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With 16 years experience, YANSUMI MAQUINARIA is your specialist and technology partner for pipe bending machines and tube and pipe forming solutions.

dobladora de tubos 38NC DW

● CNC Tube Bending Machine Pipe Bender of Chongqing popular motor

A cnc tube bending machine is a autotomatic machine for tube bending with program control system. CNC is short for Computerized Numerical Control. And a cnc pipe bending machine for sale has following parts:CNC device, core of the cnc pipe bending machine for sale, is composed of microprocessor (CPU), memory, various I/O interfaces and peripheral logic circuits, etc; through CNC panel and keyboard can input, edit and modify the cnc bending program and related data; PLC, servo motors and mechanical parts of the cnc pipe bending machine for sale such as, feeding system and bending dies of cnc pipe bender for sale etc. These parts work together so that can accomplish the bending work with high accuracy

● Our semi automatic Tube Bending Machine Pipe Bender

● What is the theory of pipe bending machine?

Our pipe bending machine equipment applies winding bending style, that is to say, the clamping die and bending die hold the pipe firmly and the bending die rotates around its central axis, the pipe and clamping die move together with the bending die. The pressure die offers side push force to the pipe during this procedure and the pipe is wrapped in the arc groove of the bending die and it’s bent into the required arc. The side push force can is very helpful to get good bending quality. And more pipe bending machine die is applied to the steel pipe bending machine for sale when it’s necessary, for example, the use of mandrel and anti wrinkle die.

pipe bending machine die

nc pipe bending machine and pipe bending machine cnc working theory

● Daily maintenance of pipe and tube bending machine

The bender pipe bending machine is very helpful for pipe bending work and keep the exhaust pipe bending machine for sale in good condition can reduce failures while using the exhaust pipe bending machine for sale and extend its service life.
1. It’s necessary to do regular maintenance to the pipe bending machine equipment and this work should be carried out by qualified personnel.
2. Check hydraulic system pressure of all parts of pipe bending machine.
3. Oil pipe of the cylinder under the bending head of the square pipe bending machine cannot touch the ground.
4. Check the hydraulic oil in the tank of oval pipe bending machine regularly. The hydraulic oil level should reach at least the 80% of the oil level gauge.
5. The temperature of the hydraulic oil in the tank of the pipe bending machine round should not be higher than 60℃.
6. Lubricate transmission gears of the rectangular pipe bending machine regularly.

transmission gears of the rectangular pipe bending machine

7. Parts of pipe bending machine that move or rotate should be lubricated regularly.

pipe bending machine spare parts

8. Do not bring magnetic objects close to the servo motor of the pipe bending machine cnc and do not knock the servo motor.
9. Disconnect the automatic pipe bending machine from the power supply if it’s necessary to clean the display screen of the automatic pipe bending machine.
10. Do not place the pipe bending machine aluminium in a humid place.

● Our Advantages

YANSUMI MAQUINARIA is a brand of our company Chongqing Popular Motor Machinery Electronic Co.,Ltd. We serve the global market with professional tube and pipe bending machines such as CNC tube bending machine, hydraulic tube bender, electric pipe bender.

 We are tube and pipe bending machine manufacturer, we produce pipe bending machine parts ourself, and have complete fabrication process: entrance of steel plate, cutting, welding of frame, head of machine, design and fabrication of pipe bending machine die, and so on, We have professional mechanical equipment for pipe bending machine production. We use good quality steel plate to insure our pipe bending machine can withstand high-intensity work and at the same time our pipe bending machine has long service life.
 Our engineers have rich experience in design of tube bending machine and bending dies. We can do customized production of pipe bending machine and bending dies to meet clients’ production requirements. We can not only provide our clients with high quality pipe bending machine but also with professional pipe bending solutions.
 We have twenty years’ experience in the production and sales of pipe bending machines. Our pipe bending machine is very popular among our clients. Our pipe bending machine serves many factories in China and factories in Peru, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Russia, Poland and Australia etc. We have rich experience in shipbuilding industry, automotive industry, fitness equipment industry, motorcycle industry and gas pipeline etc.
 Our after sales team can provide our clients with professional installation guidance and clients’ staff training to ensure that our clients can use their tube bending machine to do production as soon as possible.

Chongqing Popular Motor Machinery Electronic Co.,Ltd (brand YANSUMI) was founded in the year of 2004, it is a large-scale private technology industry trade group which itegrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, has more than ten wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, the main export brand is YANSUMI. Chongqing Popular Motor Machinery Electronic Co.,Ltd (yansumi) is famous for the manufacturing of engine power and machinery, the main products include motorcycle engines, motorcycles (two-wheel, three-wheel), construction machinery, pipe bending machines, pipe cutting machines, packing machines, etc. Among these products, the export of motorcycles and tricycles is in a leading position in various industries, and YANSUMI has reach experiences in the fabrication and export of machines for the production of motorcycle and auto parts, such as pipe bending machine. Since its establishment, Chongqing Popular Motor Machinery Electronic Co.,Ltd has been committed to the deep cultivation of the manufacturing business, now it has become an industry leader in sophisticated manufacturing. You can contact us for more information.

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