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CNC Tube Bending Machine

Model 50CNC-3B

Maximum Bending Capacity: 50*2mm

cnc tube bending machine price: 19500 Dollars

cnc tube bending machine

This cnc tube bending machine 50CNC-3B is a 3 axis cnc tube bending machine designed to take the complexity out of bending 3-dimensional parts. Its control system is mainly composed of human-machine interface (HMI), programmable logic controller (PLC), three sets of servo motors, oil cylinders and air cylinders, etc.
The function of servo motors is to realize the rotation angle control of two axes (bending axis and rotating axis) and the feeding control of one axis (feeding axis). In the system of the cnc tube bending machine the Y axis represents feeding axis, B axis represents rotating axis and the C axis represents bending axis. Servo motor control is characterized by high accuracy and rapid response so the cnc tube bending machine can be used in production of products that need high-precision tubes.

3 axis cnc tube bending machine

dobladora de tubos cnc defensa de motos

● Features

  • cnc copper tube bending machine

    √The cnc copper tube bending machine is equipped with angle control wheel, the precision of the bending is guaranteed.

  • servo motor

    √The automatic feeding and automatic rotation accuracy of the cnc copper tube bending machine can reach ±0.1°. The high quality servo motor keeps long life of the machine.

  • cnc tube bender dies

    √We can produce cnc tube bender dies according to material and size of tubes. And a tube bending machine cnc can use multi-layer dies for bending different sizes of tubes and pipes.

  • tube bending cnc pipe bending machine

    √ Its automatic detection function can automatically detect errors or machine failures, and display them on the cnc color screen, the operator can find them easily.

  • cnc small tube bending machine

    √Floating structure of the feeding barrel of the cnc copper tube bending machine can prevent the tail of the tube from shaking when it is clamped to avoid the alarm of the feeding servo motor.

● Specifications

cnc tube bending machine price
Model 50CNC-3B
Horse Power 30HP
Max.Bending Capacity (mm) 50
Max.Bending Thickenss (mm) 2
Max.Bending Radius (mm) 220
Max.Bending Angle (degree) 190°
Bending Speed (°/sec) 120
Dimensions (cm) 500X145X155
Weight (kg) 3500
cnc tube bending machine price (USD) 19500.00
Production need time in 7 days

● Transportation and after sales service

We have our own professional shipping agent to ensure best shipping freight and shipping time. We have a professional technical team to help our clients solve technical problems and maximize the use of the tube bending machine cnc. We can give our clients professional advice on choosing cnc tube bending machines that fit for their production, and privide a perfect tube and pipe bending solution.

3 axis cnc tube bending machine
used cnc tube bending machines for sale

● Manufacturer introduction

Yansumi Maquinaria is one of reputable cnc tube bending machine manufacturers in China. With more than 16 years' manufacturing and exportation experiences of tube bending machines, Yansumi Maquinaria can not only provide you different capacity of tube bending machines with spare parts and tube bender dies, but also provide you tube bending solution fits for you. The cnc small tube bending machine can bend tubes whose diameter is 18mm. The big bending capacity cnc tube bending machine can deal with tubes whose diameter is 170 mm.

Our cnc tube bending machine price is from 4500 dollar to 30000 dollar. Clients can choose appropriate model according to their needs, cnc tube bending machine price and the bending capacity of the machine. The following list shows you our cnc tube bending machine price.

YANSUMI CNC tube bending machines for sale Maximum bending capacity Cnc tube bending machine price
16CNC-4B,16CNC-5B 1.6*1.2mm 12000USD----16000USD
25CNC-4B 25*1.5mm 15000USD
38CNC-2B,38CNC-38,38CNC-4B,38CNC-5B 38*2mm 11500USD----20000USD
50CNC-2B,50CNC-3B,50CNC-4B,50CNC-5B 50*2mm 13000USD----24000USD
63CNC-2B,63CNC-3B 65*2.2mm 14000USD----18000USD
75CNC-2B 84*4mm 15000USD
89CNC-2B 100*6mm 17000USD
89CNC-3B 100*3mm 21000USD
159CNC-2B 150*8mm 70000USD

Our cnc tube bending machines are widely used in many industries such as aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, 3 wheel motorcycles, baby carriages, furniture, leisure travel supplies, fitness equipment, air-conditioning, shipbuilding, chemicals industry, printing and dyeing machinery and medical equipment, etc.

