knowledge about the mandrel of pipe bender

The mandrel tube bending machine is one of the tube bending machine. When bending the pipe with large diameter and thin wall, the inside of pipe needs to be supported by tools in order to prevent pipe wall collapse. And this tool used to support the pipe wall is the mandrel.

mandrel rectangular tube bending machine

The position and effect of mandrel in the mandrel tube bending machine

In bending process, the function of the mandrel is to support the inner wall of pipe bending radius. And the pipe can prevent effectively from deformation. There are many forms of mandrel, such as cylindrical mandrel, universal single, double, three, four-head mandrel, directional single-head mandrel and directional multi-head mandrel and so on. And the position of mandrel also can affect the bending and forming of pipe. Theoretically, the tangent of the mandrel should be parallel to the tangent of the bending die. But many experiments have proved that it is best to advance the tangent of mandrel by 1-2mm. The mass of the curved surface at this position is relatively saturated.

The installation instructions of mandrel die and guide die of mandrel tube bending machine

When using the machine, the position of the mandrel relatives to the bending point is very important. If the mandrel is ahead of the bending point by a certain position(the working end of the mandrel enters the pipe bending section), the ellipticity can be reduced. However, if the position of the mandrel is too advanced, the pipe wall will be thinner. So, the position of the mandrel must be determined after bending the specimen so that can ensure the bending quality of tube bender with mandrel.

Put the mandrel into piercing rod in clockwise way and fix it with screws. It should be attention that the mandrel should match with the direction of bending.

The quick change tooling and replacement of the mandrel belongs to the field of mechanical processing. The heavy mandrel can be replaced quickly by this tool. It can save times and improve work efficiency. Here are some practical operation points:
1、Install the mandrel before starting the bending. If the machine start to bend without mandrel, the work-piece of the machine will be scrapped.
2、Strictly follow the operation specifications of pipe bender to prevent accident.
3、Clean the iron filings and other sundries that on the pipe bender timely to prevent the bad influence of work-piece appearance.
4、Brush the lubricating oil for the mandrel of pipe bender timely. This can reduce wear and improve the service life of the machine.
5、Pay attention to the direction of the mandrel during the bending process to prevent the mandrel from breaking in the opposite direction.

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