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Small excavator for sale

small excavator for sale

This is a new 4T small excavator for sale with the general bucket and has good working quality. The weight of the machine is 3700kg and the bucket capacity is 0.16 m3. In addition, it equips the highly powerful 19.6kw diesel engine.

The excavator small adopts the tailless model design, it has good flexibility in the cramped environment. It also equips the sealed pressurized cab and the air conditioning can be installed. it can not only provide a safe work environment but also a comfortable driving experience. In addition, the cab is equipped with a central control display, and the operator can know the states of the machine clearly to achieve the construction of low fuel consumption, and high efficiency. YANSUMI MACHINERY provides small mini excavator with outstanding performance and excellent operating experience for customers.

excavator small
small mini excavator
small excavator machine

● Small excavator machine features

  • Boom deflection function

    Boom deflection function The small excavator machine has the boom deflection function and helps the construction in the cramped environment. The digging force of the bucket is 30.4kN, and the digging force of the stick is 18.2kN.

  • Highly powerful diesel engine

    Highly powerful diesel engine The small excavator machine equips a highly powerful 19.6kw diesel engine. It has the function of automatic energy-saving shutdown to reduce usage costs.

  • Comfortable working environment

    Comfortable working environment The small mini excavator has good operating experience. The sealed pressurized cab equips air conditioning and the wrist rest and suspension seat can be adjusted to get a comfortable working environment.

  • Smart touch screen

    Smart touch screen The small mini excavator adopts a 7-inch smart touch screen. It has the function of Bluetooth, USB, phone, and radio. The working state of the machine can be checked at any time.

● Small excavator for sale parameters

Small excavator weight 3700kg Small excavator width 1703mm
Engine power 19.6KW Maximum digging height 4450mm
Turning speed 8-10r/min Maximum loading height 3050mm
Hydraulic system pressure 22MPa Maximum digging depth 2545mm
Gradeability 35° Maximum digging radius 2430mm
Bucket capacity 0.16m³ Minimum ground clearance 557mm
Walking speed 2.2-4.3km/h Minimum turning radius 1820mm
Size 4000mm*1530mm/1600mm*2250mm

● Small mini excavator for sale applications

The small mini excavator for sale is common construction equipment used in construction, agricultural planting, road and bridge construction, mining, and other fields. Compared with the large excavator, the small mini excavator for sale has the advantages of the small size, light weight, easy to move, and has the advantages of the high effective and fuel-efficient in some specific scenes. Next, the YANSUMI MACHINERY will introduce the application of the small excavator in various fields.

1. The small home excavator has wide application in the agricultural field. It has features of small size and good flexibility in agricultural planting, orchard pruning, and irrigation systems. The small home excavator can not only improve the working effectiveness but also reduce the labor intensity of staff to bring more income. In a harsh environment, it can also reduce the difficulty of personnel recruitment and salary costs.

2. The small caterpillar excavator also has the advantages of high effectiveness and fuel efficiency in the bridge building fields. The small excavator size can meet various working environments for improve working effectively, such as road maintenance, pavement construction, and bridge construction. Compared with traditional construction, the small caterpillar excavator can not only meet various construction requirements but also ensure the safety and accuracy of the construction.

3. The small size excavator has great value in the mining field. We need to think about the working effectiveness and resource utilization we also need to think about the safety and flexibility of the work. Moreover, the small size excavator can finish the tasks with efficiency and safety in the narrow workspace.

So, if you want to buy small excavator, welcome to contact YANSUMI MACHINERY to get a good price of small excavator and a solution plan.

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● Knowledge

How do you transport a mini excavator?
When construction is completed, the task of the small tracked excavator is also over. If the next construction site is far away, we have to transport them by car, we need to think about the small excavator weight, height, width, and length before transport. For the small size excavator, we can use the van, pickup, flatbed, or tractor to transport them. The following precautions must be noted.

1. The transport car must have enough load carrying capacity to transport excavator small size safely and stably. 2. We should check the length, width, and height of the small bucket excavator and ensure the transport car has enough space.

3. During transportation, secure it with chains or wire ropes. Please secure it fully and be careful to prevent the vehicle from sliding laterally.

4. The front and rear track of the small home excavator for sale should add the blocking block.

5. Extend the bucket to the end of the stroke, lower the boom, and let the small excavator bucket fall gently on the wood block.

small home excavator for sale
very small excavator

● What are the tips for a mini excavator?

The excavator small for sale is a common construction machinery, but it needs some tips to drive it well, next, the YANSUMI MACHINERY will introduce some operation tips for the mini excavator.
1. Digging rock
Using small excavator bucket to excavate rocks will damage the machine, so we should avoid it. If we had to excavate rocks, we should put the bucket teeth into the rock crack direction and use the digging force of the sticks and buckets to dig. Unbroken rock should be broken and then excavated with a bucket.

2. Leveling operation
The small household excavator should be flat on the ground to prevent the machine from shaking. Mastering the coordination of the movements of the boom and the stick and controlling the speed of both are crucial for surface trimming.

3. Loading operation
The small excavator bucket should be in a horizontal and stable position, else the rotary unloading is difficult to control accurately, and the working time will be extended. The body should keep an appropriate distance from the truck to prevent the impact of them. The place of the truck should lower the small excavator bucket to reduce the boom lifting time. The sand and gravel should be loaded first and then the big rocks to reduce the impact on the car box.

4. Working in soft areas or water
While working in soft soil areas, we should be aware of the soil looseness and take note of the excavation range to prevent landslides. While working in water, pay attention to the wading depth of small bucket excavator. If the water enters the machine, the electrical circuit components will be short-circuited or damaged.

5. Hoisting work
The hoisting operation of the small hydraulic excavator should be slow and check the conditions around the hoisting site at any time. The Hooks and wire ropes should adopt high strength materials. The length of the hanging rope should be appropriate, if it is too long, the hanging object will swing larger and it will be difficult to control accurately.