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Mini concrete pump for sale

concrete batching plant

The mini concrete pump is also called portable mini concrete pump that can continuously transport concrete along pipelines. It has the advantages of efficiency, convenience, labor saving and has a wide application in construction sites, highways, road surface hardening, well column pouring, etc. The mini concrete pumping machine is able to complete vertical and horizontal transportation of concrete continuously and improve the construction speed and effectiveness.

● Mini concrete pump for sale

  • Maximum particle diameter: 0.5-4cm
    ● Conveying capacity: 6-55m3/h
    ● Horizontal conveying distance: 450m
    ● Vertical conveying height: 200m
    ● Power: Diesel engine or electric motor

  • Maximum particle diameter: 0.5-4cm
    ● Maximum particle diameter: 3cm
    ● Conveying capacity: 18-22m3/h
    ● Horizontal conveying distance: 200-240m
    ● Vertical conveying height: 80-100m
    ● Power: Diesel engine or electric motor

  • mini concrete pump machine

    55kw mini concrete pump machine for sale

    Maximum particle diameter: 0.5-4cm
    ● Maximum particle diameter: 3cm
    ● Conveying capacity: 25-30m3/h
    ● Horizontal conveying distance: 450m
    ● Vertical conveying height: 200m
    ● Power: Diesel engine or electric motor

  • Mini Concrete Pump

    Mini Concrete Pump

The mini concrete pump for sale can be divided into electric mini concrete pump and diesel mini concrete pump. Electric mini concrete pump is suitable for use in urban construction sites, indoor construction, and other environments, It has a simple structure, low noise, and easy operation. Diesel mini concrete pump is suitable for outdoor construction, has more power, and is easy to use. In addition, the concrete mini pump has a small volume and can be moved by hand push to meet different scenes. So, the mini portable concrete pump has been widely used and recognized in the construction industry.

● Mini concrete pump truck for sale

mini concrete boom pump

Mini concrete pump truck

The mini concrete pump truck is an efficient concrete conveying equipment and has the functions of driving and pumping. It has a hydraulic boom with extended vertically and horizontally and can convey the concrete to the precise location. The mini concrete pump truck has wide applications in different mide and large concrete projects, such as houses, highways, bridges, tunnels, and slope protection. This machine also has the advantages of a short investment return period, high construction efficiency, long equipment service life, and safe equipment use.

● Concrete delivery capacity: 80-120m³/h
● Boom length: 26m-58m (can be customized)
● Maximum aggregate size: 4cm

YANSUMI MACHINERY provide various mini concrete pump truck for sale, such as 26m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 40m, 47m, 50m, and 58m mini concrete boom pump, the customers can choose the suitable mini concrete boom pump according to different projects.

Every type of mini concrete pump truck has a different pumping distance and pumping efficiency, customers can contact us anytime to understand the features and performance of every model. Our professional team will provide accurate information and advice to help customers choose the suitable model.

concrete small pump truck

Truck mixer concrete pump

The truck mixer concrete pump is a new concrete pump truck, it consists of the concrete mixer and concrete pump truck. This machine can automatically finish the operation of feeding, mixing, and pumping. The truck mixer concrete pump has the capability to mix and pump concrete simultaneously, save the materials costs, and improve the construction effectiveness. This machine is also suited for the delivery of commercial concrete. The truck mixer concrete pump is suited for small and medium-sized construction projects.

● Concrete delivery capacity: 50-80m³/h
● Boom length: 21m-38m (can be customized)
● Maximum aggregate size: 4cm

YANSUMI MACHINERY provides various truck mixer concrete pumps to meet the construction requirements of the customers, such as 21m,28m,50m truck mixer concrete pump, etc. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality concrete pump truck and perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in our products, please contact us, and we will provide the support and solution plan for you.

● Other products

mortar sprayers

Mortar sprayers

The mortar sprayer is mainly used in the Leveling and spraying of internal and external walls, floors, roofs, and beam and column structures. Especially, it is suited for large-area painting and can significantly improve labor productivity. The spraying efficiency is more than 10 times that of manual work, resulting in reduced labor costs.

The mortar sprayer has the advantage of high construction efficiency, low investment cost, and strong mobility. It can pump various meterails, such as ordinary mortar, thermal insulation mortar, dry mortar, anti-crack mortar, interface agent, putty, construction glue, adhesive, fireproof material epoxy coating, etc.

● Spray area:150-300m2/h
● Conveying distance: 150m
● Maximum aggregate size: 4-8cm
● Power: diesel motor or electric motor

● Mini concrete pump machine advantages

1. Improve the construction effective The mini concrete pump machine can transport the concrete to high, far, and hard-to-reach places to meet different construction requirements. Compared to traditional manual transportation, the mini concrete pump machine can reduce construction times and improve construction effectiveness.

2. Improve the concrete quality
The mini concrete pump can transport the concrete to far away mixing station places and reduce the slurry and delamination of concrete during transportation. It can ensure concrete uniformity stability, and quality. In addition, the mini concrete pump can control the flow speed and flow volume to further improve the quality of concrete.

3. Reduce the human and material costs
Traditional manual transportation needs large human and material costs, however, the mini concrete pump can transport the concrete to the construction site without manual and reduce manpower consumption. At the same time, it can reduce the loss and waste of concrete during transportation, so, the mini concrete pump cost is low.

4. Wide application
The mini concrete pump machine for sale is suited for different concrete construction, such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy projects, roadbeds, docks, airports, etc. It can meet different construction requirements.

The mini concrete pump has the advantage of high construction efficiency, good concrete quality, low manpower, and material consumption, and a wide range of applications. We will continue to provide more efficient, safe, and reliable services for concrete construction. If you want mini concrete pump to buy, please contact us by WhatsApp, and we will provide a good mini concrete pump machine price for you.

● Mini concrete pump applications

We are a professional mini concrete pump companies, and we have more than ten years of experience in producing good quality and highly effective mini concrete pump. Our mini concrete pump price is good and the quality is stable, so, it has won the trust and support of the majority of users. Our mini concrete pump has been exported to different places, such as mini concrete pump india,Australia,brisbane,malaysia,london,philippines,sydney. The portable mini concrete pump is an indispensable tool for construction and has a wide range of applications in different construction industries.

mini pump concrete pumping
mini concrete pump truck

1. High-rise building construction: The mini concrete pump enables transportation at high elevations, avoiding the difficulties of transportation and workers' high-altitude operations. This improves work efficiency and safety.

2. Municipal engineering construction: Concrete mini pump can transport concrete to where it is needed, such as during the construction of roads, bridges, and other projects, to improve construction efficiency and quality.

3. Construction of tunnels, subways, and other underground projects: The mini pump concrete can transport concrete to the location of tunnel or subway excavation, ensuring the quality of concrete and making it easier for construction workers to operate.

4. Construction of dams and water conservancy projects: Concrete pump truck can transport concrete to dams, and embankment construction areas to ensure the quality and construction period of the concrete.

● YANSUMI machinery

YANSUMI MACHINERY is an enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, and service. We have rich production experiences and provide all kinds of portable mini concrete pump and mini concrete pump truck. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries. We can also recommend suitable mini concrete pump machine and concrete delivery solutions based on user needs.

No matter what type of portable mini concrete pump you need, we will provide comprehensive support and solutions. Our products have the advantages of reliable quality, excellent performance, and favorable price, it has wide applications in various building construction projects and concrete delivery.

If you need to know about mini concrete pump price or have any other needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.