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Clay brick machine for sale

Model: JZK55x55 clay brick machine

clay brick machine for sale

The clay brick machine for sale uses clay as a raw material to make solid bricks, porous bricks, special-shaped bricks, and hollow bricks. The clay brick making machine production process of YANSUMI MACHINERY includes four parts, preparation of raw materials, body shaping, drying of wet bodies, and firing of finished products. In addition, the clay brick making machine is made of high strength steel and adopts a single shaft, single mud cylinder, and single spiral sealing mechanism. So, the clay brick machine for sale has strong wear resistance, long service life, a durable body, reasonable structural design, easy maintenance, and strong adaptability. It is a wonderful piece of equipment for the small and medium bricks making factory.

◆ JZK55/55 clay brick making machine introduce

● The screw conveyor of the clay brick manufacturing machine adopts the wear-resistant metal powder spray technology.
● The body, main shaft, and upper mixing shaft are processed by aging, tempering, and quenching to ensure good strength.
● The reducer gears are hard-toothed.
● The clutch adopts screw pressure technology to improve the service life of the equipment.

Applications range: The clay brick moulding machine can use gangue, shale, fly ash, and clay to make various hollow bricks.

Product advantages: The clay brick making machine for sale has the advantages of advanced design and compact structure. It can be stable working without installing the anchor bolts. In addition, This machine can reduce the power consumed due to jitter.

earth brick machine

◆ Clay brick machine for sale parameters

brick laying machine for sale
Model JZK55/55-4.0
Output(pieces/h) 16000/20000
Moisture content of raw materials 12-16%
Reamer diameter(mm) 550
Spindle speed(r/m) 29.7-21.5
Power Upper: Y250M-6-75
Lower: Y315S-6-185
Reducer Upper: ZSQ-RH225-20
Lower: ZSQ-RH355-200

The production process of the clay brick machine: First, the raw materials enter the conveyor from the feeding machine. And then, the crusher crushes the raw materials, and the twin-shaft mixer mixes the raw materials. Next, the mixed materials were delivered into the clay brick moulding machine by the conveyor. After, the clay materials were extruded into clay strips, and the slitting machine cut the clay strips into the clay bricks. Finally, the workers put the clay bricks into the kiln and sinter to finish the production process of the brick making.

◆ Clay brick machine applications

This JZK55/55 automatic clay brick making machine is made of good steel and adopts heat treatment technology to remove the welding stress. It is suited for various raw materials, such as shale, gangue, fly ash, and industrial tailings. The reamer of clay brick extruder machine can meet different materials and has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, and low maintenance rate. Therefore, this machine can produce various specifications of solid bricks and hollow bricks, these bricks have main applications in buildings, roads, and gardens.

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◆ What is the difference between clay brick machine and simple brick making machine?

Compared between clay brick machine and simple brick making machine, the clay brick machine has an additional vacuum function. To get high quality clay bricks, we not only need to improve the handling of raw materials but also need to remove the air in the clay materials. To remove the air in the clay materials, we can use the vacuum pump to remove the air during forming. In addition, the clay brick making machine also needs good extrusion pressure, especially for the clay materials with low moisture content, the extrusion pressure should be higher.

◆ Brick making machine automatic maintainances

1. To ensure the quality of the clay materials, the joint of the auto brick making machine should have no air leakage. If there is some air leakage, the joint should be installed with a sealing gasket and sealant.
2. If the clay raw materials have a high moisture content, it is easy to block the vacuum chamber, we should open the vacuum chamber in time and empty the clay materials in the machine. And reduce the moisture content in the vacuum chamber.
3. If there is a backflow phenomenon of mud material in the vacuum chamber and feeding hoper after long working of the brick and block making machine.

semi automatic clay brick making machine

4. The vacuum tubes should not use soft plastic tubes or soft rubber tubes to prevent the effect the vacuum effectiveness.
5. The vacuum pump needs to be cleaned on time because there is some water in the vacuum pump after long work. 6. The solid brick making machine should change the different molds according to the output.
7. The red clay brick making machine needs four M20 expansion screws to fix and level.
8. The moisture content of the raw materials will affect the working of the stock brick making machine, if the moisture content is low, The load on the machine will be high. If the moisture content is high, it will affect the quality of the bricks.

◆ How to choose block brick making machine?

According to the working pressure of molding, molding moisture content, and strength of wet green body, the block brick making machine can be divided into soft clay brick extruder machine, semi-hard brick production machine, hard brick molder machine.
1. The molding working pressure of the soft clay brick extruder machine is 0.4MPa to 1.8MPa. The moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled from 12% to 20%, resulting in the finished bricks having enough strength. It can be directly mounted on the kiln car for drying and roasting. This process is called one-time roasting.

2.The molding working pressure of the semi-hard brick production machine is 1.8MPa to 2.5MPa.The moisture content of the raw materials is 20% to 30%, and the finished bricks have low strength. So, the brick must be dried before being fired. This process is called secondary roasting.

3.The molding working pressure of the hard brick molder machine is 2.5MPa to 8.0MPa.

For the specific raw materials and products, the extrusion pressure is not as high as possible. We should set the parameters of the extrusion force according to the actual production. For the users of the brick block machine, the suitable extrusion force depends on the quality of the products and features of the raw materials. This directly affects product quality, energy consumption equipment maintenance costs, and factory operating costs.

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