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CNC Pipe Bender for Sale

Cnc pipe bending machine china 38cnc 3a1s

cnc pipe bender price: US$ 22000.00

CNC pipe bender (CNC tube bender) is a kind of bending machine controlled by PLC to do bend work to copper, steel or stainless steel pipes. Pipes bent by cnc pipe bender machine are more durable and have more precise bending angles. A CNC tube bender automatically positions the tube between bends, including the rotation of the tube (B-Axis) and the distance between bends (Y-Axis).

cnc pipe bender

dobladora de tubo cnc para motocicletas

cnc pipe bender for sale
cnc pipe bender price

● Features

1. It is 3 axis cnc pipe bender with automatic feeding capacity and rotary capacity of the pipe for bending in different planes.

2. The products bent by our cnc pipe bender have high accuracy and the cnc pipe bender machine can serve in many industries.

3. Maximum bending capacity of the cnc automatic pipe bending machine sb 38CNC-3a1s is 38*2mm. This cnc pipe bender can bend square pipe and round pipe within the maximum bending capacity.

4, Low labor input in the production sequence, high accuracy and repeatability and compatitive cnc pipe bender price.

● CNC pipe bending machine specification

cnc mandrel pipe bender Model sb 38cnc 3a1s
Horse Power (HP) 18
Max.Bending Capacity (mm) 38
Max.Pbending Thickenss (mm) 2
Max.Bending Radius (mm) 200
Max.Bending Angle (degree) 190°
Bending Speed (°/sec) 150
Dimensions (cm) 445X118X140
Weight (kg) 2400
dimension 2800x680x1000mm
weight 1000kg
Bending accuracy ±0.1°
Rotationa ccuracy ±0.1°
Feeding ccuracy ±0.1mm
cnc mandrel pipe bender
pipe bending machine die
pipe bending machine parts
pipe bending machine parts

● Service & Support & Loading Container

We are one of reputable cnc pipe bending machine manufacturers in China. We have our own professional agent, and rich experience in loading to ensure the loading time and space. We have a standardized pre-sales and after-sales marketing service team to provide high-quality and fast professional services to our customers. We have a professional technical team to do development of machines and solve technical problems. We provide pipe bending machine parts, pipe bending machine dies design calculation, professional pipe bending machine repair and after-sell services.

cnc pipe bending machine china
cnc tube and pipe bender
cnc automatic pipe bending machine sb
cnc pipe bending machine manufacturers in china

● Our Market

We provide cnc tube bender machine for all the dimensions of pipe and tube from 18mm to 100mm: such as cnc pipe bending machine sb 38cnc 3a1s, 75cnc sb 3a , cnc automatic pipe bending machine sb 89cnc 3a 1s, etc...With good technical support and high quality cnc pipe bending machines, because of our stable performanance cnc pipe bender and high quality service, we have got clients all over the world ---- cnc pipe bender in South Africa, Vietnam, India, Australia and the Philippines.

cnc pipe bender for sale south africa
cnc tube bender south africa

Customer in Vietnam

A customer in Vietnam has bought our small cnc pipe bender 38CNC-3A1S for his motorcycle factory in Vietnam. The machine helps him in the production of motorcycle bumper and motorcycle rudder. The cnc pipe bender machine 38CNC3A1S can bend tubes whose diameter is smaller than 38mm. It’s a automatic pipe bender machine and can do automatic feeding and automatic rotation. It’s very quick and convenient for motorcycle manufacturer to produce motorcycle bumper and motorcycle rudder.

motorcycle bumper
motorcycle rudder

Customer in South Africa

A manufacturer of school furnitures in South Africa has bought our small cnc pipe bender 38CNC3A1S to produce school desk, chairs and tables. They uses tubes of 15x1.6mm and 32x2mm and other square tubes in the fabrication. The use of pipe bender for sale South Africa improves greatly the production speed and the production quality as well. Hydraulic pipe bender for sale in south africa has high price and its accuracy is not as high as that of Chinese machines. Manufacturers in Africa always prefer to buy cnc pipe bending machine for sale in China.

school desk

● Application Of Cnc Tube And Pipe Bender

This 3 axis cnc tube bender is a fully automatic tube bending machine with 3 working axis. This cnc mandrel pipe bender can realize feeding, rotation and bending automatically and three-dimensional tube can be automatically bent at one time. It’s a ideal equipment for tube bending. Cnc pipe bender machine is widely used in many industries, such as, 3 wheel tricycle, powered wheelbarrow, motorcycle, car, fitness equipment and furniture.

In the production of 3 wheel motorcycles: this cnc mandrel pipe bender 38cnc 3a1s is used to produce handlebars of 3 wheel motorcycle, and the production of the frame of 3 wheel motorcycle needs pipe bender with larger capacity of bending (such as mandrel tube bender 100nc). Frame bent by cnc conduit bender is more resistant to bump in the movement of the 3 wheel motorcycle compared to the frame made by welding.

