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● Brick Making Machine

  • Ladrillos maquina de hacer ladrillos al vacio
    producir KING KONG 18 HUECOS, KING KONG TIPO IV, ladrillo PANDERETA RAYADA y ladrillo pastelero, HUECO 12 RAYADO, HUECO 15 RAYADO y otras ladrillo para techo, ladrillo para tabiques y ladrillo para muros portantes

  • Ladrillos maquina para hacer bloques de cemento
    producir bloques y adoquines de concreto en diferentes tamaños y formás, como el Kingblock Grass y el Adoquin 4 natural 20x10cm, entre otros.

  • Ladrillos semiautomatica sin quemar maquina para hacer ladrillos block 4 26
    Nuestra máquina para hacer ladrillos puede producir ladrillos de concreto y ladrillos de cemento en diferentes tamaños, incluyendo ladrillos sólidos, ladrillos huecos, Kingblock Grass y el Adoquin 4.

● Mini concrete pump

  • dismantling aluminium shuttering system
    The mini concrete pump solved the problem of high-altitude transport of concrete. The conveyor of concrete also is used to load material.
    You can feed materials manually o automatically. It depends on your requirements.
    What’s more, the mini concrete pump is characterized by the simple and convenient operation, and the higher speed than the manual way. Therefore, it saves the time and labor cost.

  • bomba de cemento para grandes granos
    According to different conveyors of the mini concrete pump, the distance of horizontal transport is 20-400m, and the distance horizontal is 10-200m.
    Thanks to the diesel engine, the mini concrete pump has many advantages, such as, abundant tractions, stable performance and motion convenient.
    The mini concrete pump is used in a variety of places, for example, civil metro, engineering of bridge, construction of road and well, construction work, and fixing of cavity and so on.

  • concreto bombeado de gasoleo
    The mini concrete pump is applied with frequency in construction of engineering, bridge, house, highway and so on.
    Due to the panel of control cnc, the mini concrete pump obtains diverse characteristics, such as, convenient operation, quick feeding and output, and so on.
    To avoiding the jam of conveyor of tubes, the mini concrete pump is equipped with protection electrical escape to protect operators.
    Thanks to high efficiency and low time cost, the mini concrete pump is more and more popular.

  • dismantling aluminium shuttering system

● Why Choose Us?

★ Rich product line: YANSUMI offers a wide range of construction machinery, from concrete mixing plants to mini excavators, covering various aspects of construction projects. This allows customers to fulfill multiple equipment procurement needs from a single supplier, making it more convenient and efficient.

★ High-quality products: YANSUMI values product quality and ensures that the provided construction machinery has stable performance, reliability, and durability. Through advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control processes, our products deliver excellent performance and have a long lifespan, meeting customers' demand for high-quality equipment.

★ Technical support and after-sales service: As a construction machinery supplier, YANSUMI not only provides the products themselves but also offers comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. Our company has a professional technical team that is capable of providing support in equipment installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Additionally, we provide timely after-sales service to ensure quick resolution of any issues customers may encounter during usage.

★ Customization capability: YANSUMI possesses customization capability, allowing us to tailor products according to customers' specific requirements. Whether it's addressing special demands of construction projects or catering to individualized needs, our team can provide personalized solutions to meet customers' specific requirements.

★ Efficient delivery and logistics: Timely delivery is crucial for construction machinery. YANSUMI is committed to optimizing logistics processes to ensure prompt product delivery. Efficient delivery and logistics systems can minimize project delays and save customers time and costs.

★ Reputation and extensive export experience: Our company has been engaged in export since 2004, accumulating extensive export experience and maintaining a good reputation. We adhere to the principle of integrity management and have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with customers. Our good reputation is one of the key factors for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.