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Knowledge about the mandrel pipe bender

● How does a mandrel pipe bender work?

What is a mandrel bender? Mandrel pipe bender is a pipe bender that bends pipes with mandrel. Mandrel is a tool used to support inside of pipes when we do mandrel pipe bending. Thus, bent pipes can mantain round. The bending process of a mandrel pipe bender for sale is a little different form the bending process of a normal pipe bender: it’s necessary to put the mandrel in the pipe before starting bending work. The pipe bender mandrel will support the tube wall all the way during the bending process to prevent pipe wall collapse. And the belowings is the procedurs of how does a mandrel bender work.

As we all kow that Chongqing Popular Motor can offer two kinds of mandrel pipe benders: cnc mandrel pipe bender and nc pipe mandrel bender. For both of these mandrel pipe benders we need to choose mandrel pipe bending mode when we input bending datas in the mandrel pipe bender for sale. Fisrt, rod of pipe bender mandrel will move forward till the tube bender mandrel reach the correct position. Secondly, the pressure die and clamping die of pipe mandrel bender move towards the pipe and hold it firmly. Then bending die of mandrel pipe bender rotates around its central axis and the clamping die moves together with the bending die so that the pipe can be curved. The bending die of mandrel pipe bender will stop rotating when reaches the inputted angle. The rod of tube bender mandrel, pressure die and clamping die will recede. The operator can take the bent pipe if the bending work is realised by a nc mandrel pipe bender. If the bending work is carried out by a cnc mandrel pipe bender, the tube holding system will locate the pipe for the next bending and repeat the bending procedurs before.

Using a mandrel pipe bender for sale to bend tubes can help tubes maintain roundness and the surface of the bent tubes can be very beautiful. Nowadays, pipe benders of YANSUMI MACHIENRY are always equipped with pipe bender mandrel rod and only need to install the pipe bender mandrel when it’s necessary.

The mandrel pipe bender for sale is applied when bend tubes with big diameter, small thickness or when the bending radius of tubes is very small. For example, 3 inch mandrel pipe bender and 4 inch mandrel pipe bender are often used as exhaust pipe mandrel bender to produce exhaust for trucks.

mandrel rectangular tube bending machine

● Mandrel pipe bender types

The mandrel pipe bender can be divided into manual mandrel pipe bender, semi automatic mandrel pipe bender(NC pipe bender) and automatic mandrel pipe bender according to its automation degree.
1. Manual mandrel pipe bender: it’s a manual pipe bender with mandrel. The disadvantage of this mandrel pipe bender cannot bend tubes with big diameter, for example, a a manual mandrel tube pipe bender cannot be 3" mandrel pipe bender.
2. Semi automatic mandrel pipe bender: this kind of mandrel pipe bender for sale is also called hydraulic mandrel pipe bender because the hydraulic system offers power to do the bending work. A 3" exhaust mandrel pipe bender of this kind has high cost performance.
3. Automatic mandrel pipe bender (cnc mandrel pipe bender): the bending process of the cnc mandrel pipe bender is automatic. It can be used to produce product that needs several bends on the same pipe.

● The position of mandrel on pipe mandrel bender and its effect

In bending process, the function of the pipe bender mandrel is to support the inner wall of pipe. And this can prevent effectively the pipe from deformation. There are many forms of pipe bender mandrel, such as cylindrical mandrel, universal single, double, three, four-head mandrel, directional single-head mandrel and directional multi-head mandrel and so on. Forms of pipe bender mandrel to use is related to the pipe diameter, thickness and material. And the position of pipe bender mandrel can affect the bending quality on pipes. Theoretically, the tangent of the mandrel should be parallel to the tangent of the bending die. But many experiments have proved that it is best to advance the tangent of mandrel by 1-2mm. The mass of the curved surface of pipes at this position is relatively saturated.

● Installation instructions of pipe bender mandrel

Put the pipe bender mandrel of pipe bender into piercing rod in clockwise way and fix it with screws. It should be attention that the mandrel head should match with the direction of bending.

The quick change tooling and replacement of the mandrel belongs to the field of mechanical processing. The heavy mandrel can be replaced quickly by this tool. It can save times and improve work efficiency. Here are some practical operation points:
  1. Install the mandrel before starting the bending. If the machine start to bend without mandrel, the work-piece of the machine will be scrapped.
  2. Strictly follow the operation specifications of pipe bender to prevent accident.
  3. Clean the iron filings and other sundries that on the pipe bender timely to prevent the bad influence of work-piece appearance.
  4. Brush lubricating oil on the pipe bender mandrel timely. This can reduce wear and improve the service life of the machine.
  5. Pay attention to the direction of the mandrel during the bending process to prevent the mandrel from breaking in the opposite direction.

If you want to know more about bending skills, you can read our blog “Troubleshooting for tube bending machine”. We can provide you with the safe operation of pipe bender and other guidance. You can know more about pipe bender while purchase the mandrel tube bender for sale.

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