The cnc exhaust pipe bender is a cnc pipe bending machine used to manufacture exhaust pipe of vehicles. The use of the cnc pipe bender in the manufacture of vehicle exhaust pipe avoids welding work and with the cnc pipe bender, you can achieve the shape of the exhaust pipe in a few seconds, which increases the productive capacity.

Small cnc tube bender plays a big role in the furniture industry. It can not only increase the productive capacity with its high speed of production but also brings more possibilities of product diversification. The rounded angle of the elbow of the seat armrest makes the product more safe and comfortable.

generator protectors made by best cnc pipe bender
motorcycle rudders made by cnc pipe bending machine
chair made by small cnc tube bender


What are main parts of cnc pipe bender?

This quality cnc automatic pipe bending machine can be widely used in many industries because of its high accuracy and simple operation. And the perfect work of the cnc pipe bender machine is result of the collaborative work of the components. In this article we will talk about the main components of the cnc pipe bender 38CNC-3a and their functions.

cnc exhaust pipe bender
cnc exhaust pipe bender

1.The multilingual dialog and programming interface touch screen.Through this screen, you can enter the parameters of shape of the pipe and get feedback of the bend. that make cnc pipe bending machine programming easy.

2.The main structure of the cnc pipe bender machine use bridge type steel beam structure welding and is well balanced. The self-weight of the structure is heavy, which can reduce vibration at work.

3. Feeding system. The feeding system is driven by servo motor and precision reducer. The feeding distance is any straight-line distance between a bend and the next bend. The maximum feeding distance can reach 2 meters, and the accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

small cnc tubing bender
cnc exhaust pipe bender

4. Rotary system. The rotary system of the cnc pipe bender machine is controlled by servo motor and precision reducer. When one bend is finished the rotary system rotate the pipe for the next bend. The three-dimensional space angle can be set arbitrarily from 0.1 to -360°, and the accuracy can reach 0.1°.

Bending system

5.Bending system. The bending system is controlled by servo motor and precision reducer. The pipe bending process is realized by the bending system

6. The clamping mechanism provides a clamping force to press the pipe on the groove of the bending die to ensure the normal operation of bending pipe.

7. The guide mechanism holds the straight portion of the pipe during the bending process. The tube moves forward with the pressure die.

8. The mandrel mechanism is located at the back of the main structure of the cnc pipe bender machine, and the required bending radius of the mandrel can be adjusted through the screw transmission.

9. Hydraulic system. The action of the guide mechanism, clamping mechanism and mandrel mechanism is realized by the link mechanism driven by hydraulic cylinders.

10. Electrical System. The electrical system includes servo motors, contactors, intermediate relays and solenoid valves. Servo motors realize the rotation angle control of the bending axis and the rotation axis and the feed control of the feeding axis.

11. Dies of cnc pipe bender. There are five main components that play a big part in the bending process: bend die, clamp die, pressure die, mandrel and wiper die. All of these dies work together to achieve the perfect bend and different pipes need different dies.

pipe bending die

The above are the main components of the CNC pipe bender, they work together to achieve the perfect bend.

What are Operating procedures for cnc tube bender?

Before work

1,The cnc hydraulic pipe bender must be well grounded, the wire should be copper and not be less than 4mm. It is not allowed to connect to voltages exceeding the specified range,and the control circuit cannot be tested with a megohmmeter. The cnc mandrel pipe bender must be shutdown if want to insert or remove plugin.
2,Proximity switches and encoders cannot be hit with hard objects.
3,The electrical box of the cnc tube bender machine must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is forbidden to work in dust and corrosive gases.
4,Do not install or change the PLC input and output terminals without professionals.
5,Must reconfirm the direction of the motor if change motor for the cnc tube and pipe bender.
6,The cnc tube bender machine should be kept clean, and make sure that there is no foreign objects in the sliding grooves such as clamping blocks and sliders.
7,Do regular lubrication to the chain and other sliding parts.
8,The power of the cnc tube benders must be disconnected during cleaning and maintenance.
9,Before starting the cnc hydraulic tube bender it is necessary to check the following: if the hydraulic oil level in the cylinder up to the oil level line; if the lubrication points are well lubricated; the direccion of the motor.

In operation

1,When the cnc pipe bender is working, be careful not to enter the rotation range of the swivel arm and pipes.
2,The hydraulic system uses ordinary hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced once a year under normal circumstances, and need to clean the oil filter at the same time.
3,When adjusting the pipe bending machine die,all the work should be operated by the same operator. It is forbbid that one operator adjust on the cnc pipe bender for sale while another operator operates on the control screen.
4,The hydraulic system pressure of the cnc hydraulic pipe bender shall not exceed 14Mpa.
5,The mandrel should be removed when adjusting the cnc mandrel pipe bender.
6,After using the cnc mandrel tube bender for a period of time, check the tightness of the chain and keep the tightness of the upper and lower chains consistent.

After work

Cut off the power supply, and do clean the pipe bending machine and add lubrication oil after work.

If you need more details about Operating procedures for cnc tube bender, you can click our blog "Operating procedures for cnc tube bender".

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