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Mandrel pipe bender 89NC-DW

Max bending capacity: 89*6MM
Mandrel pipe bender price: 13500 USD

mandrel tube bender

dobladora de tubos acero inoxidable 89nc dw

hydraulic pipe bender
exhaust pipe mandrel bender

● Mandrel pipe bender features

  • PLC smart control

    1. Touch screen
    The bend angles can adjust through a touch screen of exhaust mandrel pipe bender for sale. The bend accuracy is high and the bending speed is fast.

  • solenoid valves

    2. Multiple groups of solenoid valves
    Hydraulic mandrel pipe bender uses multiple groups of solenoid valves to adjust the mandrel pipe bender dies, ensuring stable clamping and high accuracy. .

  • mandrel pipe bender dies

    3.Mandrel pipe bender dies
    mandrel pipe bender dies can be customized according to different pipes sizes and pipes materials. It can prevent the damage, deformation, and wrinkles of pipes in the bending process.

  • motor

    4. All copper motor
    Speeds of the motor with copper core are adjustable. It has the advantages of low noise, high power, strong performance and safter.

  • pipe bender mandrel

    5. Pipe bender mandrel cylinder
    The pipe bender mandrel ensures excellent bending effects during the bending process.

  • Air cooling

    6. Air cooling
    Hydraulic mandrel pipe bender usually adopts Air cooling at present. It has the advantages of easier use and good cooling function.

● Exhaust mandrel tube bender specifications

4 inch mandrel pipe bender
Model unit DW-89NC
Bending tube diameter×wall thickness mm 89x6mm
Maximum bending radius mm R450
Minimum bending radius mm R≥1.5D
Maximum bending angle Degreee 190°
Standard mandrel pulling length mm 2800
Control System Microcomputer control
Number of bends allowed for pipe fittings Unit 16
Number of parts that can be stored Unit 16×16
Motor power of oil pressure KW 11
Maximum system pressure Mpa 14
Hydraulic system control Solenoid valve
Tank volume L 260
Overall dimension Machine mm 4300×1300×1200
Machine weight Kg 3500

● Transportation & after-sale service

YANSUMI MACHIENRY is a professional metal processing machinery fabrication group, with rich produce and development experience. We have our own production factory and advanced produce equipment to ensure strong production capacity and strict product quality control. As factory direct sale, we have better mandrel pipe bender machine price, more models, and wide services comprared with mandrel pipe bender amazon.

3 exhaust mandrel pipe bender

We provide various services, such as production, sale, used mandrel pipe bender sale, mandrel pipe bender hire and customize mandrel pipe bender dies etc. We have a professional sales team that provide purchasing advice for customers. Additionally, we have a professional transport agent team to ensure faster and safer delivery. We adhere to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness and provide professional services to every customer. Our exhaust pipe bender mandrelhave been exported all over the world, such as Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, Mexico, and other regions. Mandrel pipe bender have been deeply loved by customers and everyone has unanimous praise.

mandrel bend custom exhaust pipe bender

● Mandrel pipe bender applications

Mandrel pipe bender is process equipment that can bend metal pipes to different shapes. It can bend metal pipes according to different angles, radius, arcs, and shapes. Mandrel pipe bender can be divided into cnc mandrel pipe bender,hand mandrel pipe bender, and hydraulic mandrel pipe bender according to different drive systems. The mandrel pipe bender is a normal metal process equipment. It has the advantages of easy control, high working effectiveness, and wide application. This machine is often used as exhaust pipe mandrel bender,roll cage hydraulic mandrel pipe bender, mandrel handrail pipe bender and mandrel bender for copper pipe, etc.
This mandrel pipe bender exhaust is a large hydraulic mandrel pipe bender. It is capable of bending pipes with large radii and angles, with a maximum bending size of 89*6MM. The hydraulic mandrel pipe bender has the most advantages compared with manual mandrel tube pipe bender. The operation is more flexible and pipe bending accuracy is higher through microcontroller control.
This machine plays a very important role in modern manufacturing as an important equipment. It can bend metal pipes quickly to improve production effectiveness, product quality and reduce costs.

mandrel pipe bender used
tube bending
Application of mandrel pipe bender
Mandrel pipe bender selection principles

Determine the pipe diameter range according to actual production. For example, the DW38NC hydraulic mandrel pipe bender can bend pipes with a maximum diameter of 38.1mmX2.0mm(A3 material), and the minimum pipe diameter is 11.4mm(The wall thickness will change according to different materials). 3 inch mandrel pipe bender can bend pipes with a maximum diameter of 76.2mm. 4 inch mandrel pipe bender can bend pipes with a maximum diameter of 101.6mm. The mandrel pipe bender price is different according to different models. If the pipe bender with mandrel is large may waste resources and if the model is small may Increase the difficulty of use and reduce the machine’s life. If you want to know the bending range of different models of cnc mandrel pipe bender, you can visit our online mandrel pipe bender shops.

Determine the maximum bend pipe parameters in the pipe diameter range, including:
1. Pipe material(steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, etc.);
2. Pipe cross-section (round pipe, square pipe, angle iron, etc.);
3. Pipe outer diameter;
4. Pipe wall thickness;
5. Bending radius;
6. Bend angles;
7. Bending number (How many bends does a pipe have? Are there spatial corners?)

When you are selecting a mandrel pipe bender, you can inform the aforementioned information to sales of YANSUMI MACHINERY. We will recommend a mandrel pipe bender and suitable production plan according to your needs.

How to solve the wrinkles problem on tubes with a mandrel pipe bender?

The cnc mandrel pipe bender is a highly efficient and affordable bending tool. If the operation is wrong, it can result in wrinkles on the pipes bent by the cnc mandrel pipe bender.YANSUMI MACHINERY combines years of operational experience and provides the following solution:

1. The pipe bears too much pressure from the mandrel pipe bender dies, we should adjust the place of the clamping die.
2. Adjust the position of the pipe bender mandrel head and make two balls of pipe bender mandrel head more closer.
3. The pipe material is not suited or the pipe material is too soft.
4. Increase the slope of the bending die, ensuring that the end of the die does not touch the pipe material, with a gap of 0.8-1.5mm.
5. To reduce the friction between pipes and bending die, we should use lubricant correctly.

How to repair automatic mandrel pipe bender motor

Reasons for motor failure in automatic mandrel pipe bender
1. The number of turns in the stator winding is reduced during the repair of the motor.
2. The voltage power is too high.
3. The air gap is large or uneven.
4. The use of the hot removal method is not right, causing the iron core damaged, during the removal of old winding.

Solution for motor failure in automatic mandrel pipe bender
1. Rewinding the stator winding and restoring the right number of turns.
2. Restore to the rated voltage.
3. Replace the new rotor and adjust the air gap.
4. Repair the iron core or recalculate the winding and increase the number of turns appropriately.

● More recommended models

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