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● NC & CNC Tube Bending Machine

  • dobladora de tubo cnc 4curvas
    The pipe bending machine of YANSUMI MAQUINRIA reduce the degree of difficulty of bending pipe. Our pipe bending machine contribute to development of our consumers.
    To be specific, our machine increases largely the production, with low labor cost.

  • Dobladora de tubo acero inox
    The pipe bending machine of YANSUMI MAQUINARIA can bend a variety of stainless steel tube, for example, circular tube, square tube and quadrate tube. Those productions of the machine no winkle.
    What’s more, this machine also can bend welded pipe, copper pipe and galvanized pipe.

  • dobladora de tubos para escape cnc
    The semiautomatic pipe bending machine is capable of various tubes, such as, bend stainless steel tube, carbon tube, galvanized pipe and so on. Those products produced by our pipe bending machine don’t have winkles, even the tubes are very thin.

● Roll bender

  • roladora de tubos cuadrados 3rodillos
    Roladora de tubos y perfiles puede curvar tubos redondos, cuadrados, rectangulares, vigas en H, vigas en C y otros perfiles etc. Roladora de tubos vertical es para tubos pequeños mientras que roladora de tubos horizontal es para tubos grandes.

  • roladora de tubo industrial
    La roladora de tubos cnc puede crear curvas con diferentes radios de curva en el mismo tubo. Esta roladora de tubos industrial hacer curvas como lo programado en la máquina, tiene alta velocidad y alta precisión.

  • roladora de tubo hidraulica grande
    El sistema hidráulico de esta roladora de tubo hidráulica ofrece fuerza grande para su trabajo. Esta máquina roladora de tubos y perfiles puede rolar los tubos menos que 4 pulagadas. Se diseña como una roladora de tubos horizontal debido al tema de seguridad.

● Cold Cut Saw

  • fabricar sierra cinta metal
    The cold cut saw is able to cut all kinds of tubes and rebar, such as, circular tube, square tube and quadrate tube and so on.
    Furthermore, the cold cut saw is capable to cut multiple pipes at once. Therefore, the machine is suitable for mass production.

  • sierra cinta metal cortando tubo grande
    Chongqing Popular Motor offers all kinds of cold cut saw for our costumers.
    With those machines, our costumers can cut solid matter, tubes beam shaped like H and C.
    What’s more, our industrial cold cut saw has highly cost effective.

  • sierra banda metal cortando varilla corrugada
    The cold cut saw is capable to cut multiple tubes and rebars at once.
    Significantly, the cold cut saw can work in field structural, with high speed but no complicated operation.

● CNC laser tube cutter

  • maquina corte laser tubo
    The CNC laser tube cutter is a machine with high precision, that is used for cut tubes with laser.
    Because of the laser, the CNC laser tube cutter has a variety of materials, for example, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and so on.

  • corte a laser tubo grande
    By cutting precisely, the product of the CNC laser tube cutter meets requirements of some special productions.
    Above all, the operations of this CNC laser tube cutter is controlled by computer programs, which means that while reducing labor costs, the production accuracy is improved.

  • corte a laser tubo cuadrado
    In order to satisfy the needs, the CNC laser tube cutter is capable to cut various tubes, for example, circular tube, oval tube, square tube and so on.

● Tube End Forming Machine

  • aboquilladora para ampliar lado de tubo
    We produce the Tube end forming machine to process pipe end. To be precise, this machine expand or reduce the diameter of pipe end, to better-connect those tubes. If you want to know more, please, click on the button of Whatsapp in the web.

  • aboquilladora de tubos cuadrados
    The tube end forming machine can process not only circular tube, but also square tube.
    What’s more, mastering the machine is very easy and it can have end forming work done easily.
    If you want to know more about the machine, you can click on the button of Whatsapp in this website.

  • aboquilladora de tubo conico
    The tube end forming machine process perfectly tapered tube, with simple operations.
    If you want to know more about the tube end forming machine, click the button of Whatsapp, please.

  • cortadora de boca de pez2
    All you need to do is trample pedal of tube end forming machine to lay down the matrix upper and create the shape wanted of the pipe end.
    In this way, those tubes can connect better for next welding process. If you exactly look for this kind of machine, click the button of Whatsapp to know more.

