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multi-function automatic block making machine

automatic block making machine

The multi-function QT4-15 automatic block making machine can produce 26 standard bricks (240*115*53mm) at a time, with an hourly output of over 6000 bricks. By changing the mold, the block making machine can be used to produce different specifications of cement hollow bricks, cement porous bricks, cement solid bricks, grass-planting bricks, and water conservancy slope protection bricks. It can be used as a solid block making machine, solid concrete block making machine, hollow block making machine, cinder block making machine, paving block making machine, pavement block making machine.

The QT4-15 automatic block making machine adopts advanced hydraulic technology and automatic control technology, which enables automatic feeding, raw material laying, pressing molding, demolding, and automatic brick discharging. The fully automatic block making machine runs automatically in cycles once startup, greatly improving work efficiency. The automatic block making machine is controlled by a PLC computer, it features self-diagnosis display of machine faults on the touch screen, allowing for real-time adjustment of mechanical actions and troubleshooting based on different raw materials.

The QT4-15 non-burning fully automatic block making machine has the advantages of high output and low price, making it a cost-effective brick block making machine. It is also an ideal equipment for producing high-quality blocks and concrete bricks.

automatic block making machine
Model No. YS-4-15 Reference automatic brick making machine price ($) 18000-23000 $
Voltage 380v or customized Power 20KW
Operation 2-3 person Forming Cycles(S) 15-20 s/time
Vibration Frequency 4500-5100 times/min Oil Pump Q=40ML/r p=10mpa
Magnetic Force ~22KN Oil Pump Power Y132S2-4 N=5.5KW
Vibrator Power Y132S1-2 N=6KW Top Cylinder 80×300 rod diameter 40
Hydraulic System Rated Pressure 6.3-9mpa Side Cylinder 63×250 rod diameter 32
Exciting Force 22KN Block brick making machine Weight 5.9T
Dimensions(L*W*H) 4000×3500×2300mm Total Dimensions 20 CBM
The complete set of automatic block making machine equipment includes: cement block making machine, mixer, belt conveyor, hydraulic pump, PLC computer control cabinet, cloth laying machine, pallet feeder, brick conveyor, and palletizing machine.
The following are some brick types and corresponding production capacities(8 hours per shift) for your reference:
390*190*190mm 4pcs/time 7680pcs/shift 240*115*53mm 26pcs/time 49920pcs/shift
200*100*60mm 14pcs/time 20160pcs/shift
Available raw materials Sand, fly ash, tailings, construction waste, industrial waste, slag, etc.
Brick making type Standard bricks, hollow bricks, porous bricks, pavement bricks, road tiles, etc. are mostly used in small and medium-sized brick factories.
Optional Model 3-15 / 5-15 / 6-15 / 8-15 / 10-15 / 12-15 etc.

● Advantages of automatic block making machine

1. The QT4-15 non-burning brick and block making machine adopts an excellent color touchscreen and PLC control system with data input/output devices. The control system includes safety logic controls and fault diagnosis systems.

2. The new design semi-closed hopper of the stationary block making machine is equipped with a linear reciprocating plate, which can quickly and evenly feed the mixed raw material into the mold of the fully automatic concrete block making machine. Effective vibration is used to uniformly transmit the vibration force to various parts of the mold box, greatly improving the blocks density and the mold box service life.

3. The hydraulic concrete block making machine uses imported hydraulic components and seals, and high dynamic performance proportional valve. According to different working requirements, can adjust the oil volume and pressure to accurately control the action of key components.

4. The pneumatic damping system greatly reduces the noise and effect of vibration on the concrete block making machine, making the industrial concrete block making machine more stable and reliable.

5. The industrial block making machine is made of high-precision and high-strength castings, special welding techniques, and materials, with good rigidity and long anti-vibration life.

6. The QT4-15 hydraulic block making machine adopts a four-column guiding structure to ensure the precise movement of the pressing head and the brick making machine moulds.

7. The industrial block making machine adopts a desktop vibration compression molding method with a reciprocating guiding feeding device, make it has a short molding cycle, high productivity. The blocks made by this block making machine has high quality, compact strength, and accurate size.

8. The automatic cement block making machine integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technology to ensure consistent operation of each cycle, this make the formed blocks has high stability and low waste rate.

9. By changing the brick making machine moulds, the QT4-15 non-burning maxi brick block making machine can produce porous bricks, hollow bricks, curbstones, road paving bricks of different specifications, grass-planting bricks, and slope protection bricks and other cement products.

block making machine for sale south africa
block making machine for sale

● Composition of hydraulic block making machine

The hydraulic block making machine mainly consists of the single block making machine, hydraulic pump station, PLC control panel, and horizontal brick conveying equipment and stacking machine.

