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Mandrel Tube Bender for Sale

hydraulic mandrel tube bender Model 100NC-DW

mandrel tube bender price: 20000 dollars

mandrel tube bender

dobladora de tubos rectangulares 130nc dw

mandrel tube bending machine
hydraulic mandrel tube bender
mandrel tube bender for sale

● Features

  • electric motor

    1, The high quality electric motor which can work at 20 hp provides power to the mandrel tube bender, so that it can finish work perfectly and keep long working life.

  • cylinder

    2, The high quality cylinder make sure that the work of the mandrel tube bending machine has fast spead and the position of tubes is fixed and accurate.

  • foot switch

    3 .The foot switch of mandrel tube bender for sale has the function to firing the machine, stop the machine and returns the machine to operation.

  • tube bender with mandrel

    4.The oil circuit system has good oil circuit layout, it is completely sealed to block dust, and the machine can run stably and long-term.

  • mandrel rectangular tube bender

    5, Using high rigidity materials, the heavy duty mandrel tube bender has stable structure and can finish high intensity work.

  • mandrel tube bender dies

    6, To change mandrel tube bender dies, the same mandrel tube bender can be used as square tube mandrel bender and circular mandrel tube bender. One tube mandrel bender can bend different sizes and types of tubes.

● Specifications

Heavy duty mandrel tube bender model 100NC-DW
Mandrel capacity 100x6mm
Maximum bending radius R500
Minimum bending radius R≥1.5D
Maximum bending angle/td> 190°
Mandrel standard length 3000mm
hydraulic mandrel tube bender measurement 492*170*175CM
hydraulic mandrel tube bender weight 6500kg
square tube mandrel bender

● Transportation & after-sale service

Yansumi Machinery is a tube bender manufacturer in China, we produce nc and cnc tube benders for different sizes and types of tubes: cnc mandrel tube bender, hydraulic mandrel bender, electric tube bending machine, etc, bending capacity from 18mm to 130mm.
We have professional freight company, who provides fast and safety freight service to customer. In addition to producing and selling tube bender, we can provide customized service of mandrel tube bender dies related accessories. We also provide professional tube forming solutions for customer to make sure the speed and efficiency of their production.

small tube mandrel bender
mandrel tube bending machines for sale
mandrel tube benders

● Applications

Due to our high quality service and stable performanance products, we have exported our mandrel tube bending machines to many countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Uzbekistan, Peru, Bolivia...

◆ In Uzbekistan, many tricycle manufacturers produce frame and cargo box with mandrel tube bender, and welding machine. Our hydraulic mandrel tube bending machine helps them save labor, improve production efficiency, and improve product accuracy.

Tricycle frame

◆ In Malaysia, we have a client who produces ships and boats. For manufacturing ship parts, they use different sizes and types of tubes, and we have offered them good tube forming solutions and suitable tube bending machine dies accoding to client's requiry, so that they can do the production at minimum cost.

◆In Mexico, we also have clients who do the production of tables and chairs, our cnc mandrel tube bender for sale can help them increase output and improve bend quality.

Besides, tube bender with mandrel is widely used in many other industries such as the production of vehicule parts, fitness equipment parts, the road and house construction, the household appliances production....


What is a mandrel tube bender?

A mandrel tube bender is one type of tube bender (A tube bender is a machine that is used to bend tubes into different shapes), designed to avoid the issue of wrinkling along the inside of pipes and tubing. The mandrel stays in a fixed position as the outer radius of the tube experiences pressure. This pressure causes the pipe to stretch into the desired bend. The mandrel tube bending machine is a tube bender with mandrel to support the inside of the tubes during the bending process. A tube bender uses dies to bend tubes and mandrel is one the components of dies of mandrel tube benders. The mandrel of hydraulic mandrel tube bender is a metal rod and there are various types of mandrels of mandrel tubing tube bender that can be chosen according to diameter and thickness of the pipe, bending radius of the pipe and material of the pipe: cylindrical mandrel, universal ball head mandrel and universal multi-section mandrel and so on. A tube bender that contains any of these mandrels is called mandrel tube bender for sale.

universal ball head mandrel of cnc mandrel tube bender for sale
universal multi-section mandrel of mandrel tube bending machines for sale
tube bending die
What is the purpose of mandrel in tube bending?

In the case of individual bending, the tube with outer diameter D and wall t ess S is bending under the force of outer frame. The outer wall tube is thinned by the work of pulling, but the inner tube wall is thickened by the work of pressure σ.(See Figure 1a). The cross section of tube bend is change into a shape of oval through the resultant force F1 and F2. (See Figure 1b). The inner wall tube may be wrinkled due to loss of stability (See Figure1c). To avoid these situations, we should take some corresponding measures. For example, mandrel bender is one of the most commonly used and effective methods.

pipe bending machine for sale in china

Figure 1: the force and change when tube bending.
(a) The force when the tube disorderly change.
(b)The cross section change when tube bending.
(c)The inner tube wall wrinkle when tube bending.

Sometimes the relative bending radius R/D is small or relative wall thickness S/D is small during production. Under such conditions, in order to produce high-quality tube ,we will insect a suitable mandrel to avoid flattening and wrinkling at arc when bending. This process is called mandrel bend.(See Figure2)

pipe bending machine for sale in china
How does a mandrel bender work?

The mandrel tube benders has a additional mandrel as one of the components of the mandrel tube bender dies, thus, the mandrel tube bender dies include bending die, pressure die, clamping die, mandrel and wiper die (sometimes it’s not necessary the use of wiper die).

mandrel tube bender dies
small tube mandrel bender
square tube mandrel bender

The function of the mandrel of the tube bender with mandrel is supporting the inside of the pipes during the bending process. The bending die and pressure die of the rotary mandrel tube bender clamp the pipe, the bending die rotates and the pressure die moves with the bending die. During this movement the bending die and the pressure die clamp the pipe firmly and the pipe changes its shape because of the force received. Sometimes the force causes unnecessary deformation of the pipe, specifically when the diameter of the pipe is big and the thickness of the pipe is small, in this case, the mandrel tube bender is needed to do the perfect bending work. The mandrel supports in the inside of the pipe while the bending die rotates so that the bending part can maintain its roundness. The function and working principal of the mandrel is the same for the cnc mandrel tube bender and the hydraulic mandrel tube bender.

pipe bent by tube bender without mandrel
pipe bent by mandrel tube bender

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