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CNC Tubing Bender

25CNC-3A-1S, Maximum bending capacity: 25*1.6mm

CNC tube bender price: 16600 dollars

cnc tubing bender

● Features of cnc tubing bender

★ CNC color screen

1. The default language of this cnc tubing bender are chinese and english. We can also do especial production according to customer requirement.

2. The feeding process, bending process and rotation process can be carried out automatically by control system of the cnc tube and pipe bender.

3. The cnc tube bender machine can save bending data automatically the data will not be lost due to power failure. And can keep data for long time.

4. The operator can input new bending data while the cnc tubing bender for sale is running automatic mode.

5. There are ten different speeds can be set for action of each axis to deal with different tubes and improve work efficiency.

6. The cnc tubing bender for sale can count the processing time and number of tubes processed.

cnc tubing bender for sale

7.On the screen of the cnc tubing bender for sale can show at the same time position status of each action axis and changes of bending angle.

8. The control system of the cnc mandrel tube bender can detect errors and illogical manipulation information and show them on the screen. Also the corresponding solutions will be shown on the screen. The historical records of errors and illogical manipulation information can be saved in the system of the cnc mandrel tube bender reference for future maintenances.

9. The operator can choose different work mode according to material and measurement of tubes, the cnc tubing bender for sale can be cnc mandrel tube bender for sale if it is necessary.

10. The same cnc tubing bender can be cnc square tubing bender and cnc tubing bender for round tubes.

  • mandrel cylinder

    ★ Mandrel cylinder
    The mandrel cylinder controls work of mandrel to prevent the tube from deformation in the bending process.

  • CNC tubing bender dies

    ★ CNC tubing bender dies
    The CNC tubing bender dies can be customized according to the measurement and material of the tubes.

  • Servo motors

    ★ Servo motors for automatic feeding and automatic rotation
    The bending process is controlled by servo motor, it’s powerful and has high accuracy. The rotation of tube and automatic feeding is also controlled by servo motors, have high speed and high accuracy.

  • Auxiliary push cylinder

    ★ Auxiliary push cylinder
    The clamping, auxiliary push and bending process are automatic. The cnc tube and pipe bender has high working efficiency.

● Parameter of small cnc tubing bender

small cnc tubing bender
maximum diameter (iron tube) mm Φ25×1.6
maximum feeding distance mm 2000
maximum bending angle 190°
maximum bending radius mm 100
maximum bending speed 200°/s
maximum rotation speed 200°/s
maximum feeding speed 1000mm/s
bending accuracy ±0.1°
rotationa ccuracy ±0.1°
feeding ccuracy ±0.1mm
dimension of cnc tubing bender 3200×780×1200mm
weight cnc tubing bender 1000kg

● Packing list of cnc tubing bender for sale

1 25CNC×3A-1S cnc tubing bender 1 unit
2 Touchscreen 1 unit
3 Mandrel bolt 1 unit
4 CNC tubing bender dies 1 set
5 maximum rotation speed 1 set
5 Cooling system 1 set
6 Tools 1 set
7 User manual 1 unit

● cnc tubing bender dies

cnc tubing bender dies

● Shipping and After Sales

We have rich experience in loading to ensure time of product loading and our own freight forwarding team, which not only guarantees the time of transportation, but also strives for the most favorable freight, so that you can receive the cnc tube benders without worry. We have a standardized pre-sales and after-sales marketing service team to provide high-quality and fast professional services for our customers. We have a professional technical team, as well as a complete range of cnc tube benders and spare parts, to bring you a comfortable shopping experience, solve technical problems for you, and ensure that you have no worries before and after sales.

We have variety models of cnc tube benders for sale whose maximum bending capacity is 18mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 89mm, 100mm and 130mm can be choosen. Please contact us to get the cnc tube bender machine that you need.

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● Applications

The cnc tubing bender for sale is a automatic forming equipment for metal tubes. This cnc tube bender machine is controlled by 3 servo motors, instead of the oil cylinder the servo motor controls the bending process. And the feeding and rotation of tubes process are also controlles by servo motors. With this cnc tube and pipe bender, customer can realize high-precision, high-efficiency fully automatic tube bending. The cnc tube bender machine can save multiple sets of datas of bending process. The operator can esaily find these datas and use them for bending work. This facilitates the production of a wide variety of tubes and greatly improves production efficiency. This cnc copper tube bender also has the function of auto detection for errors and faults, and the cnc tubing bender will stop work immediately and issue an alarm in case of any abnormal action or any danger.

Products of this cnc tubing bender for sale can meet high precision requirements and the cnc tubing bender for sale can be used to produce automobile oil pipe, air conditioning pipe, handle tube of motorcycles and bicycles.

products of cnc tubing bender

● Questions and Answers

How to improve quality of tubes bent by your cnc tube benders?

Bending tubes with cnc tube bender machine has improved greatly bending quality of tubes and brought great help in industrial production. Here, as cnc tubing bender manufacturer, we share some experience of improving the quality of tubes in bending process. Hope our sharing can help you solve problems that you meet in using the cnc tubing bender for sale.

When bending a tube with a thin wall, the tube wall is wrinkled. Thin wall here is not only means that the wall of the tube is thin 0.8mm, 0.5mm but also that the wall is relatively thin relative to the outside diameter of the tube ( diameter of the tube 168mm and thickness of tube 4mm). The phenomenon of inner wall wrinkling also occurs when the bending radius is very small, bending square tubes and rectangular tube etc.
Solution: 1. Increase the bending radius

2. If can not increase the bending radius, use anti-crease die and mandrel to prevent inner wall wrinkling.


When we do bending with small bending radius and with square tubes the bend part is seriously deformed.

Solution: 1. Use mandrel in the bending process.

2. Increase clamping force to prevent the tube from sliding during the bending process.

3. Increase the side auxiliary force to reduce the out-of-roundness of the bend.


When we do bending work with small bending radius, the outer wall of the tube get thinning.

Solution:1.Increase the bending radius to slow down the rate of material deformation in per unit angle.

2. Improve mandrel slickness to reduce friction with the inner wall of the outer part ot the bend.

3. Increase lubrication by using good bend stretching oil and reduce friction between the tube and mandrel.

4. Increase side auxiliary force.

5. Appropriately reduce the bending speed.

cnc copper tube bender
How to do daily maintenance for cnc tubing bender

The cnc tubing bender for sale realizes digital control of the actions of the equipment through servo motors. The servo motors play decisive role in the accuracy and stability of the cnc tubing bender. So it is very necessary to do the following daily maintenance on servo motors of cnc tube benders after continuous high-speed work.

1. The cnc copper tube bender cannot be installed in the open air without protection, and the cnc copper tube bender needs to be protected from rain.

2.The servo motor of the cnc tube benders for sale has certain dust-proof performance and can be used in places with a certain amount of dust floating, but if the cnc tube benders for sale is installed and used in this condition it is necessary to do cleaning to the cnc tube benders for sale every day.

3. Make sure that the servo motor cable is not subjected to moments or vertical loads due to external bending or their own weight, especially at the servo motor cable exits or connections.

4. The cable should be securely fastened to a portion that is stationary relative to the motor.

If you need more knowledge about cnc tubing bender, you can click our blog safety precaution for cnc tube bender.

● Recommended models

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