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Mandrel tube bender 63NC-DW

Max bending capacity: 63*2MM

Mandrel tube bender price: 6000 USD

mandrel tube bender

dobladora de tubos rectangulares 63nc dw

small hydraulic mandrel tube bender
ectangular hydraulic tube bender mandrel machine for sale

● Mandrel tubing tube bender features

  • microcomputer control

    1. The hydraulic mandrel tube bender has high production efficiency.
    The hydraulic mandrel tube bender adopts microcomputer control and hydraulic drive and can achieve human-machine dialogue. We can adjust different bend angles through the screen to help users produce quickly.

  • hydraulic 3 mandrel tube bender

    2. The heavy duty mandrel tube bender has good stability.
    The heavy duty mandrel tube bender has overload protection function to ensure stable work and this machine can process pipes in large quantities. .

  • 3 inch mandrel tube bender die

    3. The mandrel bender small tube has high safer.
    The mandrel bender small tube adopts a foot switch. It has emergency stop function, ensuring the working is safe.

● Exhaust mandrel tube bender specifications

cheap mandrel tube bender
Model unit 63NC-DW
Bending tube diameter×wall thickness mm 63×2
Maximum bending radius mm R300
Minimum bending radius mm R≥1.5D
Maximum bending angle Degreee 190°
Standard mandrel pulling length mm 2600
Control System Microcomputer control
Number of bends allowed for pipe fittings Unit 16
Number of parts that can be stored Unit 16×16
Motor power of oil pressure KW 5.5
Maximum system pressure Mpa 12
Hydraulic system control Solenoid valve
Tank volume L 220
Overall dimension Machine mm 3300×1000×1300·
Machine weight Kg 1000

● Tube bender with mandrel parts

tube bender with mandrel

● Transportation & after-sale service

Yansumi Machinery is a professional mandrel tube bender suppliers. We produce different mandrel tube bender, including cnc mandrel tube bender, hydraulic mandrel tube bender, andmandrel tube bender dies, etc. We provide used mandrel tube bender for sale too. We have many years of produce and sales experience, good produce management, and quality control systems to ensure the quality stability of mandrel tubing tube bender. Our aim is to produce best mandrel tube bender in the world. Our products have won continuous recognition and praise from customers and the market. Our products have been exported to different countries, such as Peru, Bolivia, Portugal, Mexico, etc. We cooperate with professional transport agents to get the best transport plan and prices. Our company philosophy is service-oriented and customer-based, and we have a considerate after-sales service team to solve your after-sales problems. Welcome to contact our company.

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● Hydraulic mandrel tube bender applications

This hydraulic mandrel tube bender can bend pipes with maximum sizes of 63*2MM. It can be used as a mandrel exhaust tube bender or muffler tube mandrel bender. The hydraulic mandrel tube bender has the advantages of being highly effective, saving time and effort, high precision compared with manual mandrel tube pipe bender.

Hydraulic mandrel tube bender can process exhaust pipes, mufflers, tables, chairs, railings, lamps, sports equipment, handrails, kitchen and bathroom pipes. The mandrel tube bender can bend pipes in different shapes . If the user needs to process a square tube. It can be converted into a mandrel square tube bender specifically for square tubes by replacing mandrel tube bender dies. This makes the operation easier and meets different process needs.

Application of tube bender
pipe bends
3 inch mandrel tube bender die
mandrel bender tube
mandrel bender tube
mandrel bender tube


How to prevent oil leakage from oil cylinder of tube bending machine?

The hydraulic cylinder is very important for mandrel tube bender. The hydraulic cylinder of semi-automatic mandrel tube bender provides the power of clamp and bend. So, the semi-automatic mandrel tube bender is called hydraulic mandrel tube bender. Cnc mandrel tube bender needs a hydraulic cylinder as a driving force to ensure the success of bends. So, the proper functioning of the hydraulic cylinder is very important for tube bending machine. As a professional mandrel tube bender suppliers, YANSUMI MACHINERY provides the repair services for hydraulic cylinders of tube mandrel bender.

1. In order to prevent the deformation of the piston rods, they should be supported and balanced by spacers when placed. During disassembling the oil cylinder, we should prevent damage to the top thread of the piston rod, the oil port thread, the surface of the piston rod, and the inner wall of the cylinder, etc.
2. During the dismantling of the oil cylinder, it should be done in a specific order. General, first, drain the oil from the oil cylinder, secondly, dismantle the cylinder cover, finally, dismantle the piston, and piston rod. During dismantling the cylinder cover of the hydraulic cylinder, professional tools should be used for the Internal key-type connection key or snap ring, do not use the shovel. For the flange cover, use screws to eject it. Hammering or hard prying is not allowed. When the pistons and piston rods are hard to dismantle, do not force them out. The cause should be found out before dismantling.
3. To prevent hydraulic cylinder components from being contaminated by dust and impurities before and after disassembly of the hydraulic cylinder. For example, dismantling work should be carried out in a clean environment as much as possible. Use a plastic sheet to cover hydraulic cylinder parts, do not use cotton or other work cloth.
4. Check the parts after dismantling the oil cylinder to determine which parts can continue to be used, which parts can be repaired, and which parts can be replaced.
5. Clean the parts of the oil cylinder before installation.
6. Add sealing rings between the oil inlet and outlet joints and tighten them to prevent oil leakage when installing the hydraulic cylinder of mandrel tube bender 2x4.
7. Several reciprocating movements should be performed under low pressure to eliminate gas in the cylinder after installing the hydraulic cylinder of cnc mandrel tube bender.

The hydraulic cylinder damage of tube bending machine usually behaves as strain, electric scratch, fatigue wear, and other forms. The damage of the hydraulic cylinder will affect the sealing of the hydraulic cylinder, resulting in leakage of oil. If repair is not done in time, it will affect the effectiveness of the hydraulic cylinder. In severe cases, it may lead to the inability to work or even lead to production accidents. So, we should install the hydraulic cylinder according to the above ways, when there is an oil leakage in the hydraulic cylinder.

Which machines YANSUMI machinery produce for pipe processing?

Industrial mandrel tube bender: Industrial mandrel tube bender is a rotary mandrel tube bender. Industrial mandrel tube bender can bend pipes with a diameter of 21mm-1620mm and wall thickness of 3mm-100mm. So, we can supply small mandrel tube bender,heavy duty mandrel tube bender,rotary mandrel tube bender, etc. Cnc industrial mandrel tube bender can bend different materials pipes, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. The same tube mandrel bender can be square tube mandrel bender or round tube mandrel bender by replacing the mandrel tube bender dies. It has the advantages of high accuracy, high flexibility, and stable structure. The tube mandrel bender is suited for different industries processing, such as warehouses, docks, construction, railways, etc. For example,exhaust tube bender mandrel can bend the exhaust. Muffler tube mandrel bender can bend the muffler.

Pipe cutting machine: Automatic pipe cutting machine can cut different materials pipes, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. This equipment is a production machine that integrates automatic feeding, cutting, discharging, and collecting. In addition, it can equipment deburring equipment. This machine is controlled by plc, which has the advantages of easier construction, work safety and stability, energy saving, and environmental protection.

Tube shrinking machine: Tube shrinking machine processes the connecting part of automotive oil pipes, air ducts, water pipes, air conditioning pipes, etc. It is widely used in the metal processing field, such as metal processing companies, steel pipe companies, auto parts manufacturing companies, bearing ring processing manufacturers, hardware processing companies, electronics companies, non-ferrous metal companies, mechanical parts processing companies, mining and metallurgical companies, etc.

● More recommended models

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