  • perforadora de tubo cuadrado2
    The tube end forming machine removes a part of tube to make the welding more convenient.
    YANSUMI MAQUINARIA is able to meet the satisfy the needs of costumers.
    If you want to know more about the machine, click the button of Whatsapp, please.

  • soldadora de tubo giratoria
    Our tube end forming machine will benefit to clients. Besides, this tube forming machine works quick and perfectly, with welding line. If you exactly look for this kind of machine, click the button of Whatsapp to know more.

● Punch press machine

  • troqueladora industrial automatica
    With automatic feeding system, the punch press machine can speed up the processing.
    YANSUMI MAQUINARIA produce matrices, so that the punch press machine is capable to match up the machine produced by YANSUMI.

  • troqueladora de metal 25 toneladas con profunda garganta
    The punch press machine have the same function: cut, press material into plate metals with two matrices. In the market, the punch press machine is divided into many kinds of punch press machine: hydraulic punch press machine, mechanical punch press machine and pneumatic punch press machine, on the basis of system of transmission.

  • clasificacion de prensas troqueladoras
    With automatic system, there is no need of operators, and the punch press machine reduce the labor cost and accelerate production.
    Specifically, the automatic feeding device moves laminas efficiently. In this way, realize intelligent control.

● Plate rolling machine

  • roladora de lamina hidraulica grande
    The hydraulic plate rolling machine has strong power and it is capable to bend thick plate, stainless steel plate and galvanized plate.
    Besides, we provide the electrical plate rolling machine and the cnc plate rolling machine.

  • roladora de chapa electrica para tanque
    The industrial plate rolling machine is used to roll plate of carbon, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, for producing water tank and fuel tank.
    Furthermore, we are able to manufacture the plate rolling machine, according to the needs of clients.

  • roladora de placa de 4 rodillos para hacer cubos cuadrados
    On the basis of the video, we can see the way of production of the plate rolling machine: the two rollers go in opposite direction to press plate. The structure of the plate rolling machine with 3 cylinders can not only keep radian and righteousness of products. So that, this plate rolling machine is suitable to producing quadrate cubes.

● Hydraulic shearing machine

  • maquina cizalla industrial

● Brick Making Machine

  • Ladrillos maquina de hacer ladrillos al vacio
    producir KING KONG 18 HUECOS, KING KONG TIPO IV, ladrillo PANDERETA RAYADA y ladrillo pastelero, HUECO 12 RAYADO, HUECO 15 RAYADO y otras ladrillo para techo, ladrillo para tabiques y ladrillo para muros portantes

  • Ladrillos maquina para hacer bloques de cemento
    producir bloques y adoquines de concreto en diferentes tamaños y formás, como el Kingblock Grass y el Adoquin 4 natural 20x10cm, entre otros.

  • Ladrillos semiautomatica sin quemar maquina para hacer ladrillos block 4 26
    Nuestra máquina para hacer ladrillos puede producir ladrillos de concreto y ladrillos de cemento en diferentes tamaños, incluyendo ladrillos sólidos, ladrillos huecos, Kingblock Grass y el Adoquin 4.

  • dismantling aluminium shuttering system

● Mini concrete pump

  • dismantling aluminium shuttering system
    The mini concrete pump solved the problem of high-altitude transport of concrete. The conveyor of concrete also is used to load material.
    You can feed materials manually o automatically. It depends on your requirements.
    What’s more, the mini concrete pump is characterized by the simple and convenient operation, and the higher speed than the manual way. Therefore, it saves the time and labor cost.

  • bomba de cemento para grandes granos
    According to different conveyors of the mini concrete pump, the distance of horizontal transport is 20-400m, and the distance horizontal is 10-200m.
    Thanks to the diesel engine, the mini concrete pump has many advantages, such as, abundant tractions, stable performance and motion convenient.
    The mini concrete pump is used in a variety of places, for example, civil metro, engineering of bridge, construction of road and well, construction work, and fixing of cavity and so on.

  • concreto bombeado de gasoleo
    The mini concrete pump is applied with frequency in construction of engineering, bridge, house, highway and so on.
    Due to the panel of control cnc, the mini concrete pump obtains diverse characteristics, such as, convenient operation, quick feeding and output, and so on.
    To avoiding the jam of conveyor of tubes, the mini concrete pump is equipped with protection electrical escape to protect operators.
    Thanks to high efficiency and low time cost, the mini concrete pump is more and more popular.

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