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Aluminium formwork system

Aluminium formwork price: 170USD/M2

● What is aluminium formwork system?

Aluminium formwork system is a building formwork made of aluminium alloy, which is used to fix the shape and size of concrete during the pouring process. It is an essential material in construction projects. Aluminium formwork system is widely used in high-rise construction,single-storey villas,double-storey villas and has improved the construction efficiency of building projects. It has the characteristics of being lightweight, high strength, overall stable, easy assembly, and disassembly, and can be reused multiple times.

aluminium formwork system

● Aluminium formwork system structure

1. Formwork system: The formwork system includes aluminium wall formwork, slab aluminium formwork,aluminium beam formwork,aluminium column formwork and kicker in aluminium formwork. They are connected with rockers, external corners, internal corners, and soffit lengths to form the enclosed faces required for concrete structure construction to ensure that the concrete is poured and formed accurately.

      2. Support system: The support system includes props and diagonal bracing which play a supporting role during aluminium formwork construction to ensure the stability of the floor, beam bottom, and cantilever structures. The props are used to adjust the elevation, while the diagonal bracing is used to adjust the wall verticality, with an error range controlled within 3-5mm.

      3. Fastening system: The fastening system includes steel walers, wall tie for aluminium formwork which ensure the width and size of the structure during aluminium formwork for concrete assembly, preventing deformation, swelling, and bursting during concrete pouring. The steel waler can control the flatness of the wall, while the wall tie for aluminium formwork can control the cross-sectional size.

      4. Accessory system: The accessory system includes pins, wedges, hole bari tool panel puller, transfer box, and formwork release agents(oily and water-based). They assist with formwork aluminium installation and removal.

      The aluminium formwork china can meet the requirements for the construction of various structural components. In the aluminium formwork design, it is usually combined with "80% standard parts + 20% non-standard parts" to achieve flexible combinations and improve turnover rates.

aluminium formwork construction technology
components of aluminium formwork

● Aluminium formwork specification

Items Aluminium formwork panels
Raw materials Aluminium alloy 6061-T6
Aluminium formwork thickness 4mm
Thickness of frame 8mm
Height of frame 65mm
Weight 22-25KG/m2
Construction period 3-5 days per storey.

The dimensions of aluminium formwork components may vary depending on different construction projects, requiring customization and optimization based on specific needs. Here are some common size ranges for aluminium concrete formwork:

      1. Aluminium wall formwork
The standard aluminium wall formwork width is 500mm, which is connected to the Soffit length. The kicker in aluminium formwork drops 50mm, and the height of the interior and exterior wall panels is the same. The wall panels are reinforced by steel walers and flat tiles. The maximum horizontal spacing of the flat tiles is 1000mm, while the vertical spacing is 250mm, 550mm, 800mm, and 900mm. The fixed between individual formwork is using pins and wedges.

      2. Slab aluminium formwork
The standard size of the slab aluminium formwork is 500x1200mm, local adjustments may be made according to the actual structural dimensions. The aluminium formwork thickness is 3.7mm, and a middle beam with a width of 100mm is installed on the slab. The spacing of the shoring props at the bottom of the standard aluminium formwork panels is 1200mm x 1300mm.

      3. Aluminium formwork beams
The standard formwork aluminium beam height is 3.1m. The early stripping head design pattern is adopted for the bottom of the beams, and the spacing between the supports at the bottom of the beams is not greater than 1200mm. The width of the prop head is 150mm.

● Aluminium formwork parts

Aluminium formwork parts include aluminium formwork flat tie, aluminium formwork bracket, bolts, pins, aluminium formwork accessories wedges, push-pull props, and waller clamps. They can effectively connect and support the aluminium beam formwork and aluminium wall formwork and can bear a certain amount of weight and load. The aluminium formwork material is very high quality, to ensure their strength and durability. Additionally, we have an ample inventory of aluminium formwork accessories, which is convenient for our customers to use.

aluminium formwork parts

● Aluminium formwork system for sale application

The modular and industrialized Aluminium formwork system for sale has solved the problems of traditional formworks and greatly improved construction efficiency. Aluminium formwork panels do not require drilling, and there will be no holes left on the walls after demolding, greatly reducing the risk of external wall leakage. Aluminium system formwork is widely used in large-scale construction projects such as high-rise buildings, office buildings, subway stations, TV towers, and tunnel engineering. Shengzuo group As a professional aluminium formwork manufacturers, our products have been widely used in aluminium formwork UK, Malaysia, Bangalore, Singapore, India, Chennai, etc. The advantages of aluminium formwork are obvious, it has features such as good construction quality, high installation efficiency, and low aluminium formwork cost.

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▲ Why use aluminium formwork for building?
      1. The surface of the concrete is smooth and flat, achieving the effect of avoiding plastering, after using aluminium concrete formwork.
      2. Formwork aluminium has high strength and precision, with fewer seams on the board surface.
      3. Convenient construction, and easy assembly of the aluminium formwork system, which can be manually assembled or hoisted mechanically after being assembled into panels.
      4. Standardized construction, with a high turnover rate, and can be used normally for up to 200 times.
      5. Wide range of applications. It is widely used in the use of aluminium wall formwork,aluminium beam formwork,aluminium column formwork, etc.
      6. Light weight, with a weight of less than 19kg per square meter.
      7. Short aluminium formwork construction period, with a construction speed 40%-50% faster than that of general formwork.
      8. Large bearing capacity, with the china aluminium formwork panel capable of bearing 60kN per square meter.
      9. High recycling value, with a high china aluminium formwork panel recycling price, and obvious cost advantages.

aluminium formwork in construction

▲ Precautions for aluminium formwork installation
      1. All aluminium formwork panels should be clean and coated with a form formwork release agent.
      2. Ensure that the aluminium wall formwork is installed according to the line.
      3. Check whether all opening dimensions are correct and without distortion.
      4. Check whether the slab and beam formwork aluminium are levels.
      5. Ensure that the bottom shoring props of the aluminium formwork system are vertical and there is no looseness.
      6. Check whether the wall waler and push-pull prop of the aluminium wall formwork and aluminium column formwork are correct.
      7. Check that the wall tie for aluminium formwork, pins, and wedges are kept in their original position and firmly fixed.
      8. Cleaning all remaining materials and other objects.
      9. Ensure that the support brackets for the suspended working platform are fixed to the concrete structure.

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