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15kw small concrete pump for sale

small concrete pump price: 3100 USD-3500 USD

small concrete pump for sale

The small concrete pump for sale is a professional equipment to deliver the concrete. It can deliver the concrete from a Concrete mixing station or concrete delivery truck to the construction site. The small concrete pump for sale has a wide application in construction projects, it can not only improve the working effectiveness but also reduce labor cost and labor intensity.

Our product is a 15kw small concrete pump and is suitable for construction sites of small and medium-sized projects. The maximum aggregate size that can be delivered is 2cm, and 5-8m3 can be delivered per hour. In addition, it has the high extremely high pumping efficiency and increases work efficiency by more than 10 times compared with traditional small concrete hand pump. This small portable concrete pump has an advanced design and can be placed directly on the floor for on-site pouring without the need for additional equipment, greatly simplifying the construction process and operating steps. So, the 15kw small concrete pump performs well on small construction projects. Its excellent performance and convenient operation have received high praise from users.

● Small portable concrete pump specifications

concrete small electric slurry pump trailer
Maximum particle diameter 2cm
Motor Power 15kw
Conveying capacity 5-8m3/h
Rated voltage 380v
Horizontal conveying distance 30m
Vertical conveying height 15m
Size 140*70*110cm
Weight 600kg
diesel small rock concrete pump
Maximum particle diameter 2cm
Diesel engine power 28hp
Conveying capacity 15-20m3/h
Delivery pipe diameter 80-100mm
Horizontal conveying distance 50m
Vertical conveying height 20m
Size 140*70*110cm
Weight 650kg

The small concrete pump types are different according to different drives, we can divide them into electric small portable concrete pump and diesel small portable concrete pump. The electric small portable concrete pump is suitable for construction sites with convenient electricity usage. It has the advantage of quiet construction and cheap maintenance. The diesel small portable concrete pump is suitable for construction sites with inconvenient electricity usage. It has the advantage of power and longer delivery distance, but the maintenance costs are high. the power of the diesel small portable concrete pump is higher than the electric small portable concrete pump in the same model. So, users can choose a suitable small concrete pump according to their actual needs.

● Small concrete pump for sale features

  • Control panel

    1. Control panel
    The small concrete pump has the function of a forward and reverse pump, It can deliver concrete and also pump back the concrete.

  • Electronic control system

    2. Electronic control system
    The Small concrete pump for sale can controlled by Remote control and manually, it can work stably for a long time, improving work efficiency.

  • Discharge outlet

    3. Discharge outlet
    The pump concrete small adopts the big size discharge outlet, Smooth discharge without clogging the pipe.

  • Enlarge hopper

    4. Enlarge hopper
    The concrete pump small uses an enlarged hopper to prevent the overflow of the concrete and reduce the feed times.

● Small concrete pump machine structure

The small concrete pump machine can continuously pump and one worker can operate this machine, it has the advantages of easy movement, high pumping effectiveness, and easy operation. The Small concrete pump machine structure is following.
1. Drive: The small concrete pump machine is usually equipped with an electric motor or diesel engine. We can equip different powerful electric motors or diesel engines. If construction in a mine coal shaft, it needs to adopt explosion-proof motors.
2. Electronic control system: The small concrete pump for sale adopts the microcomputer control and the operation is easy and safe.
3. Machine hood: The machine hood is made of a thickened steel plate to protect the key parts.
4. Cooling system: The cooling system consists of air cooling and water cooling to ensure the motor will not be damaged, and the small line concrete pump can continuously pump long time.
5. Lubrication system: The lubrication system can protect the transmission system of the pump and ensure works smoothly.
6. Hydraulic system: This is a key system of the pump, the small portable concrete pump machine can deliver the concrete to the high-rise with dozens of floors by hydraulic system.
7. Pump system: Includes main oil cylinder, delivery cylinder, piston, and water tank.
8. Chassis: The Chassis of the small linee concrete pump uses the universal wheel and the move is easier.
9. Frame: small concrete line pump is welded with a thickened stainless steel square tube, which is stable and firm.
10. Hopper: the hopper adopts the 30-degree tilt design, and the feed is easier. The mixing fan blades stir for a second time to ensure that the fine stone concrete does not segregate.

small portable concrete pump

● Mini pump concrete pumping applications

The mini pump concrete pumping has a wide application in pressure grouting, mortar delivery, concrete grouting, large particle mortar grouting, and spraying work of Highways, railways, bridges, municipal administration, construction, tunnels, ports, water conservancy, slope protection. One machine can finish all operations.

YANSUMI as a professional small concrete pump manufacturers, provides mini pump concrete pumping with good quality and cheap price. Our company provides small concrete pump for sale,small concrete pump repair in nc, and pump concrete small design plan. Our products have been exported to different countries, such as India, the UK, Canada, the US, etc, and are popular with users.

small concrete pump in india


how does a small concrete pump work?
During using the small concrete pump, we should use it according to the manual provided by the YANSUMI small concrete pump suppliers, including the following points.

1. Turn on the small concrete pump and press the “oil pump start-stop” button to start the oil pump, then press the “forward pump start-stop” to pump the concrete.
2. When the solenoid valve releases pressure, it will produce a buzzing sound. Wait until the buzzing stops before proceeding to the next step of operation.
3. We should stop work if the concrete in the hopper is more than the top of the S pipes, and wait until the concrete is added before continuing.
4. The concrete in the hopper should use the slurry concrete and mix well, otherwise, the small concrete line pump is easily clogged.
5. The oil pressure should be 12--15 Mpa, if the oil pressure is high or low, we can adjust the overflow valve to control the oil pressure.
6. Inject the No. 00 grease, the top grease nipple of the small batch concrete pump should inject the grease once or twice every day, the S pipe front end also needs to inject the grease once every day.

small portable concrete pump and pumping concrete machine

how to clean out a small line concrete pump?
1. The small line concrete pump adopts the reverse pump operation, and pumps back the concrete in the pipe, then, drains excess concrete and closes the feed port. Put the water in the hopper and use water to push out the concrete in the pipe. Repeat this operation until there is no concrete in the pipe.
2. Pour out the concrete in the soft pipe. Inject water into the S pipe from the discharge outlet, and then small-line concrete pump uses forward and reverse pump operation to flush out the concrete in the S pipe.
3. Use the tools to clean the concrete of the hopper.

what to look for in a small concrete pump?
1. Check whether the hydraulic oil of the small concrete pump has reached the normal working position (50--90). The height of the water surface in the sink should be the same as the screw cap.
2. The small concrete pump for sale should adopt the 6 square meters of cable to connect the power.
3. After turning on the machine, check whether the motor fan and radiator fan all run clockwise, the reverse operation may cause damage to the small portable concrete pump machine.