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Punching Dies

Pwhat is die punching? In punching production, punching die is a tool used to separate the sheets.

Punching die parts include mold base, upper formwork, lower formwork, locating pin, guide post and blanking sheet. Mold base is a frame to support the whole dies. The upper and lower formwork work up and down to punch through this frame. The locating pin and guide post are used to ensure the movement and location of formwork. The blanking sheet is to remove the parts.

Punching Dies

According to the process and nature, punching die can be divided five categories:
①Blanking Die
Blanking die is a kind of working part of die. It separates the parts from the sheets along a closed contour, and the punched part is the product part.
②Piercing Die
Piercing die separates the scrap from sheet by using punching working part along a closed contour. The punched part is scrap. The remaining part is product part and the hole is formed in the inner contour.
③Trimming Die
Trimming die can cut the additional parts of product parts by the working parts of die. It can form the product parts of the required shape and size.
④Notching Die
Notching die is used to punch the required notches of products along open contour, but they are not separated completely.
⑤Finishing Die
Finishing Die is also called finished punching dies. It is used to cut the rough edge of blanking products to gain the clean and vertical section of parts.

● Advantages of punching die mould:

1, High efficiency: punching die mould can operate multiple punching operations in a single punching process, which improves production efficiency greatly. In addition, the punching die mould has the feature of automation. So it’s easy to achieve quantity production and reduce the labor cost.

2, High precision processing: punching die mould has the nature of high precision and repeatability, which can achieve accurate punching processing. By reasonably design and manufacture the punching die mould, we can ensure the precision of size and shape of the punched parts, improving the quality of products.

3, Long service life: punching die metal is usually made of high hardness and high strength tool steel. It has good resistance to friction and pressure. If you use and maintain punching die metal properly, its service life can be extended and the cost of changing mould can be reduced.

punching die mould

● Applications of die punching for sale

Punching dies is a kind of widely used die, mainly used to punching processing of metal sheets. Our punching dies for sale is widely applied in cars, household electrical appliances, machinery industry. It’s one of the essential tools in the manufacturing industry. The following is some common applications:

1. Car Manufacture
Die punching plays an important role in car manufacture industry. In the process of car manufacturing, we need large metal sheets to punch, in order to produce various parts of cars like car door, roof and body. According to the requirement of car designer, our die punching for sale can punch the metal sheets into various shapes and sizes to achieve the needs of car manufacture.

2. Household Appliance Manufacture
Many factories of household appliance industry need to buy punching die。In the process of household appliance manufacturing, we need punch the metal sheets to produce the housing and inner parts of household appliances. Die for punching can punch the metal sheets into various shapes and sizes to make beautiful appearance and reasonable structure, and meet the functional needs of products.

3. Electronic Products
In electronic manufacturing industry, hole punching die also plays an important role. Electronic products need metal sheets to produce the housing and inner structure. According to the designing requirement, our hole punching die can punch the metal sheets into various shapes and sizes of parts, such as phone case, computer shell, circuit board and so on. The applications of hole punching die make electronic manufacturing more efficient and accurate.

die for punching
punching products

● Common punching die material

1, Steel
Steel is a kind of commonly used material to produce sheet metal punching die. Common steels include: Cr12MoV, SKD11, SKD61, DC53 and so on. These steels have features of high hardness, high toughness and thermal stability, so they are widely used in producing sheet metal punching die. Cr12MoV is a kind of good cold-working die steel. It has good resistance to friction and thermal stability. SKD11 is a kind of tool steels with high carbon and molybdenum, which is harder and more resistant than Cr12MoV. SKD61 is a kind of hot-working die steel, having good hardness and thermal stability. DC53 is good cold-working die steel after hot treatment, which has high hardness and strength.

2, Hard Alloy Material
Hard alloy material is also a kind of commonly used material to produce die of punching. Because of its higher resistance to friction and better strength, it’s suitable for those die of punching and heavy duty die punching machine with large workloads and usage. Commonly used hard alloy materials include: WC-Co, TiC, TaC, NbC and so on. Hard alloy material has good fracture roughness and corrosion resistance, which can extend the service life of die of punching.

punching dies set

● introduction to common types of punching press die

1, Single Station Die
Single station die is a common punching press die to make flat parts. Its shape is usually rectangular. This punching press die is suitable for the production of products with low size and shape requirement, such as washing machine, air conditioning and other household appliance housing. The design of single station die is easy and it’s convenient to use. The cost is lower, but the efficiency is lower.

2, Multiple Station Die
Compared to single station die, multiple station die can produce multiple products at the same time, improving the production efficiency. This power press punching die is suitable for medium and large scale production, such as the production of car parts and kitchen appliances. Although the cost of multiple station die is relatively low, the efficiency of power press punching die is higher to meet large scale production.

punching dies set

3, Feeding Die
Feeding die is a kind of die for punching, which is suitable for large scale production and making parts with relatively long lengths. This die for punching can sequentially produce products by the automatic feeding. It improves the efficiency and reduces the labor intensity greatly. Although the cost of feeding die is relatively high, it can produce large scale products rapidly.

4, Automatic Feeding Die
Automatic feeding die is a metal sheet punching die with better molding process. It is convenient for mass production. In practical situation, this metal sheet punching die can automatically complete all aspects of feeding and cutting. It improves the efficiency but also reduce the labor costs. This metal sheet punching die is suitable for producing the large, labeled and folded products with complexed shapes.

● the structure and working principle differences between metal sheet punching die and deep drawing die

1, the definitions of punching die mould and deep drawing die Punching die mouldand deep drawing die are common dies in metal processing industry. Punching die mould is used to shape the metal sheets and other thin sheets, which usually applied to make parts and plaques. Deep drawing die is used to stretch metal sheets into the required shape, which is suitable for making tanks, bathtubs and other large containers.

2, the structure of punching dies and deep drawing die
1, the structure of punching dies
Punching die is mainly made of upper formwork, lower formwork and punching/die cutting. Upper formwork and lower formwork are fixed on the upper and lower lining plates of press machine, and the punching/die cutting is fixed on lower formwork. When press machine unleashes pressures, the upper and lower formwork are pressed down, so the cutting die can cut the thin sheets into required shapes.

2, the structure of deep drawing die
Deep drawing die is made of upper formwork, lower formwork, punching convex die and drawing convex die. When press machine unleashes pressures, the upper and lower formwork are pressed down to make punching and drawing convex die deeply into inner materials and stretch it into required shapes. After the shapes are fixed, the workpieces
are completed through the cutting of materials.

3, the working principle of metal punching dies
The main principle of metal punching dies is to cut thin sheets into required shapes in one time by punching. It requires high cutting precision and quality of cut area. Deep drawing die is to gradually stretch materials into required shapes by balanced drawing and pressure. It needs to control the parameters like the drawing depth and fixed shapes.So it has high processing difficulty and accuracy requirements.

4, the application of punch die and deep drawing die
Punch die and deep drawing die are both common dies in metal processing industry. They are widely used in cars, household appliances and architecture area. Because of the structure and working principle differences between these two dies, the processing materials, shaping forms and the processing accuracy will be different.

Some application are as follows:
1. Punch die is used for straight cutting, products shaping, semi-finished products, etc.
2. Deep drawing die is suitable for making metal containers with complex forms and a certain processing depth, such as aluminum shells and steel cans.