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Automatic clay brick making machine

Automatic brick making machine for sale model: JZK45/45

automatic clay brick making machine

The automatic clay brick making machine is used to produce solid bricks bricks and hollow bricks and various hole styles. It has the features of a novel structure, advanced technology, large extrusion pressure, high output, and high vacuum degree. The automatic clay brick making machine can use shale, gangue, fly ash, and clay as raw materials to form bricks. The brick making machine moulds can be changed at any time to produce high strength and high density hollow bricks and solid bricks. The bricks have the advantages of high strength and good thermal insulation after extrusion molding.

The clay brick making machine for sale adopts the joint design, the main shaft bearing seat and the mud cylinder are integrated into one to ensure the spindle concentricity, resulting in extruding evenly. The clay brick machine for sale has the features of high extrusion pressure, small fluctuation, and a flexible combination of upper and lower levels. It can ensure a high vacuum degree and makes the clay more dense. It can be installed in a straight or T-shaped shape according to user requirements, flexibly meeting different needs. In addition, the clay brick machine for sale design is reasonable and the structure is compact, so, it can stably work without installing the anchor bolts.

◆ Brick making process

According to the standard of an 8-hour workday, 30 days per month, and 10 months of work per year, our clay brick machine can produce 30 million pieces of clay bricks. If you need more product output, please contact us to understand the details of configuring single to meet your needs.

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◆ Clay brick making machine parameters

cheap brick making machine
Types JZK45/45
Production capacity(piece/h) 10000-13000
Motor power(kw) 55+90
Spindle speed(r/min) 40-45 35-40
Brick making size(mm) 240x115x53
Molding cycle(s) 10
Size(LxWxH)mm 6145×1784×2000
Weight(t) 12

◆ Clay brick making machine for sale applications

The clay brick making machine uses the vacuum adsorption principle to make bricks. The working principle is to put the raw materials into the machines and the vacuum pump removes the air from the raw materials. The raw materials are pressed by external air pressure to form bricks. Although the process of the clay brick making machine needs some time, the produced by this machine has high accuracy and consistency. It is still a good choice for brick making factories.

The automated brick laying machine is also called automatic fly ash brick making machine,red brick machine,adobe brick machine,clay brick machine according to different raw materials. The bricks produced by the automated brick laying machine have the advantage of hard texture, high dimensional accuracy, regular shape, high surface finish, and beautiful appearance. So it is suited for mass production.

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◆ Block brick machine solution

1. For the small scale brick factory, you need to purchase one small brick making machine, one unit horizontal mixer unit, and at least one brick making machine moulds.

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2. For the medium sized brick factory,you need to purchase at least a horizontal and a medium-sized brick mold machine, which can produce 5,000-10,000 pieces per hour.

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3. For the large-scale brick factory, we need a brick block making machine line to produce, including a large brick making machine, a maxi brick making machine, a crusher, a slitting machine, a material machine, a horizontal mixer, and several molds to improve production efficiency.

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◆ Installation and debugging precautions of brick force making machine

1. Add lubricating oil
Understand the location of each lubrication point of small scale brick making machine and add lubrication period. Add the lubricating oil for the reduction box, gearbox and feeding box, half gear oil pool, and air compressor according to the instruction manual. Pay attrition to the height of the lubricating oil should be between the upper and lower scale of the ruler.

2. Fastening bolts
This is an important process to fasten the various connect bolts of the clay brick moulding machine. Most of the installer thinks the bolts should be tightened before leaving the factory. But, the bolts may be loose during shipping. So, the installer should retighten the connecting bolts of the mud plate, mud cutter, and mixing knife.

3. Empty operation
clay brick manufacturing machine should pay attention to the rotation direction of the upper and lower shafts, whether there are any abnormal noises, whether the bearing temperature exceeds the standard, etc. If there is any abnormality, it must be stopped in time and the fault must be eliminated; pay attention to the water ring pump and The direction of the air compressor must not be reversed.

4. Trial run
When running electric brick making machine for sale, you need to pay attention to the following points for control: First, ensure that the moisture content of the clay is not less than 22%. At the same time, the amount of feed must be controlled to ensure that the extrusion speed is below 10 strips per minute. In addition, it is necessary to closely observe the vacuum degree, no-load voltage, no-load current, and heavy-load voltage and current. We should check the connection condition of each fastener and anchor bolt and necessary tightening work should be performed.

◆ Brick making raw material ingredients of brick making machine automatic

The raw materials for the brick making machine automatic must meet specific chemical composition requirements to produce high-quality products that meet production needs. YANSUMI MACHINERY will introduce the specific ingredients of bricks.
1. Silica (SiO2)
Silica is the main component of the raw material of bricks, and the content should be 55% to 70%. If the content is over the range, the plasticity of the raw material will be too low, making it difficult to mold and the strength of the bricks will be reduced. If the content is lower than the range, the strength of the bricks will also be reduced.

2. Aluminum trioxide (Al₂O₃)
The content of aluminum trioxide should be 10% to 25%. If the content is over the range, the strength of the bricks will be reduced, making it easy to snap. If the content is lower than the range, it needs a higher temperature to fire, energy consumption will increase.

3. Calcium oxide (CaO)
The calcium oxide is also called limestone (CaCO₃) and is a harmful substance. The content of calcium oxide should be 10% to 25%. Otherwise, the sintering temperature range of the product will be narrowed, causing difficulties in firing.

4. Iron trioxide (Fe₂O₃)
Iron trioxide is a colorant in brick-making raw materials, the content should be 3% to 10%. If the content is over the range, the refractory degree of the bricks will be reduced, making the color getting more red. If the content is lower than the range, the color of the bricks becomes lighter and whitish.

5. Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Magnesium oxide is a harmful substance. the content must not exceed 3%. If it exceeds, it will like calcium sulfate (CaSO₄) and magnesium sulfate (MgSO₄) causing the product to peel and become weathered.

6. Sulfur anhydride (SO₃)
The content of the sulfur anhydride must not exceed 1%. Otherwise, the product will produce gas during firing, causing the bricks to expand, loosen, and shatter.

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