1. The automatic concrete block making machine is composed of a frame, hydraulic cylinders, brick making machine moulds, mold frames, and punches. The body of the automatic block making machine is constructed of cast steel, which enhances the stability of the modern block making machine, and make it can run more smoothly, and prevents deformation during the long-term work of the brick and block making machine, thereby extending the machine’s service life.

2. The hydraulic pump station consists of a motor, hydraulic valves, hydraulic blocks, and oil pipes. The highly concentrated hydraulic valve configuration and unique right-way design enable continuous and efficient operation of the hydraulic block making machine, improving work efficiency.

3. The PLC control panel includes the hydraulic control system and distribution cabinet. The advanced hydraulic control system enables full automatic control of the small hollow block making machine, and the equipped text display controller can be adjusted according to user requirements, making operation more convenient and fast.

4. The horizontal finished brick conveyor is mainly used to transport the formed bricks. After the raw materials are pressed into bricks, the bricks are directly pushed onto the conveyor belt under the action of the push-pull cylinder.

5. The stacking machine(Palletizer) automatically stacks the bricks after they are horizontally output from the forming process. This facilitates quick and efficient stacking, greatly improving work efficiency and production capacity.

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● Automatic block making machine installation

The factory-installed automatic block making machines have undergone factory tests according to relevant regulations. The relative positions of all parts of the fully automatic block making machine have been adjusted and fixed. In order to facilitate transportation, the inlet and outlet oil circuits of the hydraulic station and the PLC control cabinet have been dismantled. The raw material conveyor and finished block conveyor are independent equipment. So, the main task of installing the automatic block making machine is to correctly position the brick block making machine and recover the relationships that were disrupted during transportation.

● When installing the brick block making machine, the machine's axis should be aligned with the foundation axis, and measure the verticality of the slide guide with a level. If it is not vertical, you can add steel plates between the bottom foot of the block making machine frame and the embedded parts to adjust it to meet the vertical requirements. Then, spot weld the bottom foot plate and the embedded parts with welding machine. Kindly note, do not weld them completely.

● After the brick block making machine is positioned, place the hydraulic station and PLC control cabinet in their corresponding positions according to their relative positions with the brick block making machine. Restore the oil circuit and wiring between the hydraulic station and the brick block making machine , as well as the connection of the PLC control cabinet according to the corresponding relationship. The finished block conveyor is generally not fixed. When installing it, please ensure its position is suitable for the small block making machine, and the height of the conveyor belt should be consistent with the height of the small concrete block making machine vibration table.

After completing the above work, check whether the power supply is connected correctly according to the requirements, and connect the inlet and outlet waterways of the hydraulic station cooler. Before testing the automatic block making machine, we should do a comprehensive inspection to check whether the fasteners at key parts are loose and whether there are objects blocking the movement parts of the automatic hollow block making machine. Also please remember to add oil to the specified lubrication points of the hydraulic station and relative sliding parts.

cement block making machine for sale

● Debugging of automatic block making machine

After all parts of the automatic block making machine are installed, the fully automatic concrete block making machine can be debugged.
First, connect the main power supply and operate the moving parts of the automatic block making machine manually and check below points:
● Whether the operation is coordinated;
● Whether all actions are accurate;
● Whether there are any jams or abnormal friction or collision;
● Whether there is any oil leakage at each joint of the oil circuit.
After checking that all operations are correct, the concrete block making machine can be tested by manual control. By adjusting each limit control switch, the operation of the fully automatic block making machine can be more more coordinated. By adjusting the height bolt on the pressure head slide, the height of the formed block can be controlled within the allowable error range. The auxiliary material box can be adjusted according to the amount of concrete used for each mold to ensure the mixed material can fully meet the demand of each mold.

Use the cement block making machine to produce ten to twenty pallets by manually control at first, to test the correct installation relationship, and then fully weld all spot welds to ensure they are secure. After this, the automatic concrete block making machine can be switched to automatic control for production.

QT4-15 is one of our small scale fully automatic hydraulic block making machines. Depending on the production capacity of the brick block making machine, we also have other models such as QT3-15 small block making machine, QT5-15 block making machine, QT6-15 block making machine, QT8-15 fully automatic block making machine, QT10-15 block making machine, and QT12-15 maxi brick block making machine. The larger model has higher production capacity, can meet users different production scales and output requirements. In addition, we can also equip the raw material batching system to further enhance the automation level of the hydraulic block making machine, improve production efficiency, and save labor. We also provide large-scale block making machine production lines and complete brick plant solutions. And we also provide semi automatic block making machine, cheap concrete block making machine, portable concrete block making machine, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information such as block brick making machine design and block making machine price.

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fully automatic block making machine with batching system

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