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Round Tube Bending Machine Hydraulic

Model HW-42Y

Hydraulic tube bending machine price: 900 dólares

round tube bending machine

dobladora de tubos hidraulica

tube bending machine china
best tube bending machine

● Tube bending machine china

  • the moving roller

    ● The round tube bending machine is equipped with moving rollers. It is convenient to move in workplace.

  • the memory switch

    ● The small diameter tube bending machine has the function of memory. Press the memory switch, the machine will enter the memory mode. This function can improve the efficiency of bending work.

  • customize the tube bending machine

    ● The copper tube bending machine dies can be customized and it is easy to change copper tube bending machine dies. The same tube bending machine can bend pipes with different diameters.

● The parameter of steel tube bending machine

draw tube bending machine
Pipe diameter range: 6mm-42 mm
Working pressure: 200bar
Nominal pressure: 250bar
Fuel tank: About 8.5L
Hydraulic oil: HM46L
Flow rate: 2-5L/Min
Drive power: 2.6kW
Rated voltage: 220 V,AC 50 Hz
Bending angle: 0°-150°(Depending on the pipe diameter, the angle shown is the angle of bending of the steel pipe)
Machine dimensions: long × wide × high=850mm×500mm×1000mm
Machine weight: About 85kg

● The transportation and after-sale service of tube bending machine

Yansumi Machinery is one of the tube bending machine manufacturers in china with professional technology. The cnc tube bending machine for sale, nc tube bending machine, double head tube bending machine, rotary draw tube bending machine, electric tube bending machine and hydraulic tube bending machine that we produce are mainly used as boiler tube bending machine, exhaust tube bending machine, heat exchanger tube bending machine and so on. Our tube bending machine is popular with civil and foreign factories. We have rich experience in the profile and pipe processing equipment industry. With a deep understanding of industry technology and the advanced equipment, our tube bending machine products are getting better and better. We have accumulated a lot of production experience and mastered new technologies.
We have professional freight company that can provide customers with efficient, safe, and economical freight services. Besides that, we also have nearly 20 years’ export experience. We can provide a complete set of metal pipe forming and processing solutions, it helps many foreign factories to realize the mechanized production.

tube bending machine manufacturers in China
small diameter tube bending machine


Manual of tube bending machine

Preparation before use:

Following tube bending machine safety instructions must be strictly complied with when the steel tube bending machine is running. This can protect the steel tube bending machine from damages and increase its service life.

1.The small diameter tube bending machine can be used only in the circumstances that the safety knowledge is totally understood by the operator.

2.Check the tube bending machine hydraulic before start the machine for the first time. Be sure that all tools and external parts have been taken out.

3.All the safety devices and emergency stop buttons must be inspected before using the round tube bending machine to do bending work.

4.Check all wire connections, hydraulic connections and equipment lubrication before start the tube bending machine for sale for the first time.

Operating Instructions

In order to avoid machine and material damage, the operator must follow the following instructions when operating the small diameter tube bending machine.

The following points should be checked once a day at least:power connection/ power supply circuit/ display meter (control lamp)/ safety and warning knowledge.

Installation of tube bending machine die

Select the proper tube bending machine die according to the external diameter and bending radius of pipe. First, install the bending die one the position block. Second, put the winghead with bolt into the hole of the flange in front of the cylinder. Fix the winghead with the screw.

The memory mode of small diameter tube bending machine

The HW-42Y small diameter tube bending machine has the function of memory. The bending work are become easier and faster because of this function.

Press the memory switch and the tube bending machine china enters the memory mode. The bending angle of memory mode will be the final bending angle in treading mode. Step the left pedal at this time, the tube bending machine for sale will bend the pipe into the bending angle. The winghead of the steel tube bending machine stays for 0.5 seconds after arriving the final position and then the winghead goes back to the starting position. The starting position can be the starting position in treading mode, or can be adjusted by stepping right pedal of the copper tube bending machine.

It should be noticed that the winghead will stop moving forward if step the left pedal when the pipe moves against the tube bending machine die. And the round tube bending machine will continue to work when step the left pedal again. This function is mainly used when the pipe is not placed correctly or the machine needs to be suspended for other reasons.

Clean and lubrication of copper tube bending machine

①Use household cleaner and wet cloth to clean the tube bending machine for sale;
②Lubricate the slider of winghead of the small diameter tube bending machine with bearing grease.
③Check the hydraulic oil level in the oil tank of tube bending machine hydraulic every week and add HL46 hydraulic oil if it’s necessary.
④ Change hydraulic oil for the round tube bending machine every year.
⑤ Change hydraulic hose for the tube bending machine for sale every 6 years, even if the hydraulic hose is not damaged.

Besides the tube bending machine with memory function, professional tube bending machine manufacturer in China, Yansumi Machinery can produce cnc tube bending machine for sale, nc tube bending machine, double head tube bending machine and rotary draw tube bending machine for differente pipe size. We can meet your production requirement no matter you want to find big tube bending machine or small diameter tube bending machine. Contact us for more information about tube bending machine!

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