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Electric Tube Bending Machine

Model WGD-38 Bending diameter range ≤ 38mm (steel pipe)

Tube Bending Machine Price: 1000 USD

The small diameter tube bending machine WGD-38 is a high accuracy electric tube bending machine, pipes bent by this machine are full, smooth, and without wrinkle problems.

tube bending machine

dobladora de tubo redondo electrica76 hidraulica

small diameter tube bending machine
electric tube bending machine

● Features

  • Hydraulic drive

    Hydraulic drive
    A full set of hydraulic pump station to improve work efficiency;

  • Tube bending die

    Tube bending die
    Diversified custom tube bending die to ensure that the bend does not wrinkle;

  • Gear

    Component quenching gear, not easy to wear, high torque, low noise;

  • Display screen

    Display screen
    LCD display, can confirm that there is no deviation in repeated bending, and reduce the scrap rate;

  • Foot switch

    Foot switch
    Enlarging the foot switch, designed according to people's working habits, saving time and effort;

  • Control button

    Control button
    Jog control, easy to operate.

● Specifications

Tube roller bending machine model WGD-38 WGD-51 WGD-76
Bending diameter range (steel pipe) ≤φ38 ≤φ51 ≤φ76
Number of bending angles 9 9 9
Max bending angle 200° 200° 200°
Min bending angle
Motor power 2.2KW, Three-phase AC 380V, 50Hz 3KW Three-phase AC 380V, 50Hz 4KW Three-phase AC380V, 50Hz
Size 700×650×850mm 800×700×850mm 1000×750 ×850mm
tube roller bending machine

● The Transportation & After-Sale Service

As a professional tube bending machine manufacturer in china, Yansumi Machinery has tube bending machine distributors all over the word. Our rectangular tube bending machine and round tube bending machine are widely used in many industries such as the fabrication of boat and ship parts, furniture fabrication, the bridge construction, the production of fitness equipment, etc.

We have professional freight company to provide customers with efficient, safe, and economical freight services.

With more than 16 years' manufacturing and exportation experience, we can not only provide customers stainless steel tube bending machine, copper tube bending machine, steel tube bednding machine with stable perfprmanance accoding to their needs, but can also give custumers constructive comments to help their work. we can also provide the customized services of tube bending machine. It can design and produce machines according to customer requirements.

stainless steel tube bending machine

● Customer feedback

Client in Turkey who buy the tube bending machine

The cattle and sheep breeding factory I opened needs to build a new factory shed this year. Compared with some tube bending machine manufacturers in india, I think Yansumi Maquinaria is better. Because the tube bending machine produced by this company has reasonable price; the salesman in this company is professional. They provided a set of solutions according to my factory and recommended the best tube bending machine fit for me. This tube bending machine hydraulic is easy to use and the bent pipe is also perfect. My factory shed was built quickly.

tube bending machine turkey

Client in pakistan who buy tube bending machine

I was used to import tube bending machine for sale in usa, it didn't has any after-sale service. But when I customized a rectangular tube bending machine in Yansumi Maquinaria, this pipe bending machine supplier asked me about many details about my products, suggested a good rectangular tube bending machine and pipe bending machine dies fit for me, and answered all my technical questions. It is better than tube bending machine in Pakistan, because it has advantage of low noise, good quality and reseanable price. Now i prepare to open a shop for the sale of tube bending machines of Yansumi Maquinaria, hope we can have a long-term cooperation.

tube bending machine in pakistan

Client who works at road construction in srilanka

The tube bending machine price in sri lanka is 3 times higher than that in China, so I prefer to buy machines in China.I bought this tube bending machine for sale from Yansumi Maquinaria because this machine can improve my working efficiency and can be moved easily. The bending effect is very good and the bent parts are free of wrinkles. It can greatly, and very convenient to use in road construction..

hydraulic pipe bending machine project

Client who has square tube bending machine for sale in Philippines

I have square tube bending machine for sale in Philippines. I purchased this square tube bending machine with a clutch transmission from YANSUMI. The adapting of this machine is very easy, it can save pipe fittings. I just need to input the angles into the machine in advance, each time I tread the foot switch, it can finish work automatically. The bending angle of the pipe is also very accurate. This machine has been popular with many customers in my country, especially for customers of electric power construction. Because the square tube bending machine can be moved easily at any times, it is convenient to use.

