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Metal Forming Dies

We manufacture metal forming dies and tooling that perform flawlessly in different metal forming manufacturing environments.

In metal processing industry, metal forming die is indispensable. These dies are used to turn metal materials into finished products with various shapes and sizes, and widely applied in car, aerospace, electronics, and architecture fields. With the use of metal forming dies and tooling, the metal processing becomes more efficient and precise. There are various metal forming dies being on sale. For example , sheet metal forming dies and dies for sheet metal forming play important role in producing household appliances shells, computer cases and other products.

In the course of sheet metal forming die design and manufacturing, you need to consider the selection of materials, the structure of die and some details in processing. Suitable sheet metal forming die material can ensure the durability and precision of the die. And reasonable structure design can improve the service life and production efficiency of the die. Meanwhile, with the continuous development of technology, some new technologies like dieless sheet metal forming and die casting metal forming brings more possibility to metal processing industry.

In metal forming process, the design and manufacturing of die and tool are very essential. Their quality directly influence the quality of products and the production efficiency. Therefore, professional die designers and engineers play important roles in metal processing industry. Our company has professional research and development team. By precise design and manufacturing, our metal forming dies can provide metal processing industry with high quality and high efficient solutions.

● Punching Die, stamping die, drawing die, bending die differences

Punching Die, stamping die, drawing die and bending die play different roles in metal processing industry. They mainly differ in designs, functions and applications .Their detailed distinctions are as follows:

Punching Die:
Definition:Punching Die is a die used to punch in stamping production. Its main function is to create separation of materials along closed or open contours.
Structure:Punching die includes convex die and concave die, and its working part is the cutting edge of convex and concave die.
Performance requirements:When the cutting edge working, it will bear impact, shear force, bending force and strong friction of cutting materials. So the performance requirements for punching dies mainly refer to the performance requirements for the die edge.
Application:Punching Die is mainly used for blanking and punching of various sheets, such as blanking die, piercing die trimming die, etc.

stamping die:
Definition:stamping die is a special process device used to process materials into parts or semi-finished products in cold punching processing.
Function:put pressure to the material through a die to cause separation or plastic deformation to obtain the desired parts.
Feature:Stamping processes are carried out at room temperature and are widely used in metal processing. bending die:
Definition:bending die is a die used to bend semi-finished products into a certain shape.
Structure:its structure is similar to punching die, but it has special feature, for example, besides the general movement, convex and concave die also need to swing or rotate.
Design key points:ensure the shapes, sizes and precision of bending materials, also should consider the debugging, reparation and costs of dies.
Application:it is suitable for various bending workpiece.

drawing die:
Definition:drawing die is a tool to produce various metal drawing products. By fixing the lower die and stretching the upper die, the metal material is stretched and deformed.
Structure:it includes upper and lower die, backplane, guide post, guide sleeve, thimble and other parts. Application:drawing die is widely used to produce various metal products, such as metal cover board, metal bucket, barrel cover, etc.
Types:according to types and requirements of workpieces, drawing die can be divided into single drawing die and multiple drawing die.

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