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Clay brick machine

Clay brick machine

The JKY60/60 clay brick machine is designed to produce porous brick. This machine adopts the vacuum extrusion, two-level mixing technology. We use two electric motors to drive mixing extrusion and molding extrusion respectively through a split-flow reducer machine. The clay brick machine for sale can use shale rock, coal gangue, and fly ash as raw materials to make block bricks, rectangular bricks, and high porosity hollow bricks. The machine adopts an all-steel structure and undergoes tempering, quenching, and heat treatment to improve stable performance and lifespan.

◆ Clay brick machine for sale working principle

1. Stirring and extrusion part:
We put the raw material into the superior mixing tank and adjusted the raw material moisture content according to the process requirements. Use the mixing knife to fully stir and mix, homogenize, and push into the sealed cylinder. And the double-spiral sealing reamer continuously squeezes and kneads the raw materials, and then squeezes the raw materials through the tapered shaft sleeve and sealing cone sleeve. There are two sets of mud blocking plates and trowel cutters installed at the raw material inlet of the vacuum box to cut the squeezed raw materials into pieces. The vacuum pump removes the air from the raw materials to increase the density, adhesion, and plasticity of the materials.

The stirring and extrusion part of clay brick machine for sale is mainly to stir, transport, and remove air from the raw materials. The parameters of the stirring and extrusion part can be adjusted to meet different production requirements. For example, when producing solid bricks, the transportation capacity of raw materials must be increased. When producing bricks with high porosity, the mixing ability should be increased.

2. Extrusion molding part:br/> There is a pair of mud plate devices in the extrusion molding part and pressing the materials into the reamer. The reamer squeezes and delivers the raw materials in the mud tank to the discharging port to form a mud strip with a specified shape and cross-sectional dimensions.

The extrusion molding part of clay brick machine for sale is mainly to extrude raw materials into qualified billets. The parameters of the machine mouth, core frame, spiral reamer, and spindle speed also can be adjusted according to actual requirements.

◆ Clay brick machine parameters

automatic brick machine
Technical Parameters Production Capacity(piece/h) Allowable pressue(MPa) Vacuum Degree(MPa)
JKY60/60-4.0 22000-28000 ≤4.0 ≤-0.092
Motor Power(kw) Appearance Size(LxWxH)mm Weight(kg)
110+315 5400X5000X2900 28500

◆ Automatic clay brick making machine applications

The automatic clay brick making machine adopts the vacuum extrusion principle to making brick. During the process, put the raw material and water into the fully automatic brick making machine after mixing and use the vacuum pump to remove the air. After pressing, molding, and drying, the bricks can be obtained. The automated brick making machine has a compact structure and has the advantage of high extrusion pressure, high vacuum degree, and strong production capacity. It can produce 22000 to 28000 pieces in one hour. The automatic brick manufacturing machine is very suited to using the high content of fly ash, whole coal gangue, shale, tailings, and clay to make various bricks.

The JS series of clay brick extruder machine consists of the stirring and extrusion part and extrusion molding part, and it equips the air compression system and vacuum system. The brick extruder machine adopts a steel welded structure and has high strength. Otherside, the stirring and extrusion part and extrusion molding part of the clay brick extruder machine can be installed with a one-shaped or T-shaped according to different requirements. This machine also applies a pressure gauge, so we can check the quality and quantity of products according to the amount of pressure.

The clay brick moulding machine has wide applications in brick making industry to make medium, coarse, and fine clay. We can get the high density and good plasticity brick embryo by stirring, extruding, vacuuming, and other steps. The clay brick machine can be used in the construction industry, engineering industry, and transportation industry. For example, in the construction industry, the clay brick manufacturing machine can produce various wall tiles, floor tiles, and wainscoting. In the engineering industry, the clay brick extruder machine can produce various hollow bricks, solid bricks, and insulation boards. In the transportation industry, the clay brick moulding machine can produce various pavement bricks, railway bricks.

brick molding machine for sale
hollow brick machine produce brick

◆ Types of brick making machine

The machine for brick making is also called solid brick making machine,hollow block brick making machine,adobe brick making machine,ash brick making machine,red brick making machine. The machine for brick making has different models ,including JKY-150S,JKY-120S,JKY-90/75,JKY-75/60,JKY60/60,JKY55/50,JKY50/50 etc. This is a JKY60/60 brick force making machine provided by YANSMI MACHINERY, it can produce 24000 pieces one hour.

machine for brick making
machine for brick making

◆ Knowledge

Clay brick making machine structure
The clay brick making machine for sale is a common brick making machine used in brick factories. The body of the clay brick making machine adopts steel plate welding and has the characteristics of compact structure, high extrusion pressure, high vacuum degree, durability, low energy consumption, and convenient maintenance. The clay brick machine price is also cheap, so, it is wonderful equipment for small and medium-sized brick factories. Next, YANSUMI MACHINERY will explain the structure and composition of soil brick making machine.

