yes Maximum digging depth 1850mm
Battery full time 4-8H Maximum digging height 2740mm
Motor power 6KW Maximum unloading height 2400mm
Driving speed 0kw/h-6kw/h Minimum turning radius 1200mm
Decibels within 1 meter 60

● Electric mini excavator for sale features

  • power system of battery mini excavator

    Power system of battery mini excavator
    The battery mini excavator adopts a high torque permanent magnet synchronous, the motor output efficiency is as high as 95%, and energy consumption is reduced by 30%.In addition, this machine uses cooperative control between the electric drive and hydraulic and the movement precision is higher and the operation is smoother.

  • mini excavator battery

    Mini excavator battery
    The mini excavator battery adopts a large capacity lithium battery and has the advantage of high power density, safe, and intelligent fault diagnosis. The use times of the battery are more than 8 hours in one time charge.

  • hydraulic pump for mini excavator

    Hydraulic pump for mini excavator
    The hydraulic pump for mini excavator adopts MVP30 main pump, it has constant voltage variable and load sensing functions. So, it has an excellent performance In actual use.

  • Intelligent thermal management system

    Intelligent thermal management system
    The mini excavator electric equips an intelligent thermal management system to achieve efficient heat dissipation and reduced energy consumption by 30%. In addition, the noise is reduced to 71dB(A).

  • smart display screen

    Smart display screen
    The 1.5 ton mini excavator equips 7 inch smart display screen and real-time display of battery power and water temperature. In addition, it has various smart configurations, such as a button operation panel, one-button start, one-button switching between forward and reverse operation and fault self-diagnosis. The operation is more easy.

  • mini excavator implements

    Mini excavator implements
    The plug-in dozer blade of mini excavator implements ensures passability and allows the mini excavator to easily access small spaces. It improves the working effectiveness.

● Optional equipment of small electric excavator

  • mini excavator boom

    The small electric excavator can install a boom side swing and the boom can swing 60 degrees in left and right.

  • mini-excavator cabin

    The small electric excavator can install the cab, air conditioning, and heating to meet the various working environments.

  • mini excavator undercarriage for sale

    The mini excavator undercarriage can install the telescopic device and the telescopic range is from 1000mm to 1200mm. The mini-excavator tracks can replace the steel and rubber tracks to meet various requirements.

  • mini excavator battery

    The mini micro excavator can choose a lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium battery.

● Mini electric excavator structures

The mini electric excavator is an excavation equipment that is driven by electricity. It has the advantage of environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency compared with diesel mini excavator. Next, YANSUMI MACHINERY will introduce the structure of the mini excavator electric to help customers understand this equipment better.

1. Electric motor
The key part of the mini electric excavator is an electric motor. The electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the work of the mini caterpillar excavator.

2. Battery
The electric mini excavator for sale adopts a battery as an energy storage device. The battery stores the electric energy and supports the electric energy for the electric motor when needed. The common battery types include lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc. The capacity and output power of the battery directly affects the working time and performance of mini excavator equipment. At Present, with the continuous advancement of battery technology, the endurance capability and usage life of mini excavator equipment are also constantly improving.

3. Control system
The control systems include the motor start and stop control, motion control, working device control, etc. By controlling the output power and rotating speed to control the run of the mini caterpillar excavator and actions of the tipping bucket, bucket.

4. Power transmission
The diesel mini excavator adopts the hydraulic drive system, however, the mini electric excavator adopts electric driven. The reducer converts the high-speed motor output into appropriate speed and torque to drive the mini electric excavator to complete various works.

● Battery powered mini excavator applications

most reliable mini excavator

The battery powered mini excavator produced by YANSUMI MACHINERY has the features of a highly efficient, energy-saving, technologically environmentally friendly, safe, reliable, and long-lasting. At the same time, we also provide a variety of special configuration options. Therefore, it is suited for small earthworks, municipal engineering, landscaping, agricultural orchard planting, indoor facilities, construction in greenhouses, and construction in tunnels and airless environments. Our mini track excavator can complete various tasks in small construction sites. Welcome to contact us to get efficient and flexible work solutions.

● Knowledge

What are the advantages of electric mini excavator?
The electric mini excavator for sale has significant advantages in environmental protection, efficiency, and economy. The advanced electric technology makes it have high work effectiveness and reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs at the same time. It provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for engineering construction.

1. The battery powered mini excavator is driven by electricity and has environmental protection advantages compared with diesel mini excavator. It does not need diesel or other fossil fuels and there is no waste gas and noise produced during the operation to reduce environmental pollution.

2. The small electric excavator equips an advanced filtering system to reduce the emissions of dust and particulate matter and improve the air quality of the construction site.

3. The mini excavator for sales has a high working effectiveness. The elector motor has high responsiveness and powerful torque output making it meet various digging requirements. Otherside, the mini excavator for sales has low energy consumption and can continue to work for a long time after one charge.

4. For the mudah mini excavator, the work is easy. So, it can continue to work from 8 hours to 10 hours after one charge to meet the digging work of one day.

5. Currently, the battery technology can meet most requirements of the mini excavator 1.5 ton. The battery powered mini excavator equips the fast charging function at the same time. It only takes about 2 hours to fully charge, which greatly reduces charging time and improves usage efficiency.

6. Because the electric mini excavator for sale does not have complex parts, maintenance is very easy. In addition, the mini excavator maintenance cost is low and has good convenience and economy.

● Mini excavator electric maintenance

1. Check whether there is oil pipe leakage and whether the oil pipe joints are loose.
2. Check whether the mini excavator hydraulic oil meets the standards and whether there is serious oil pollution.
3. Check whether the cable can be hung normally, whether the motor electromagnetic start circuit connector is loose, and whether the lighting equipment is normal.

4. Check whether the gearbox has enough lubricant.
5. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is sufficient.
6. Check whether the parts of a mini excavator are lost.
7. Check whether the radiator of the cooling system is clogged with dust, if the radiator is blocked, causes the oil temperature to rise.
8. If it has not been started for a long time, we need to check whether the lubricant has deteriorated, if the lubricant has deteriorated, we need to replace new lubricant.