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Pipe bending machine for sale 114NC-DW

Max bending capacity: 114*15MM      Pipe bending machine price: 21000 USD

The pipe bending machine for sale 114NC-DW is a semi-automatic hydraulic round pipe bending machine that can bend pipes with a maximum diameter of 114x15MM. The pipe bending machine for sale can be used as a square pipe bending machine and pipe bending machine round, and it is wildly used in many industries such as table and chair fabrication, metal processing service, boat fabrication, motorcycle and cars asseceries fabrication, and so on.

pipe bending machine for sale

● Pipe bending machine description

  • large pipe bending machine

    1. The large diameter pipe bending machine design is Beautiful and exquisite. It can bend pipes with a large radius, large angle, and thin wall.

  • pipe bending machine mandrel

    2. The pipe bending machine mandrel can be customized according to different tubes, the mandrel has the function of support and positioning to prevent pipe deformation.

  • nc pipe bending machine

    3. The nc pipe bending machine adopts the throttle valve to control the main cylinder flow and clamping speed. So the operation is very safe and working efficiency is high.

  • screen of  pipe bending machine

    4. The transfluid pipe bending machine adopts the microcontroller control system and touch screen to achieve the human-machine interactive function. The system can store multiple groups of processing modes and this machine has automatic counting and power failure memory function. So, the pipe bending machine operation is easy and improves the working effectiveness.

● Pipe bending machine specification

pipe bending machine hydraulic type
Modelo 114NC-DW
Bending tube diameter×wall thickness 114x15mm
Maximum bending radius R650
Minimum bending radius R90
Maximum bending angle 190°
Standard mandrel pulling length 5500mm
Control system Microcomputer control
Number of bends allowed for pipe fittings 16
Number of parts that can be stored 16×16
Motor power of oil pressure 18.5kw
Maximum system pressure 14mpa
Hydraulic system control Solenoid valve
Tank volume 420
Overall dimension machine 7500×1300×1450MM
Machine weight 6500kg

The minimum bending radius should not be less the 1.3D of the pipe diameter, and the maximum bending radius and standard mandrel pulling length can be customized according to customer needs.

● Pipe bending machine transportation & after-sale service

We are a pipe bending machine manufacturer in China with over ten years of experience in production and mainly produce pipe processing and forming equipment, such as pipe bending machine(pipe bending machine cnc,pipe bending machine nc), cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, arc punching machine, etc. We have a professional technology team, so, the pipe bending machine for sale has good quality. We will provide high-quality services, ensuring the pre-sales and after-sales services if you buy the machine from us. We are also pipe bending machine manufacturers with production, sales, and transportation services. We have mature production technology, professional pre-sales and after-sales services, and professional freight forwarding(We cooperate with professional freight forwarding, ensuring fast and safe delivery) to provide more comprehensive and professional services and technical support.

Our nc pipe bending machine has been sold overseas for several decades, and our products are highly favored by customers. Customers can see our products in different places, such as pipe bending machine in Ludhiana, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jalandhar, Lahore, Udhiana, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, UK, Delhi, Mumbai, Pakistan, Chennai, Italy, Australia,Amritsar, and Taiwan. If you are interested in our machines, welcome to contact us to get more pipe bending machine information.

pipe bending machine factory
pipe bending machine for sale in china

● Pipe bending machine application

The pipe bending machine nc is the CNC process equipment that can bend pipes, it adopts a microcomputer control system, and has the advantage of a high degree of intelligence, more bending angles, high working effectiveness, low production cost, and good quality. It is used in light industry, shipbuilding, instrumentation, furniture, electrical appliances, decoration, and other industries. For example, the pipe bending machine for wheelbarrow can process the wheelbarrow, the brake pipe bending machine can process the brake pipes, the pipe bending machine exhaust can process the exhaust of the car or motor, the gym equipment pipe bending machine can process the gym equipment, etc.

This product is a semi-automatic hydraulic round pipe bending machine that can bend pipes with maximum sizes of 130x15MM. It consists of pipe bending machine frame, hydraulic system, control system, pipe bending machine die and can bend different shapes and angles pipes. The pipe bending machine frame is mainly part of the whole equipment, the hydraulic system provides the bending power, and the control system controls the running and bending angles of the equipment. The pipe bending machine die can be replaced according to different shapes of pipes. The pipe bending machine working is stable, has good performance, is easy to operate and maintain, has low noise during operation, and is safer and more environmentally friendly. Even if there is a malfunction, pipe bending machine repair is easy. So, the pipe bending machine china is good equipment for the metal process.

pipe bending machine spare parts
pipe bending machine application
pipe bending machine for wheelbarrow


How to adjust the bending speed of automatic pipe bending machine?

It is important to control the bending speed of the universal pipe bending machine to ensure the pipe’s quality. So, We should choose a suitable bending speed while ensuring processing efficiency for the high-quality bending pipes. Yansumi Machinery provides the following suggestions.
●The bending speed is too fast
The cnc pipe bending machine hydraulic has a range of forming speeds and the bending speed can not be over this range. If over this range, the pipes will deform, leading to fractures.

●The bending speed is too slow
If the bending speed is too slow, the dies slip, resulting in cause wrinkles and depression in the large-diameter pipes. So, the bending speed should adjust according to requirements during the use of the pipe bending machine, general, the bending speed should be 20%-40% of the maximum bending speed.

What to do if the large pipe bending machine wrinkles?

The bear force between the clamping die of large pipe bending machine and the pipe wall is not uneven, causing wrinkles in the pipes.
1. Clean the debris on the surface of the dies and choose the suitable pipe bending machine die.
2. The gap between the die and pipe wall should be reduced as much as possible to prevent deformation.
3. Check whether the pipe bending machine mandrel is suitable and whether the gap between the mandrel and pipes is large.
4. Check whether the anti-wrinkle die is worn or suitable.
5. Check whether the pressure on the die is insufficient.

pipe wrinkles
How to prevent pipes from deforming by using nc pipe bending machine

The extent of deformation of the pipes depends on the value of the relative bending radius(Rx=R/D) and relative wall thickness(tx=t/D) during the process of using pipe bending machine hydraulic to bend pipes. If the value of the relative bending radius(Rx=R/D) and relative wall thickness(tx=t/D) gets smaller, the greater the degree of deformation. We should control the degree of deformation in the limit ranges for the pipes bending quality. The pipe bending forming limit does not only include the mechanical properties of materials and bending methods but also includes the pipe use requirements. The pipe bending forming limit should include the following points:
1. The maximum elongation deformation within the outer stretching deformation zone of the neutral layer does not exceed the material's allowable plasticity value, thereby preventing fracture.
2. Within the inner compression deformation zone of the neutral layer, the thin-walled structural components subjected to tangential compressive stress should not become unstable and result in wrinkling.
3. When there is a requirement for ovality in the pipe fittings, a mandrel can be used to control the distortion of its cross-section.
4. If pipes have strength requirements to withstand internal pressure, the forming limit of wall thickness thinning needs to be controlled.

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