square tube bending machine

● tube bending machine products

tube bending machine products

There is the stainless steel bending case of electric tube bending machine. The stainless steel is one of the most complexes in all pipes bending product model series. Because of the stainless steel has relatively small stiffness and hardness, and has a certain degree of flexibility. But the pipe bender currently designed by our company has very good elasticity. It has good bending function in processing rigid pipe products.

tube bending machine products

There are many kinds of square pipes that can be bent by electric tube bending machine. It can meet the market needs of customers fully.

tube bending machine products

As for circular pipe, the electric tube bending machine can adjust the degree and diameter of the bend according to production requirements.


what is tube bending machines?

The tube bending machine is an equipment to bend pipe fittings. It is consisting of a pipe clamping device (inner tube clamping die), a bending working device (including an inner wheel, an outer rotating device including a rotating clip, a guide strip, etc.), a bending power device (including a motor, a gearbox, etc.), and a CNC control device. The tube bending machine is mainly used in electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair. The machine has multiple functions and reasonable structures, it is easy to operate.

what is tube bending machine used for
How to use tube bending machine WGD series?

1. Turn on the power. Connect the 380V power supply to the "power" terminal and turn on the controller power switch.

2. Select and install the tube bending die (inner wheel, outer guide strip, etc.) according to the diameter and arc size of the steel pipe to bend, and adjust pipe clamping device (inner tube clamping die) to a proper position. Then, adjust the sizing device and clamp the pipes according to the pipe length.

Tube bending dies

The tube bending die is customized according to the size of pipes that require being bend. Compared with cnc tube bender die, electric tube bending machine die is simpler. The Installation and the use of electric tube bendig machine die is also easier.

tube bending die
tube bending dies

3. Input angle to bend by the controller.

The control panel Manual

The operation instructions for the control box panel buttons are as follows:

a. The upper and lower display windows correspond to two different angle values: the upper is 90°and the lower is 135°. The two corresponding buttons next to it are the 90°+ and the 90°- , as well as the 135°+ and the 135°- , each time you press the +, the numbers increases in turn. And each time you press the -, the numbers decrease in order.(notice: press the + and – for a long time can adjust quickly)

b. [Point in] and [Point out]: control the forward and reverse rotation of the working disc manually.

control panel

4. Tread foot switch, the small diameter tube bending machine will start to work. After bending work, loosen the clamping device and take out the bent pipes.

The maintenance and conservation of steel tube bending machine hydraulic

(1) Safety precautions of steel tube bending machine hydraulic

1 , Read the instructions carefully before install and use the steel tube bending machine hydraulic. The precautions and operating specifications of this instruction should be strictly followed in order to protect the operator.

2 , During the use of steel tube bending machine, don’t move or modify the equipment switches and other safety devices; don’t close the motors and other running parts; don’t touch the steel pipe being processed. Don’t install or add other items on the hydraulic pipe bending machine without permission.

3 , All the power supply should be cut off when examining and repairing the machine. Don’t operate the machine with power to prevent safety accidents.

(2) Maintenance and conservation

● Read the instructions carefully before maintain the machine, and strictly follow the operating steps.

● Pay attention to prevent rain, sun, wind, sand, dust, etc. from entering the electrical control system when using the machine.

● The main power should be cut off before maintain the machine.

Don’t cut off the power supply without authorization when the pipe bending hydraulic machine is running. It is easily to damage the machine.

Cut off the main power if the machine not in use for the long time. And the machine parts should be in non-use situation. The pipe bending hydraulic machine should be covered by machine cloth. Apply antirust oil to the place where the portable hydraulic pipe bending machine prone to rust.

(3) Precautions for regular maintenance of the portable hydraulic pipe bending machine

● At the end or beginning of each work, clean the hydraulic pipe bending machine and eliminate iron oxide scale or other debris.

● Weekly routine maintenance:Check whether the control device is clean and whether the connection is loose. Clean the dirt from each control parts.

● Monthly routine maintenance: check the oil leakage or looseness of the mechanical parts and handle it. Be sure that there is grease inside the transmission of portable hydraulic pipe bending machine.

● Recommended model

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