We are committed to meeting the diversified production needs of customers and providing customers with advanced cnc tube bending machines, so that customers can minimize costs and improve production efficiency.

cnc tube bending machines
cnc tube bending machine manufacturers

● Advantages of CNC Tube Bender YANSUMI

1. CNC is the abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control, cnc hydraulic tube bender is equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions and decode it, so as to make the cnc hydraulic tube bender operate and process the work piece. In the use of cnc tube bender machine, the role of the operator is minimized. The operator only inputs the instruction program in the computer to load the required tools into the machine, and the rest of the work is automatically completed by the computer.
2. With the use of cnc mandrel tube bender the number of tooling is greatly reduced, and complex tooling is not required for machining parts with complex shapes. If you want to change the shape of the tube, you only need to modify the tube processing program.
3. The cnc tube bender has stable machining quality and high machining accuracy. The high production efficiency of the cnc tube bending machine can reduce the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection.

used cnc tube bending machines for sale


What is CNC tube bending machine?

CNC tube bending machine also known as tube bender, is a fully automated machine operated by a computer. It uses heavy-duty mechanical parts operated by electrical motors, or sometimes by a hydraulic system. CNC tube bending machines are able to control bend angles, complex bending formulas, and tooling specifications which allows them to create consistent precision bends.

How does a cnc tube bending machine work?

Tube bending of cnc tube bending machine begins with a tube being loaded into a pipe bender and clamped between two dies, the clamping block and the shaping die. Two additional dies, the wiper die and the pressure die, hold the tube loosely. Bends are created by pressing the tube against a die, which causes it to change form.
There are five main components that play very important role in cnc tube bending: perfect bend task according to the computer’s command.

tube bending dies

Bend die: It is a round part that is used to bend the tube at any angle on the desired radius.

Clamp die: The clamp die holds the tube in position as the bend die rotates to bend the tube.

Pressure die: The pressure die provides with constant pressure on the tube to keep the tube against the bend die.

Wiper die: Wiper die works to prevent wrinkles and ripples at the end of the bend.

Mandrel: It’s a tool that supports inside of the tube to prevent wrinkles.

All the dies work together to perform the perfect bend task according to the computer’s command.

Cnc tube bending process

1.Turn on the cnc tube bending machine and check the voltmeter on the transformer and the barometer.

2.Reset the parts by operating on the screen until the word "Ready" appears.

3.Replace the dies if it is necessary. Ensure that all dies are on the same center line.

CNC screen

4.Enter parameters of the tube. Enter the XYZ coordinate value of the first bend and then the XYZ coordinate value of the second bend. Save the coordinate values of all bends and check the action sequence of the cnc tube bending machine. Save the program after confirming that the action sequence is correct, and then click preview to check whether the 3D drawing processed by the program is similar to the drawing or sample.

5.Enter the manual interface to confirm the feeding distance, input the parameters into the system and save them.

6.Run the cnc tube bending machine (you can click here to know the operating procedures of cnc pipe bending machine). After the cnc tube bending machine runs the program completely, put the tube on for production. Inspect the produced products to see if they are qualified. Mass production can be carried out after the tubes pass the quality inspection.

We are one of best cnc tube bending machine manufacturers in china. We provide clients with cnc small tube bending machine and cnc big tube bending machine to meet their high quality production requirements. Click the WhatsApp button for more information about cnc tube bending machine.

● Recommended models

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