1. Discharge head
To reduce resistance and power consumption, we can choose the short discharge head. The length of the discharge head is 100-160mm, which is about 1/3-1/2 shorter than the length of ordinary solid bricks.
2. Mud cylinder
The discharge head of the commercial brick making machine has another re-squeeze zone and can increase the density of mud strips. Therefore, it is better to use a cylindrical mud cylinder with smaller resistance instead of a conical mud cylinder with greater resistance.
3. Reamer shaft speed
The speed of the reamer shaft speed can be adjusted to improve the vacuum extruder efficiency. The common linear speed is 45-55m/min.
4. Discharge port
In order to reduce the friction resistance of the mud material in the discharge port, We use a shorter and smaller discharge port. The length of the discharge port is about 160-240mm, and the taper is generally 4°-8°.
5. Core mold
The core mold is a key part of making porous bricks, and hollow bricks. As for different specifications and hole types, the types of the Core mold are different, we can choose the suitable core mold according to actual production requirements.

◆ Maintenance and usage precautions for earth brick machine

Moisture content
1. Different raw materials have different moisture content, we can adjust according to actual requirements. For example, the moisture of shale is controlled at 14-18%, the moisture of coal gangue is controlled at 14-18%, and the moisture of clay is controlled at 16-20%.

Warning: It is strictly prohibited to directly enter the compressed earth brick machine with dry soil blocks or dry raw material blocks, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the machine!

Instal of earth brick machine
1. When using a crane for lifting, should not be impacted, tilting, violent vibration, and side-placing are not allowed.
2. We should check Whether parts are missing, whether components are damaged, and whether the connections between components are tight before installation.
3. According to the Installation drawings of the earth brick making machine to lay the foundation and after the foundation has enough strength, we can install the earth brick machine.
4. Check and adjust the level of the machine base before installing the anchor bolts. The anchor bolts can be tightened only after the level has been checked.
Warning: The level of the machine base is very important. If the machine is not level, it will seriously affect the overall performance of rammed earth brick machine. The level error should be within 5mm.
Warning: During transportation, storage, and installation, the equipment must not be exposed to water or collide.Maintenance of adobe brick machine
1. Each lubrication point should add lubricating oil in time
2. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the equipment is vibrating, and tighten them in time and replace wearing parts in time.
3. Regularly adjust the clearance between the mud plate and the reamer.
4. Regularly check wearing parts, bearings, and sealing devices.
Warning: The adobe brick making machine must be powered off before maintenance, otherwise it will be life-threatening.

● Precautions for using auto brick making machine

1. We should check whether lubricating oil is added to each lubrication point in time before turning on the automatic brick laying machine.
2. Start the lower-level motor, upper-level motor, air compressor, and vacuum pump before starting. After the operation is normal, start the lower-level clutch and the upper-level clutch. When the whole machine rotates normally, we can feed the materials.
3. If there is some clay in the mud cylinder and stay exceeds 4 hours. We need to add the water to soften the clay and then start this machine.
4. We should clean the clay in the mixing barrel, feeding box, and mud cylinder before turning off the automated brick making machine
5. Correctly grasp the moisture content of raw materials, and the raw materials must be aged.
6. The angle of the mixing knife and the speed of the mixing shaft can be adjusted according to the production requirements.
7. When the mixing blade wears 30mm, it must be replaced in time, otherwise, the mixing quality will be affected.
8. To improve the lifespan of the Pneumatic clutch, please do not start and stop the clutch frequently.
9. The raw materials must be treated to remove iron to prevent iron blocks or hard foreign entering the brick making machine automatic

Warning: When the equipment is working, irrelevant personnel should not get close to it, and all personnel must stay away from the moving parts.
Warning: When the equipment is running, no one is allowed to stand above the feeding box.
Warning: Hard raw material blocks larger than 180mm entering the feed box directly will cause serious damage to the equipment.
Warning: Hard blocks larger than 30mm entering the auto brick machine will cause serious damage to the equipment.

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