As one of best pipe bending machine manufacturers in China, we serve the global market with professional CNC pipe bending machine. With 16 years experience, YANSUMI is your specialist and technology partner for cnc tube and pipe bending machines and bending solutions.

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CNC pipe bending machine (also named as CNC tube bending machine) is widely used in a variety of areas such as aerospace, motorcycles, ships, petrochemicals, electric power, natural gas, nuclear industry, boilers, vehicles and fitness equipment, because of its high precision, stable performance and simple safe operation.

★ Our cnc pipe bending machines

Pipe bending machine nc (NC is called Numerical Control, digital information control machine running) has the characteristics of fast production speed, convenient control, low price, and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for simple products. You can also contact us for nc (semi automatic) pipe bending machine.

★ Why Choose our Pipe Bending Machines?

  • With 16 years’ experience, we have exported our pipe bending machines to India, Pakistan,South Africa, Philippines
  • We produce all kinds of CNC pipe bending machines, which suit different industries, like the furniture industry, sports equipment, boiler industry, automobile industry, motorcycle industry. We can also do special design and production to meet customers’ production demand. We can provide not only cnc tube bending machine but also tube forming solutions.
  • We provide user manual for installation, maintenance and repair of cnc tube bending machine, and our engineer offers service of answering questions of the customer so that the customer can use cnc tube bending machine correctly.
  • We offer cnc tube bending machine with good price. Our cnc tube bending machine can help a lot in the production of tubes that have complex shapes and several curves. Its high bending speed and high bending precision cannot be replaced by other machines.

CNC Tube bending Machine Application

1.The use of various cnc tube bending machines is inevitable in the production and use of pipes of different products, such as ship pipelines, automobile oil pipelines, locomotive transmission systems and various pipelines in aerospace etc. The circular arc pipes have many advantages over other types of curved pipes.  First of all,  materials flow smoothly at the circular arc pipe, and the impact force on the pipe wall is small and uniform. Secondly, the circular arc pipe itself has small stress concentration, high strength and high impact resistance.

products of cnc pipe bending machine

2.Sharp corners at the corners of guardrails and handrails of office chairs, beach chairs, luggage carts, shopping carts, baby carriages, children’s beds and computer desks are slowly being eliminated, and replaced by arcs, which not only improves the aesthetics , more importantly, the safety performance has been greatly improved.

cnc pipe bending machine products

3.Air conditioning refrigeration pipes are bent by cnc pipe bending machine, such as small U-shaped pipes, return bends, etc.

4.The cnc tube bending machines also play more and more roles in the bath and shower industry, such as faucets and towel racks.

cnc bender products

5.Handlebars of motorcycles,  bumpers of vehicles and frames of bicycles also need cnc pipe bending machine to produce.

6,The cnc pipe bending machine is used in the production of vehicles and machinery.

products of cnc tube bending machine

7.The cnc pipe bending machine are also used in fitness equipment, lighting and other industries.

products of cnc pipe bender

★  Knowledge, maintenance and repair precautions of cnc tube bending machine

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